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Birthmark by animerks

Chaper 1



Chapter 1


She sat at her mirror dresser staring at herself in the mirror, sitting in just a bra, getting ready to go out with all her friends. Reaching over she grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head adjusting it just right. Checking herself over, then something caught her eye, right under her left ear was a medium sized cresent moon with a star on the bottom tip. It wasn't a tattoo even though people thought that countless times but it was her birthmark. She sat there thinking if she should cover it with make up but then thought against it. She loved her birthmark, it made her unique. She has yet found anyone that had the same mark upon their body. She came out of her daze when her phone went off to see herself touching her neck. She smiled and saw that she got a text for her friend that was coming to pick her up.

[Sango: Hey chicka, I'm here. Meet you out front.] She hit reply.

[Kagome: I'll be right out. Finishing up.]

A few seconds later Kagome's phone goes off again.

[Sango: Please hurry everyone is either already there or almost there.]

Kagome sighed while shaking her head, she grabbed her wallet her house key and walked out the door.

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