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The Scrolls of the Feudal Era by Almakaeva

Chapter 1

“Happy Birthday, Kagome!”

It was both intriguing and a little bit sad to think that everyone was more excited for this event than the initial birthday girl was. Yet, Kagome Higurashi had always put others above herself, and this was no different.  Because of that simple trait, she faked an excited smile while enthusiastically blowing out the birthday candles.

Twenty years old.

Many individuals would say that she had her whole life ahead of her, or that her adventures were going to start before she knew it. However, unknown to anyone but her family—the adventures of a lifetime had already occurred and ended for her. In fact, everything had ended exactly a year ago.  Naraku had been defeated, A wish had been granted, everyone had gotten their loved ones back…and she had been thrown back to the future.

She really should not have been so sad about the last bit.

But she was.

Everyone had seen it, sensed it and all but felt her disappointment upon her return.

She had planned to stay in the past.

It had been far too difficult to explain exactly why, so she hadn’t. Her mother had not needed an explanation or warning; instead, it was an unspoken truth. The reasoning for such a decision had been a mix of shippo, her friends, and the beauty of such a world. In the end, the decision had not been for Inu Yasha. It had nothing to do with him at that point in time. Then, the wish had been granted, and she had woken up on the opposite side of the well. The future side of it. Panicking, she had prayed that it was not a dream or her imagination. That had been quickly established when she had entered her home. The look of shock from everyone had told her all that she needed to know.

Her family had been just as surprised at her return as she was.

At that point, Kagome Higurashi did what any other human being could do. She moved on with her life. Refocusing her efforts on education and a life in the future, the exhausted girl started her life over once more.

Now she was Kagome Higurashi.

Not a Priestess.

Not protector of the Jewel of Four Souls.

Just Kagome.

Kagome Higurashi.


Drawing her attention to her little brother—or younger brother at this point. He was no longer little, but instead entering his first year of high school. At least one of them would get an undisrupted normal life. Shaking away her thoughts, she took the birthday present from her brother’s hands.

“Before you open it, I want to say something.”

Souta was not typically one for sentimental words, yet Kagome nodded her head in acknowledgement nonetheless. Allowing him to proceed, she gave her younger brother a look of anticipation.

“I don’t think they’re extinct like we thought.”

She had not needed to ask whom he was referring to. In fact, no one in the room did. Youkai. Half breeds. Mythological creatures. Still, it had shook her much more than she had expected. She had tried to not think about it. Yet, she knew that her family knew of her suffering.

They had been another family to her.

Now they were gone.

Mourning was only natural.

“Open it up, you’ll understand.”

That had been all he had needed to say. Her heart ached at the possibility of them being alive. As her heart swam with half-formed regrets and happiness, she could not help but wonder what was in the package. Would it allow her to speak with her former companions? Would she be able to ask what became of the five hundred years she would have missed? Her heart and soul trembled at such a thought. Willing her hands to move, she began tearing open the package. When the package came into view, Kagome Higurashi was even more confused.

A video game.

For a split second, her mind wondered if it had been a sick joke. Then, hergaze had caught the cover, and the title.

The Scrolls of the Feudal Era.

On the cover of the package was what looked like a main character resembling that of a priestess, and behind her stood an entourage of people. Anime characters that looked like demons, half-demons, and even a certain fire cat.

Surely it wasn’t—

But the similarities were there.

Too many similarities.

The characters weren’t identical to her former companions, but the likeness was there. So much likeness that her heart shook with emotion. With shaky hands, she turned over the package to read the back.

The Scrolls of the Feudal Era is an MMORPG video game created by Tashio Corp. Whether you play with your friends or adventure alone, this game will allow you to experience a world never before seen. Venture through hardships and unbelievable quests while teaming up with demon hunters, monks, Youkai, half-demons, and any other mythological creatures you can think of. Explore the far reaches of the Feudal Era, unlock the mysteries of all the lands, and form alliances to help destroy the greatest threat to the Feudal Era—The Lord of Hell.

Demon hunters?



Glancing at her brother while filled with shock and emotion, she attempted to find words for how she felt. When there were not any, she saw him give her a smirk and a nod. He understood. Words were not needed.

“You havn’t even seen the best part yet.”

Kagome gaze followed to what her brother was pointing at in confusion.


Reading the small print, she gasped in shock.

Species: Humans, Half-demons, Demons (Wolves, Dogs, Cats, Dragons, Spiders, Birds, Foxes, ect), Spirits, Specters (Resurrected dead), and more!
Classes: Monks/Priestesses, demon hunters, Royalty (Demon lords, princes, princesses, ect.)

As she finished reading every little detail on the box, she mentally thanked the gods for having a brother as amazing as Souta. How had he found such a thing? How had he heard about it? How had she not? Questions whirled in her heads as she attempted to calm herself.

“There’s no way it’s a coincidence. Plus, when you load the game up, there is a character you can pick whose title is ‘Protector of the Sacred Jewel.’ This game is pretty much a generic version of your adventures, Kagome.”

His unspoken words had easily been heard by everyone in the room.

Someone from the past had made this game. That someone had to be very old, and very familiar about events that had occurred over five hundred years old. In short, that had left her with one simple conclusion.

Youkai had survived.


A/N: So, I definitely should not be starting another story but I just had this idea. (I know that I have odd story ideas and I apologize in advance.) I was stuck in the hospital overnight with my laptop from work and this came to me. That is also why It will take a few days for updates on the other stories. Sorry guys! :( 

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