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candy (Chapter 20) - Thu 19 Apr 2018

Please keep updating please.

Shiranui (Chapter 19) - Sat 31 Mar 2018

So far I like your story and to your question about the mysterious person:
I think it shouldn't be Naraku, that would be too cliché and predictable. It could be an abusive family member like her father? Someone that usually gives people security but is the opposite for her. You can build on that.
But focusing on the angst too much isn't so good as well. Varied is best. I mean even dark manga like Tokyo Ghoul have really funny moments. A lot of them even.
And personally I would suggest not to put too much focus on Naraku. It is just done too often. Try to shake things up, make it character driven, not plot driven. Like how would Character A react and so on. Not what would give the most drama. (Maybe you already know about that though. If not take a look at really good stories you know, you'll notice that they are mostly character driven.)

I hope I don't sound presumptuous, I'm sorry if that is the case. :)

Best regards,


XxSlytherin_QueenxX (Chapter 19) - Mon 05 Feb 2018

Reminding me Very  much of Pretty Little Liars. 


who is A??

Katrina Kee (Chapter 16) - Sun 14 Jan 2018

Love the story so far! And if suggestions are stil going on for naming Kagome’s Bakery then I would like to throw in my two cents and suggest the name “Sunrise Bakery” because people think of coffee, doughnut, and other yummy baked tr ate for breakfast, etc. That and it is the opposite of “Sunset Shrine” while Kagome’s last name also means sunset I believe. Thank!

courtney (Chapter 19) - Wed 10 Jan 2018

good chapter. another chapter please


Sessygurl (Chapter 19) - Mon 08 Jan 2018

Old friend. Someone who cant be seen in the public eye. Very private.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 19) - Mon 08 Jan 2018

This was a good chapter. Just a few spelling errors. It didn't interrupt the flow of the story though.

As for the mystery text, having it be from a friend or family member would be kind of dull, but from a stalker would make for an interesting story.

The stalker could be Ayame and her reason for stalking is that she might be a little psyco and she has it in her head that Kagome is out to get her boyfriend, Kouga.  But how she got Kagome's phone number, well that I have no idea.  lol  :)

Just to be on the funny side, it could be Sango just messing with her using either Inuyasha or Miroku's phone to send the text. Kagome would not recognize either of their phone numbers.

I guess Kagura and Naraku's plans are going to go up in flames now that Sesshomaru knows that the baby is not his.

When will Sesshomaru notice Kagome's birthmark?  Maybe when they go out on their dinner date or when they eventually fall into bed together.

Can't wait for the next installment. 

Good job!!!

Mona (Chapter 19) - Mon 08 Jan 2018

My vote is for friend or family with a new number.

LittleRin (Chapter 18) - Sun 12 Nov 2017

Might I suggest using numbers that will go somewhere but won't call someone random? For instance, 6784214930 will take you to an insurance company in Georgia. 865-357-1000 will get you to a cable company in Tennessee. 7186723773 is a pizza place in New York.

Natalia (Chapter 18) - Fri 10 Nov 2017

Hm I can't help but think about that evil plan!

So they started texting! Good!

P.s you wrote gaurd a few times instead of guard, just thought to let you know!

Thx for updating!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 18) - Thu 09 Nov 2017

OMG. It is about time that the mystery person tell Sessho what they over heard in the convo between Kagura and Naraku. I was kind of surprised that it is Shippo, but then again, I was wondering if he was going to be in this story, glad that he is and as Sessho's guard no less.

Poor Kagura. What will she do when Sessho confronts her about her little ploy?'s hoping she goes down in flames. :)

Nice update...looking forward to more updates. Good job!

Natalia (Chapter 17) - Sun 05 Nov 2017

Love it! 

And they both are cute!

Can't wait for the dinner! Lol!

Thanks for updating!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 16) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

Very nice story and nicely written too. Love this story.

Never could figure out what Sessho sees in Kagura...not too fond of that pairing, but that's just me. Wow, I'm looking forward to the mystery person to tell Sessho of the conversation he/she heard between Kagura and Naraku. Sessho needs to know now. I know it's rushing it. It is probably the catalyst of the story...that and when Sessho notices Kagome's birthmark. Lol :)

Looking forward to future updates soon. 

p.s. I PM my suggestion to you for possible name of Kagome's bakery.

Mona (Chapter 16) - Wed 01 Nov 2017

Great... I’m just waiting for that person to report to Sesshoumaru what he heard Kagura and Naruka say.

Sessygurl (Chapter 16) - Wed 01 Nov 2017

They are so cute. When is the birthmark gonna come in to play. Who called her over? Must 

The name of the bakery should be: Shindai Shikon =Feudal Jewel

Sessygurl (Chapter 15) - Mon 30 Oct 2017

Love love love it. The banter between them is great.

Annie (Chapter 15) - Mon 30 Oct 2017

Wow. There first dance together with a special song by Ed Sheeren. Kiss Me. I love this song.

Please update.

Natalia (Chapter 15) - Mon 30 Oct 2017

Cute! Let's see how you'll spin this! They both are interested!

Thanks for updating!

Stephanie (Chapter 14) - Mon 30 Oct 2017

I love this story you made can wait for the next chapter to be posted 

Sessygurl (Chapter 14) - Sun 29 Oct 2017

Loving where this story is going. I hope they get to dance soon.

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