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Everything Comes Full Circle by Lunar_Dragon

The Truth Hurts

Disclaimer: All rights and any and all characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi.....I do not own and of the characters.

Rated M: for sexual content, rape, language, violence and character death no readers under 17 please. Inuyasha is not owned by me and all songs I use in here do not belong to me, all rights reserved to the artists. Sessh/ Kag, Sango/Inu

Chapter1: The Truth Hurts

The club was dimly lit, the air thick with the scent of sweat and arousal as the ocean of bodies moved upon one another as the music blared. A young ravened haired woman sat at the bar as she slammed back yet another shot of 151.

"Another please." She told the bartender.

"Miss, you've already had 5, don't you think you've had enough?" He asked taking her glass.

The woman's hand shot out and grabbed the bartender's hand, "I'll say when I've had enough understood?" She hissed as her eyes flashed a light blue.

"Y…Yes ma'am." He said shaking at seeing such ferocity. He quickly poured another drink and handed it to her.

Across the club in a corner booth, a pair of golden eyes watched the young woman drown her sorrows away with alcohol. Yes he remembered exactly what happened. He was happy she was finally rid of that abomination, but he was angry at how she was handling the situation.


At the Tashio mansion the young ravened haired woman with ocean blue eyes and curves any woman would kill for, walked to the door. Before ringing the doorbell she fixed her short red dress and black high heels. She then rang the doorbell waited a few seconds. When the door opened t revealed a tall and sexy taiyoukai whose name was Sesshomaru.

"Good evening Kagome, please come in. I just got home, would you like some tea?" He asked.

"Yes please. How have you been lately? I heard you were out of the country." Kagome asked.

Sesshomaru handed her the cup of hot liquid. "Things have been running rather smooth. I signed a few merger deals that I know will be an asset for Tashio corp. And yes I was out of the country for one of the merger signings. Other than that life is rather boring. How have you been? And I must say you look beautiful tonight, maybe this time Inuyasha will notice you rather than pay attention to his growling stomach." He said making her blush.

"I am good, and your right about that. Sometimes I wonder why I even buy nice clothes. Things have been hectic at college with all the cramming for finals before summer break." She said.

"I'd be happy to help you study if you like." He said smiling at her.

'God he's so sexy and charming. Amazing what 505 year can do.' She thought. "Sure, I'd like that." Kagome smiled.

Before Sesshomaru could say another else to Kagome they both heard someone coming down the stairs. Once that person was downstairs Kagome gasped. Hearing the gasp said person stopped and looked at Kagome; A deep blush on the young woman's face.

"Sango, what's taking you so long?" A half demon yelled and came running in.

When the half demon looked up from Sango's shoulder he gasped as he felt his heart drop. Sesshomaru shook his head, he knew his half-brother was an idiot but this just took it to an whole new level.

"K…Kagome w…what are you doing here?" He asked, panic clear in his voice.

"Well I was here to go on a date that you planned, but I see you are already booked for the night. Nice to know that my now ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend have found love. And yet again I was played for a fool 500 years later." She said with sadness in her voice as she stood.

She grabbed her purse and turned to Sesshomaru, "Thank you for the tea Sesshomaru, I will see you around." She said and left leaving the scent of salt and jasmine.

Right after she left Sesshomaru turned a cold glare on the two in front of him. "You truly are an idiot Inuyasha, how can you cheat on the miko yet again? Oh wait I know, it's because you can't keep your dick in your pants. Do you hate her that much because she won't put out for you, that you must go take a whore to satisfy your needs? Father would be ashamed of you, and you, with friends such as you she needs no enemies." He growled.

"It was a mistake Sesshomaru, now if you'll excuse me I have to go get her back and apologize." Inuyasha said.

"Inuyasha! You said you loved me." Sango said anger in her features.

" I only said that because you let me fuck you. You are only my whore, someone who will satisfy me when I need it." He said.

"Fuck you Inuyasha." Sango said in anger and slapped him hard in the face and ran out in tears.

"Bravo brother, you've managed to chase two women out of this house in tears. But I assure you Kagome will not accept your apology and you will not go anywhere near her." Sesshomaru hissed.

"You can't stop me you bastard." Inuyasha growled. Sesshomaru smirked a wicked smirk as he called his poison whip and wrapped it around Inuyasha's neck.

"You will not go near the Miko again, you've lost your chance. Now it is I who will show her not every man is like you." He hissed as he took a sutra with a binding spell on it and placed it on Inuyasha's forehead.

Sesshomaru recalled his whip and Inuyasha fell over not being able to move. Sesshomaru then picked him up and threw him in the coat closet and before closing the door he smiled at Inuyasha, "All these years I have waited patiently for you to screw up so bad that I could have my chance, and today is that day brother." He said and closed the door.

Sesshomaru then grabbed his keys to his brand new 2011 Black Lamborghini Gallardo and got in. He followed Kagome's aura into Tokyo to one of the most popular clubs called Foxy. Once inside Sesshomaru found a corner booth that had a clear shot of Kagome but that could also hide him.


The music blared but all Kagome could hear were her thoughts berating her for being stupid. To her it seemed the alcohol was doing little to sooth her pain.

Her and Inuyasha had been dating a year now, it had taken her 4 years to even work up the courage to say yes to date him. Now it was all over, all because he couldn't keep his dick under control. 'How could I have been so blind? I must be the world's biggest idiot.' She thought.

She was soon brought out of her thoughts as a song came on she wanted to dance to. She paid the bartender and went to the crowded dance floor and began to sway her hips to Usher "More". Kagome felt all her stress leave her as she let the music consume her. She didn't even sense the strong demonic aura come up behind her.

She was pulled back into reality when the demon slipped his hands around her waist. Before she could use her miko powers to get rid of the demon, the demon leaned down to her ear, "Kagome, let me take your pain away." He said. That voice, the voice she also dreamed of, the voice that was liquid sex and gave her goose bumps.

Kagome smirked, 'So the hottest demon in Japan wants to dance.' She thought. She turned to see Sesshomaru looking at her with tender, loving eyes. He then leaned down and placed a light kiss on her lips, leaving her wanting more. What puzzled her was why he was here, but that though was quickly erased another song came on.

Now she didn't care, she turned her body and began to grind her ass on him. Sesshomaru was surprised at this act but placed his hands on her hips and followed her moves. Her moves drove him wild, her looks and smell didn't help either, but Sesshomaru was a gentlemen and wouldn't take advantage of a drunk woman.

Kagome laughed, she was having so much fun. At that moment she didn't care that her heart had been broken into a million pieces. After a few hours Sesshomaru lead her to his car, telling her she was too drunk to drive. She accepted his offer to drive her home. When the car came around she almost fell over in shock. The car was a brand new 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo.

"Damn…sehomaru…rice…car…" she said drunkly. He smirked and shook his head as he helped her into it. Once she was settled and her seat belt was on she passed out.

Before getting into the car he pulled out his cell phone and called Kagome's mom. "Ms. Higarashi, this is Sesshomaru Tashio." He said.

"Hello Mr. Tashio what can I do for you?" She asked.

"It seems Kagome had a bit too much to drink. I was wondering if it's ok to bring her back to my place?" He asked.

"Kagome was drinking? Where is Inuyasha, I thought they were on a date?" She asked alarmed.

"Ms. Higarashi, to put a long story short, Kagome caught my idiot brother cheating. Once Kagome stormed out I followed. Seems she already had some drinks before I got there." He said.

"Oh thank you so much Mr. Tashio. Yes I wouldn't mind you taking her with you. No one is home right now, we are vacationing with my sister in Kyushu. I would be most indebted to you to make sure she is ok." She said.

"You have my word Ms. Higarashi." He said.

"Oh and Sesshomaru, keep your ingrate brother away from Kagome." She said.

"I will, take care." He said closing his phone.

Once to the car he saw she was passed out, 'No surprise there. The woman choked back 7 151's. Impressive.' He thought. He then called ahead so someone could open the door.

It took about half an hour to get back to the mansion, but once back Sesshomaru gently picked Kagome up. The door was opened by a short rabbit demon butler. "Thank you Ryu." Sesshomaru said.

"Not a problem sir. Will the young lady need some aspirin and some water?" He asked.

"Yes please." He said walking up to his bed room.

On the way to his room Inuyasha opened his door. "So you were able to break the spell?" Sesshomaru said narrowing his eyes.

"Yea, my girlfriend took it off. What did you do to Kagome?" He growled, seeing Kagome unconscious.

Sesshomaru scoffed, "I did nothing, you did this. She was so upset at seeing your betrayal once again she drank until she passed out." He growled. Sesshomaru then wrinkled his nose, "Seems your whore is ready again, better not keep this one waiting. Do not bother her or I will see to it you no longer have the luxury of breathing." Sesshomaru said and walked into his room.

Once Kagome was placed in the king size four poster bed Sesshomaru covered her up and brushed a few pieces of hair from her face. 'Soon Kagome, you will be mine and that cretin will no longer hurt you.' He though.Just then there was a light knock on the door. "Enter." Sesshomaru said. Then in walked the rabbit butler from down stairs. "Thank you Ryu." He said taking the water and aspirin. Ryu bowed and left the master to tend to their new mistress. Sesshomaru placed the water and aspirin next to her on the night stand before disrobing and placing a pair of lounge pants on before climbing into bed beside her. Sleep came quickly as he dreamed of the beautiful woman beside him, soon he knew she would be happy again like she was back in the feudal era.

Suddenly at around 5:30 a.m. Sesshomaru was awakened by Kagome jumping out of the bed to the bathroom. He got up and walked in only to be bombarded by the putrid smell of her stomach contents. He quickly brushed it off and knelt down next to her to hold her hair while she finished. While holding her hair he also rubbed her back to help sooth her a little.

Finally when Kagome felt she was done, she flushed the toilet. She then sat on the floor trying to get her breath back. "Are you alright now Kagome?" He asked.

"Yes, thank you Sesshomaru. No one's ever done that for me." She said blushing.

Silently she was thanking Kami it was dark so he couldn't see it. He then placed a stray hair behind her ear, "It's the males job to see to the care of his female. I was rather impressed that you took down 7 shots of 151 like a pro." He said.

"It's the only thing I can drink that will get me drunk fast. I usually don't drink but I figured it would make me feel good, even if it was only temporary." She said as the sadness and hurt washed over her.

At that moment Sesshomaru took her into his arms. "Kagome I want to take away your pain, the pain Inuyasha has caused you. I can be everything you need and want, when you are ready of course. I would never force you into anything you don't want. I am here for you if you need anything." He said as he felt her arms encircle his waist.

"I would like that Sesshomaru. Maybe we can start out going on dates and getting to know one another better. You have to admit, 500 years and we still don't know too much about one another." She smiled.

"Are you sure? This isn't too soon?" He asked.

"No, I haven't been treated like a girlfriend the entire time I was with Inuyasha, I was more a friend. When I told him I wouldn't have sex with him his attitude changed and ever since then nothing has been the same." She said.

"Then why does your aura have so much sadness in it?" He asked.

"I guess I am just irritated at myself, I should have known he couldn't be faithful. You think I would have learned after Kikyou, but I guess deep down I thought he could change after 500 years. I feel like the biggest idiot in the world." She said.

"Kagome you aren't an idiot, you are right, Inuyasha should have learned respect and honor in 500 years but he didn't. Look at me it took me 500 years to know that the woman I love is a human miko. I was so hung up on not being like my father that I kept ignoring my heart. Finally I started giving into it and that's why I kept showing up so often. I did learn a lot about you, but because of my idiot brother you couldn't learn anything about me. But now that's changed and you can, and I have learned to love and be understanding." He said seeing her beautiful smile.

"Thanks Sesshomaru, I had no idea. I am glad you have told me this. I do have one question though." She said.

"Hopefully I have an answer for you." He said.

"What ever happened to Rin?" She asked.

Once that name left her lips she saw his face grow sad. "Not too long after you left our world she was married to a wealthy lord who had become infatuated with her. I gave my blessing knowing he would be able to take care of her and she could have more of a normal life. Not even a year had passed she became pregnant. She had complications and died during the birthing. The pup didn't make it either, but she would have had a little girl. I tried to use the heaven fang on the pup but it was too late once I had gotten there. No one knows this but me and now you. I still miss her very much to this day." He said sadly.

Kagome hugged him, "Oh Sesshomaru I am so sorry. I need you to know something if we are to pursue a relationship." She said.

He nodded, "I need you to be open with me with anything and everything, I am also here if you need someone to talk to or anything you need." She said.

"I understand my miko. And I as well." He said.

She smiled, "Good, now I am tired." She said yawning.

"Let us rest koi." He said leading her back to the bed.

Once in the bed she snuggled down beside him, "Good night Sesshomaru." She sighed.

"Good night my Kagome." He said wrapping his arms around the woman he knew would be his mate soon.


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