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Rebirth of the Phoenix Priestess by Serena530

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or his characters, and have no right to it except as a long time fan.

Rebirth of the Phoenix Priestess
Prologue: Flight of the Phoenix

A beautiful blue female phoenix with white accenting feathers flew over a tall lush forest with lots of rich green leaves and plants, and colorful exotic looking flowers. Her eyes were solid blue, her legs were a slightly scaly dark gray and her talons were an alabaster white.

Her wings flapped powerfully as she winged her way toward her destination, having been summoned just moments before by her creator. Minutes later she spotted a large bright white open building. It had a large dome top held up by multiple roman-like pillars, and the base was a circular floor resting on a large grass covered hill.

She flew between two pillars and banked slightly before landing on the arm of a comfortable chair placed next to a large pool of water. An elegant hand reached out and stroked her feathers lightly.

"Thank you for coming so quickly my Lady." The being thanked her in their musical ethereal tone.

She had never been given a name since she had always been meant to become one with the one she was to be sent to, Kagome. She had always known that she was to be sent to time traveling priestess when the time was right as a reward for being so pure and to ensure her safety. Therefore she would take on Kagome's name.

"Kagome has chosen her new protector." Her creator, Kami, informed her. "When you leave you will arrive just in time to save her life, and alert her new protector. Guide her well my Lady."

The phoenix nodded her understanding and flew up from where she had been perched before diving into the liquid looking glass. She opened her eyes briefly once she passed through the water and felt cool air, then closed them and allowed herself to plummet.

She allowed her senses to lead her to her new charge and host, and adjusted her path accordingly, appearing as nothing more than a blue streak in the sky. When she sensed the slow weakening of her charges reiki she opened her eyes, her sharp vision spotting her charge easily and seeing the damage done to her.

She closed her eyes once more and gathered all of her energy and power, knowing she would need to focus and use it quickly to succeed.


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