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Acceptance by Alanah


A/N:  I will be using mainly events from the manga (and a few bits of the anime) in my story so please, bear with me. The setting will take place right after the events of Naraku's destruction; however, there will be a unique twist. The jewel is destroyed and with Kagome's last wish, she wasn't plummeted back to her own time but instead, the very group that was there who par took in the final battle of Naraku's demise were enveloped in the jewel's light, immediately scattering them all throughout the feudal lands of Japan. Soon the jewel disappeared in a pillar of light and thus our story begins.

This story is heavily grotesque, meaning gore and acts of violence. Blood will be shed, tears would fall and there may be no survivors! There will be lots of fighting as well as lots of sexual interactions. You have been warned!

Now, with that said here we go~


It was midday-- The miko found herself in a vast clearing as she woke up from what felt like an eternal slumber. Eyes blinked open slowly, vision adjusting to her surroundings, viewing the scenery before her that seemed endless as far as the eye can see with not a single tree, bush or any other kind of geographical structure in sight.

No mountains, no rivers, no lakes... All there was within the girl's peripheral view was a clear blue sky, decorated by many clouds as if painted on a fresh canvas, followed by the lush green grass beneath her feet, the delicate sheen upon the blades of grass reflected by means of strong rays of the sun above.

The calming winds blew endlessly as she slowly moved to stand upon feet, her hair flowing with the mid summer breeze, single hand raised to tuck just a few bit of strands of hair away from her face as the winds kissed her skin.

"Where... am I?"

Questioned the miko in quietly to herself. Those soft, blue eyes took a look around her, eyeing her proximity and found absolutely nothing. Not a single soul, save for herself. Many questions began to form within that petite little head of hers. 'Where is everyone? Where are the others...?'


She then looked down at the hands, opening them to stare into her palms and felt... nothing. Her powers... Were they gone? Eyes glanced back up, a frown now creeping upon her visage. 'Where is Sango, Kilala, Shippou, Miroku and...'

Eyes widened the moment her thoughts began to focus on that hanyou she had cared deeply for. The half-demon, half-man creature she had spent her time with for three long years. "Inuyasha..." His name leaving her lips in an exasperated breath, eyes now refocusing on her position her surroundings, quickly looking around for anyone.

The miko then began to take steps forwards, one foot after another in steady stride, presumably heading north. She began to call out for her companions' names one by one but there was no reply to her calling.

What seemed to be just a few minutes of endless shouting for her friends and having no one reply at all, fear and worry began to creep up along the girls spine which would soon consume her long enough.

Panic soon followed and her heartbeat began to race. And when that happened, she began to walk at a faster pace. This pace did not keep up long until the girl started to sprint. It seemed as if she was running from someone or something and she did not dare to look back. She went forward as much as her dainty little legs could carry her. 'Don't stop! Keep going!' Her inner voice edged her on.

Just when she started to calm herself down, as her left foot raised and was coming in contact with the grassy floor, she did not meet with what she assumed was the ground, oh no. The girl's left foot had sunk into the earth.

The female gasped out in surprise as those eyes took notice of her predicament, quickly bending over to place both hands around her shin and pulled as hard as she could, to free her leg from the grips of the earth.

"What the hell is going on!?" Cried out the miko to no one in particular. "Someone! Anyone! Please, help me!" Those cries for help fell on no one but the girl's own ears but a part of her hoped there was someone nearby to help her.

She was truly frightened beyond recognition. Sniffling back her tears, Kagome tried her damn hardest to free her leg as it was sinking into the earth, inch by inch. Other foot would be promptly used as an anchor, digging into the earth as she pulled as hard as she could to free her limb. Just when she thought she was free, the ground beneath her began to shake violently. 'An earthquake?' She thought. No, it wasn't an earthquake. This was... something different.

A crackling sound would be heard as the very ground became to life. Earthly vines rose up from the ground and living appendages had immediately constricted Kagome. "Wh-what…?" She began to struggle against nature, groaning in protest as those vines began to constrict around her other limbs—They were vastly tightened around both her wrists, forcing them apart to relinquish the hold she had on her shins, another snaked around her waist tightly with two more doing the same as they'd wrap around the ankle of her right leg while the other took hold of her shins upon left. Another cry of help escaped the miko but to no avail, it did nothing.

There was no one. No one to help Kagome. Lastly, the final vine shot up from the ground to wrap around her neck, the female gasping out for air but surprisingly, it did not choke her. There Kagome was, forced to kneel down upon right knee as vines from the ground held her there, even as she struggled to break free.

It was futile. The more she struggled, the tighter the vines became and as they tightened, tears began to form within the corners of the girl's eyes. "Please... help me..." She whispered out into the wind before her. Her plead falling on the very air she breathed. Eyes gazed up at the sky above, her left arm moving as much as she could, trying to muster up her power of the priestess but alas, she could not.

Nothing came out from those fingertips. Those vines that had its hold on her began to pull her down into the earth as if it was alive and going to swallow her whole. 'What is going to happen to me...?'

Before she knew it, nearly half her body had sunk into the ground, the earth around her softening to a near mud-like state. She gasped then began to yell and scream, calling out once more for the help that she so desperately needed, eyes wide and frantic, looking around quickly for anyone but her vision soon began to fade when even more vines began to cover her face.

Her body sunk into the earth, leaving behind just the girl from the neck up. Eyes closed tightly as she felt the mud upon her face, covering her chin and before any could get into her mouth, she took one deep breath and soon moments later... Plop. The miko was gone, swallowed by the very earth she had lived on.




Kagome woke with a start. Those eyes wide, head whipped up and immediately took a look around as her heart began to race. There were no vines on her... And no mud!

"So... it was all a dream..."

Whispering quietly to herself. But to be certain, the female couldn't view any bruises and/or cuts upon her body, then again, she wore her usual school uniform and form the looks of things, they were not removed in anyway. Thank heavens. However... She was in even more trouble from what it seems.

The girl was chained up— both hands were above her head, handcuffed together, chains leading up to a large hook in which it seemed like it could be lowered by another means. That's when her head glanced back down to view the dimly lit room she was currently in. No, it wasn't a room... But a cave. A very damp and-- "Eugh..." Smelly cave. The miko nearly hurled. It smelled like rotten fish and blood with a pinch of fresh salt water sea nearby. Was she near the beach?

Before she could look anywhere else, she eeped in surprise when she heard a loud snore just a few feet away from her to her right, noticing a small, pudgy looking youkai 'sleeping on the job', perched up upon a small boulder beside the stone wall. And that's where she saw the lever. Was this creature the guard? It was hideous looking. 'Is that a fish?' She thought to herself, eyeing their glimmering skin, large eyes that were currently closed and the very visible gills. They looked no more than four feet tall. She wanted to move but she then found her feet were chained up too.

The only movements she could do currently is move her waist, in which she did, attempting to swing her body to and fro, hoping she can break free from her confinement.

"Oi, Roku-sama, the girl is awake."

Came the deep, gurgling voice of another than herself. Her movements immediately ceased and those eyes darted to the sleeping fish that was beside the lever but to her disdain, they were still asleep. 'Then who?' Kagome then heard footsteps, or rather, fins slapping against the damp ground, eyes quickly turned in front of her to view a very tall looking fish. Wait, that was no fish… It was a shark!

A very hideous looking shark that was likely six feet tall with various battle scars all across its face stepped into the light, its white skin glinting in the fires light of the cave, standing several feet away from Kagome. Its body was hunched over as it stood, its long neck visible as well as those gills. The youkai would eye her down and grin soon formed on its face, revealing massive jaws.

Kagome shivered in fear at that grin. ‘Please Kami, help me.’ Praying to herself.

Soon after the shark stepped in, another youkai would be making its appearance, Kagome hearing something tap against the ground, followed by softer ‘footsteps’. A smaller, elderly looking fish would reveal itself, revealing to be nothing higher than four feet tall with wooden cane in hand.

“Aha, good afternoon, miko.”

Came the voice of the one called Roku. His voice was airy and weak, like if he was on the verge of collapsing. Was he truly the leader of these fish? Behind him were four other youkai, only two of them similar in looks and looked younger than the elder while the other pair was taller and stronger looking fish, resembling that of a hammerhead shark, their skin a murky brown color with black stripes.

Before Roku would address Kagome, he’d turn from his spot with his cane raised, walking over to the youkai that slept and without warning; he brought his cane down onto the cranium of the other fish, abruptly ruining their 'nap'. 

"Aaah!" The lesser Piranha youkai exclaimed out in pain, shock and surprise, immediately falling off from his perch upon stone, soon ready to receive a scolding from the elder. "This is why I cannot have you on guard! What if she escaped?!" Roku scolding the Piranha while tapping his cane upon the ground repeatedly in annoyance, staring down hard at the one that fell.

The other fish quickly realized what was going on and began to grovel at the feet of the elder. "Apologies, Roku-sama! This one won’t ever do it again!" The elder simply scoffed at the Neanderthal with the larger fish laughing at what transpired between the elder and the lesser youkai.

Roku had then turned his sights back on the miko, the Neanderthal Piranha cowering and resumed his position back upon that stone beside the lever, now fully awake and alert, ready for any command coming its way. 'What... in the world...' So this fish elder was in charge? Roku... She had never heard that name before. All in all, she just wanted out. She wanted to go back to her friends. Back to Inuyasha. The one time she needed him so much in her life and that time was now. She prayed to the gods above that he was near.

Thoughts were roused away when she heard them speak, wincing just a tad. Their voices sounded absolutely horrible. It was as if they had something lodged in their throats and needed to clear them out... But they did not do that. It was sickening and drove her mad. They could use some cough drops! When she took note of the elder’s eyes on her, the female wiggled from her confinement. Roku began tsk'ing as he shook his head, “Ah ah, that won’t do miko. Can't have you leave here just yet. There are... experiments that need to be done.”

After those words, Roku began to smirk. It looked utterly disgusting to Kagome. The female did have fear linger along her spine but the disgust rose to greater heights as it visibly began to show upon her face.

"What an unpleasant look from a human woman! But do not fret my child; your face will look even better after my doings."

Then he laughed a sickening laugh that churned Kagome's stomach to the core.

“Wh-what... are you going to do to me? You better let me go... Or else!”

“Or else what?”

Came one of the hammerhead youkai speaking up, approaching slightly closer to Kagome, those large, beady black eyes on either side of its flat head staring at her in which it instilled fear into the miko. Kagome immediately silenced herself, trying her hardest not to whimper and cower in fear before the fish youkai before her.

“Oi oi, Hachi, don’t scare her too much.”

Came the sharks’ voice from just behind the hammerhead. Heavy foot falls would approach Kagome as well but he’d stand just aside the one named Hachi, joining him in staring at the miko. “Or she’ll soil herself.” The shark laughing afterwards.

“Shiro,” Head craning to look at the Shark for a brief moment before turning to look back at the hanging miko. “I guess… Wouldn’t want to ruin our food after Roku is done with her, right?” An ugly looking smirk forming on the hammerheads mouth.

The female’s loose threat she tried to impose would be laughed off and she was going to continue with her words but the other fish youkai just laughed again and again. And if she heard correctly, it seems she was dinner for the fish. Kagome was about to cry. She was going to be eaten by these fish—Sharks, hammerheads and Piranha’s… What a way to go. ‘Please, someone help me…!’ Tears were now streaming down the girls face, unable to hold them back.

Roku grinned widely at Kagome when she began to cry, his men laughing at her but his cane would tap quite hard onto the damp ground, their laughter silencing and he’d regain the ‘stage’ again.

"And now, I bring you our second guest!"

Fin-like hand gestured towards the darkness of the void where the group of Piranha youkai came from just moments ago. Two of the younger looking Piranha youkai quickly hopped off and Kagome just stared teary eyed into the distance, her heart beating like mad and had hoped it wasn't who she thought it would be. 'It's not Inuyasha, is it!? I surely hope not...' Thoughts racing endlessly.

There were sounds of chains clanking against metal and even more chains ruffling against each other and soon she'd hear a caged door close tightly shut. Then she heard creaking sounds of something heavy being rolled towards their way. In moments, the two fish youkai that disappeared earlier had been revealed again, this time, hauling a single rope over their shoulders, the both of them pulling something. And this something was quite heavy.

Eyes stared into the darkness until they'd widen upon the sudden glimpse of silvery hair. "Inuyash--" She immediately stopped herself when she realized it wasn't the hanyou she cared for... She could not find those ears atop his head. But then... who? Sudden realization hit her when it was none other than his older brother... "Sesshoumaru...?" The miko whispered quietly. What? How?! The DaiYoukai was forced into submission by these freak fish?! That... That was impossible. Unbelievable!

Their greatest ally, subdued!

The look upon the miko's face was noticed by the elder Roku and he practically beamed at the sight. "Indeed! He may be a powerful youkai but I possess the better intellect in subduing this one." Cane tapping at the cage that was now beside him. Sesshoumaru immediately growled at the elder, those golden hues staring angrily at the fish just outside his 'dog cage'.

Yes! The DaiYoukai was reduced to none other than a caged dog, chained up entirely like one and completed with a fastened muzzle. The cage was just about five foot tall and five foot wide. Thick bars of metal would be found around his neck, wrists and ankles. Those hands were cuffed together behind him, Sesshoumaru's position forced to sit upon knees with upper half slumped forwards. Chains had been secured tightly to keep his hands and feet behind him while his neck was chained to the very bars above him and the only movement he could have done was move his head. All of his weapons, both Bakusaiga and Tenseiga, missing.

His mokomoko was still put but even that was chained up. Those fish took no risks. And lastly, there had been the muzzle—it covered his face from beneath his eyes, enclosing both his nose and mouth but plenty of room left for him to breathe if need be. Kagome gasped at the view of the DaiYoukai before her, reduced to such a state.

"You are perplexed, aren't you, miko?" 

'Miko...?' The word rang within the ears of Sesshoumaru. Those hues of the DaiYoukai turned, eyes now glancing upon the female before him who was also chained up albeit; she had a bit more freedom than he did.  'That is that pathetic half-breed's woman, is it not?'

 Eyes narrowed to dangerous slits, uncaring for her safety or not, as this whole predicament did not ascertain him. Oh no. If he could find a way to release these enchanted chains then all of the youkai here would be dead by his hand. Sesshoumaru growled out again in annoyance, the male ripping his gaze from Kagome and onto the elder fish. Kagome's gaze had met with Sesshoumaru's pleadingly, hoping he would be of some use to aid in their escape but it seemed he had no care for her at all, her face bunching up as if she was about to cry when he looked away.

"Do not fret, I shall tell you everything in due time. Now, without further ado, we shall begin our experiment!"

Roku cackled and walked off into the darkness once more, the two miniature youkai from earlier pushed the caged dog just beside Kagome's left, mere inches away from her and went to follow Roku.

'Dear kami... What is going to happen to us?' 

Worry and fear once more crept along the miko's being in which Sesshoumaru can sense just as clear but he paid no mind to her. Instead, those eyes just glared at the other three youkai that was left behind as the elder and two others disappeared into the distance, his growls low and dangerous.

Reduced to such a state... This angered the powerful youkai greatly. He tugged on his chains, shoulders rolling as he'd continuously growl and attempt to break free. But his attempts were futile as the remaining three larger youkai, the shark and two hammerheads laughed, snickering to themselves.

“Do you think Roku is going to go easy on her, Hachi?”

The shark speaking up as the remaining three began to converse with one another, deliberately doing so to have Kagome trouble even more.

“Knowing Roku, probably not…” Was the hammerheads’ reply. “Honestly, I don’t want to be near whatever Roku is going to do.” Hachi answering Shiro the shark, glancing off into the darkness of the cave.

Kagome was terrified beyond belief. They were going to experiment on her and then eat her?!? Tears came full force from the miko’s eyes as she could not be ready for what was to come.



…All the while, the fish youkai began to bicker amongst themselves, awaiting for the elder’s return…



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