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Broken Promises

A/N: I am new to writing stories so if you have any critiques please try not to be soul crushingly mean about it :) I hope you enjoy my story! There are a few original characters and whatnot. Hopefully this story amuses you as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters.            

“Now the finishing touches aaannnnd… Done!” The onyx haired woman jumped with glee as she finally completed her long running project. In her hands she contained two handmade dolls. One of her beloved InuYasha and one of her.

The chibi dolls each held one side of a scroll. She slowly pulled the two dolls apart to reveal the secret message she embedded onto the mini scroll. She let out a big cheeky smile, satisfied with her hard work.

 It was Valentine’s day, the day of love and more importantly to the little miko, love confessions. She knew it was incredibly cheesy to confess her feelings for the hanyou on this specific day, but considering Valentine’s day was not a well renowned holiday celebrated in this time she had hoped he wouldn’t suspect her intentions.

She had forced him weeks prior to promise to spend this day with her. He was irritated by how she was so persistent on spending a specific day with him, they spent practically every day together, but when she mentioned the day would only consist of the two of them his mood reluctantly lightened and he finally agreed.

 The day had finally come and it was near noon. She needed to get back to camp to fetch her endeared hanyou for their date. “I wonder how InuYasha will…” she stopped dead in her tracks as her attention shifted to some rustling coming from nearby bushes. With slight fear in her voice she asked, "Who is it!? Show yourself!”

The bushes stood still for a moment. She brushed off any uneased feelings for today was a happy day, the day she would finally confess her long lasting love for InuYasha. As she turned around to head to camp, white strips passed her quickly. She was disorientated for a bit before she scanned the area for the culprits that had startled her. What she saw sent waves of despondency over her fragile being.

It was Kikyo’s soul collectors. The serpent like creatures circled Kagome as if they were mocking her. She grew anxious because if these creatures were here it meant that Kikyo was nearby camp, which in correlation means she was close to InuYasha. Kagome quickened her pace substantially. "InuYasha is at camp like he promised! He is NOT with Kikyo!” She chanted these words during her run back to camp.

She finally made it back to the campsite. Breathing heavily, she scanned the area for her intended. He was nowhere to be found and she became frantic. “Calm down Kagome! Chillax! He’s probably just in the nearby village getting supplies with Miroku and Sango! Yeah that’s it! Yeah! I’ll just wait here until they come back.” After calming herself, she sat down near a fire and patiently waited for her companions to return.

After hours of waiting, the raven haired female had fallen asleep.

“Kagome wake up!”

Kagome hazily opend her tired lids and searched for the being who had awoken her. She was hoping it was InuYasha but was disappointed to see the lecherous monk, Miroku, instead. He had a hand imprinted on his face and Kagome tilted her head in confusion as a response.

As if she was reading her mind, a voice replied, “He was trying to grope your butt so I smacked him.” Kagome turned her head and her eyes met with Sango’s.

“Where’s InuYasha?” the demon slayer inquired. She quickly regretted asking that when she saw Kagome’s face depress.

“I thought he was with you… I haven’t seen him all day…” Kagome’s voice was soft and shaky so Sango ceased her questioning, but a certain monk was too enamored by Sango’s posterior to take notice.

“Weren’t you supposed to spend alone time with him? I remember you raving on about it being Valentine’s day…” the monk was going to continue with his queries until his eyes met with an angry demon slayer’s, her intense glare piercing his soul.

Trying to recover from his massive blunder, Miroku quickly said, “OH! Uh… don’t worry Kagome! I’m sure InuYasha will show up soon! HAHA… HA… HAAA!” His face twitched with anticipation hoping it would cheer the dispirited miko up because if it didn’t, Sango would most likely rip is arms off and beat him senseless with them.

“Sure he will… I’m just going to go on a walk.” With that statement she stood up and began to walk into the woods.

The others were about to follow suit. “ALONE.” The disheartened female looked down and noticed the dolls she worked on so meticulously on for weeks. “That moron… Why did I even bother?” with that last thought she kicked the dolls into the fire and stormed off.

 “STUPID STUPID STUPID INUYASHA!” Tears were pouring out of her reddened eyes in copious amounts. “He can’t even keep a stupid promise! I just asked for one measly day and… and he spends it with her!” She stopped. Trying to calm herself down she took deep breathes.

“Maybe… maybe I’m overreacting. It could be coincidence that InuYasha is gone when Kikyo is… around. I mean I didn’t actually see them together…” This statement enraged her. She mentally slapped herself for thinking of such a tenuous excuse. “Ha! Who am I kidding! Every single time she is around he follows her like a dog in heat! Why am I even…”

“KAGOME!” She quickly turned her head to find the source of the squeaky sound.

Before she could identify the origin, a little fox demon jumped out of the bushes and embraced the crestfallen miko. “Shippo?!” She held tightly onto the child feeling instantly ameliorated from her previous emotional state.

“Where have you been?” She gave him a soft smile to mask her internal despondency. It worked to some extent, but the little fox demon could sense something was amiss.

In an attempt to cheer up his favorite human he squished her cheeks together and made a proposition.“Do you want to play hide and seek with Rin and I?”

'Rin? The little girl that travels with Lord Snooty Pants? Ha ha snooty pants. I crack myself up.' As Kagome stood there lost in thought, Shippo was still waiting for an answer.

Scared she would decline he quickly explained the situation to her. “I saw Rin picking flowers. She seemed lonely so I went to go play with her and don’t worry Lord Sesshomaru wasn’t around. Come play with us!”

The fact that Sesshomaru wasn’t around alleviated some of her worries. She didn’t want him dulling the fun with his 'humans suck' and 'I’m the most powerful being in the universe' attitude.“Alright, let’s go have fun!” she finally replied. They skipped gaily to go find the little human child.

Unbeknownst to the jovial duo they were being watched. A young child in a light pink kimono complimented by a red obi was sitting bare footed in a tree. Her white hair tied by red ribbons giving her two flowing pony tails to frame her face while another ribbon loosely tied the third ponytail in the back. She had straight bangs, making her face seem more innocent. The childish innocence she had was substantially supported by her large pale blue eyes.

She sat there watching them, especially Kagome. As she watched them, she giggled covertly. “I just neeed to wait for victim number two. Then I’ll prove to father that my choice is better than my idiotic brother’s.” She followed them, watching and waiting patiently.

“Hi Rin!” Kagome hollered from afar.

The messy haired child turned quickly at the call of her name. Her mouth formed a large smile when her eyes fell upon her playmate who had returned with another. Rin was glad to see Kagome. They had met a few times, but she knew the priestess was a good person. The miko always had compassion and kindness radiating from her body every time they had the pleasantry of being acquainted. The miko’s boundless sincerity reminded the little girl of her deceased mother.

Rin ran towards the two with her arms open, oblivious to any obstacles that lay at her feet. This was made most obvious when she tripped. Kagome quickly caught the little being and swung her around playfully before gently setting her down. They giggled incessantly.

Kagome knew this was a good idea, she had already forgotten about her previous desolation. “Rin be more careful! Haha! I would be awful sad if you hurt yourself.”

Kagome’s caring nature was well received by Rin. She was usually surrounded by more detached and body language exerted type emotions. “Hai! Rin will be more careful for you Miss Kagome!”

The two females giggled before the older one said, “Alrighty then! Who’s ready to play hide and seek!”

Meanwhile, a little toad demon was frantically trying to find the human child that had bested him and hour or so ago. “That blasted child! Sneaking up on me and knocking me out just because she wanted to pick her stupid flowers! If Lord Sesshomaru finds out I lost track of Rin again he’ll…” Before he could finish, an immense force had found its way to the little toad’s head causing him to slam into the nearest tree. The tiny demon sprouted from his fallen state, ready to confront the figure who dared attack him. His eyes and mouth widened with fear and shock, “Lord… Lord Sesshomaru!”

The tall demon lord towered the miniscule toad, glaring at his small frame with intense coldness. His golden eyes piercing the toad demon’s entire being with the threat of insufferable pain with each second. “Jakken… you have lost Rin… again?” Before Jakken could answer he was knocked unconscious. The stoic demon lord let an irritated sigh escape his lips, “Pathetic imp.”

He sniffed the air looking for Rin’s scent. He quickly found it, but cocked an eyebrow when his nose was attacked with two additional scents. He identified the two scents easily. They were part of his moronic hanyou brother’s pack, the little fox kit and his half-brother’s wench.

He let out a small groan of displeasure. The miko had always peaked slight curiosity in the inuyoukai from her overwhelming and nauseous optimistic beliefs to her lack of clothing that were too revealing even for a concubine. The fact that she was human irritated him greatly as well. He despised the weakness humans constantly conveyed… emotions… and in the few instances that Sesshomaru has met Kagome she had always displayed an overabundant amount of it. He finally decided to walk in the direction of the joyous trio, each step dreading the interaction he would have to withstand when he met the over eccentric miko.

“Found you!” Kagome lifted the happy child from the bush she was hiding in. The little girl laughed with glee. It has been awhile since she had partaken in such playful activities.

“Now we have to go find Shippo, Miss Kagome!” the little being grabbed the older woman’s hand tugging her around, excitedly looking for the hidden kit. “He’s so little! He could be anywhere!” Rin exclaimed after a few minutes of searching.

“Maybe we can make him come to us instead,” Kagome mischievously replied.


“We just stop looking.”

Rin looked at the older female with dubious eyes.

“Haha, it’ll work. It always does. He’ll get tired from hiding in the same spot and come to us all aggravated until I offer him sweets,” the miko assured.

Rin giggled and agreed to stay in the same spot until the fox child decided to reveal himself.

A distance away there laid a couple exhausted from their sexual activities. The female laid snuggly in her beloved’s arm, bare-chested and content. The woman looked the man in the eyes and soothingly whispered, “I am so happy you are with me… InuYasha…”

The hanyou gave her a gentle smile, then used his hand to direct her lips to his. “I am too, Kikyo.”

The sun was setting and darkness slowly danced with the last of the sun’s warm rays. “I should be getting back to the group. It’s getting kind of late.” InuYasha slowly got up to get more presentable so his group doesn’t question his whereabouts and messy appearance.

“Stay a little longer…” the clay miko pleaded.

“I’ve been here all day heh heh. The group will nag me endlessly if I don’t check up on them,” the hanyou coolly replied.

'Especially Kagome…' This thought caused his face to dim instantly. He had completely forgotten he had promised this day to her. It had been exterminated from his mind once Kikyo’s scent engulfed his senses. When Kikyo was around InuYasha showed extremely low restraint and often ditched his group to spend time with her. He quickly ran back to camp. Worried, Kikyo followed subtly. He knew Kagome was going to kill him for ditching her again.

A sigh escaped Kagome’s plump lips as she sat contemplating her love life. “All done!” Rin excitedly exclaimed. Kagome smiled at the child and looked at the braid Rin had beautifully laced with flowers.

“Wow Rin! This is so pretty how’d you learn to do it so well?” the sincerity in her voice made the child blush.

Rin shyly replied, “Lots and lots of practice! Your hair is so much easier to do instead of Lord Sesshomaru’s. He has so much hair!” Kagome’s eyes widened to the verge of them popping out of her eye sockets.

“You… You… You put flowers… FLOWERS… In Lord Sesshomaru’s… HAIR?!” Her mind flooded with thoughts of the stoic demon lord with flowers laced in his silver locks and burst out with well needed laughter.

She started rolling on the floor and Rin happily joined her. Both on their backs, Kagome looked at Rin with soft eyes. “You’re like a daughter him. I remember him being so much more cold-hearted and stern. Look at him now, his barrier is breaking down because of you.” This made Rin smile. She did think of her lord as a father figure, but it is hard to make him open up all by herself. Her eyes brightened as she quickly came up with an idea.

“Miss Kagome?”


The little girl seemed a bit more reluctant to continue. “Would you like to be our mom?” Kagome’s attention immediately snapped fully to the child.

“Wha... What?”

Rin attempted to better clarify her statement, “Rin loves her lord like a father, and she thinks she has done well in making him as happy, but…” Kagome noticed how Rin seemed to hop between first person and third person when she was nervous. The little girl continued, “Rin thinks Lord Sesshomaru needs more love… the love only a mother gives a father.”

Kagome quickly got big eyed and laughed uncomfortably, avoiding eye contact with the innocent child. Rin did not understand what she had insinuated. To her, a father was not as happy without a mother and vice versa because of the only innocent version of love she knew.

Kagome blushed at the question that the child asked. The mere idea of her and Sesshomaru holding hands made her blush awkwardly, anything more intimate would have made her entire body to become crimson. She had no interest in the man honestly, but even she had to admit he was an extremely handsome individual.

The flustered miko looked at the child looking for a way to elucidate that such a task wouldn’t be able to be achieved, at least not in this lifetime nor by her. As she looked the little girl in the eyes she could see the orphan’s spirit begin to waiver.

Kagome attempted to speak, but Rin quickly spoke before Kagome had the chance to. “You are one of the nicest people I know! You’re also very very pretty! I know it’s weird for me to ask such a silly question, but Rin sees that Lord Sesshomaru needs more love than I can give. He’s not a bad person, I promise! Rin just wants to her lord to be happy!”

Kagome was touched by such a selfless desire. She couldn’t just harshly decline this child’s need for her beloved Lord’s happiness, but she couldn’t lie either. She decided compromise was the only option and gently replied, “I will… try… to make Lord Sesshomaru happy... but I cannot promise he will accept me as your guys’ ‘mom’.”

Joy openly roamed the orphan’s face.“As long as you try! I’m sure he will love you in no time!”

Kagome blushed intensely. 'Love? I doubt it…' She was skeptical that a task was achievable by the ice prince, but Rin was living proof he had some sort of heart. She had no intention of loving Sesshomaru the way a ‘mother loves a father’ but she had agreed to open him up more.

The merry trio began finishing up their playtime. “It’s getting dark. Rin should return to my Lord and little Jakken.” The messy brunette sadly announced to her playmates.

“Yes you should.” The trio quickly turned their heads to the smooth velvety voice that resonated from the trees. Eyes widened when they were greeted with the view of the inscrutable demon lord himself, Sesshomaru.

“What do you mean Kagome’s not here?” the hanyou questioned harshly.

Sango glowered at the selfish half demon and retorted, “She is not here! She stormed off into the woods to blow off steam because you did not keep your promise!”

“I came back didn’t I?” the irked dog demon riposted.

“From where? Where did you go that was so important that you…” before Sango finished her argument, Kikyo emerged from the woods.

The demon slayer’s eyes filled with overflowing rage when she had figured out InuYasha's whereabouts for the day. She ceased speaking, deeming this argument no longer worth fighting. She grew tired of InuYasha’s erratic changes in love interests. Her dear friend Kagome deserved someone who solely loved her, not some indecisive man who thinks it is acceptable to “love” two women at once. She suspended speaking to the hanyou who was interrogating her at the moment.

Irritated, the half demon declared to find Kagome himself and stormed into the woods to locate his other love interest. 'Keh! I don’t get what the big deal is about this stupid promise! It’s not like Kagome is leaving anywhere anytime soon!' The arrogant hanyou did not realize how wrong he was. 

A/N: This chapter was supposed to be with chapter two so it might seem a bit slow. I had to seperate the chapters because they were too long. Hope you guys still liked it ;)


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