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Aviva (Chapter 26) - Mon 09 May 2016

I am anxious to find out where all this will go. So many things left to sort through for all the characters. At this point I am rooting for Sesshomaru to win Kagome back.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 26) - Wed 27 Apr 2016

Very good chapter, keep it coming.

Debra (Chapter 26) - Tue 26 Apr 2016

Good update. Not everyone knows this but a lot of women feel craps as their uterus expands during the early stage of pregnancy. Though if the pain is very bad there could be something wrong, or she could just be stressing herself out and making the pain worse. It could be so many things. I look forward to seeing what you have this lead up to. 

Tana_san (Chapter 26) - Mon 25 Apr 2016

Seems I decided to check in on Dokuga as I found you updated. It's a really great chapter and it shows us a side of Sesshoumaru that proves his feelings toward Kagome are genuine.

I honestly feel bad for him as it seems he's been plagued by troubles for a very long time. I'm glad Kouga has the fore thought not to let InuYasha's tall tales affect his work ethic and I was really betting that he would find something more tangible to give Sesshoumaru so he could legally be cleared of any murder and have proof that he and Rin were set up. Also finding the surgeon who cared for his wife would be just cause for divorce as she knew that Sesshoumaru was marrying for getting an heir and not for love. If he was in love with this female then he would have mated her and not just wed her on paper.

Kagome's suffering cramps and her lack of a period is cause for her to have more concern than she does. Violent abdominal pain with the lateness of her period is a just reason to seek out a doctor just in case there's another reason for the pain. I know that stress can forego a period but to have that kind of pain that even she feels is not the ususal, I think she's waiting too long.

I agree that she needs time away to think about everything and that's a good thing but she doesn't need her friend trying to hook her up with some new guy which is what it sounds like her friend wants to do by taking her out to make new "friends". I hope Kagome doesn't let another guy become a rebound for Sesshoumaru. She's too strong a woman to let that happen after what happened between the brothers. That would be my priority if I were her. Get me straightened out by enjoying a long vacation and if the cramps continue and her period doesn't show she needs to at least take a pregnancy test.

Anyway, thanks for the new update. Message me and let me know how the plans are going for June. I miss talking with and if we get our shedules together I'd like to have a few good talks again. Maybe after everything settles down for you, sound good?

You know I love ya!!!! Hugs and Kisses,


DivaG (Chapter 26) - Sun 24 Apr 2016

Nice chapter. Sesshoumaru is really in love with Kagome, and I hope he finds soon this person who can clarify what actually happened in Rin's kidnapping and thus divorce his wife and achieve his freedom. As for Kagome, I think that she may be pregnant. Good work

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 26) - Sat 23 Apr 2016

It doesn't sound like Kagome is having a miscarriage. I think she's pregnant and is feeling the effects of stress, after all she would be carrying a demon pup and her body is reacting differntly. Maybe her body is changing some what to prepare her body for accepting the pup. Like she was thinking they were fucking all of the time without protection and isn't demon sperm suppose to be more potent than a hunan male's. Of course being pregnant will have a whole new set of problems and drama. The question would be will she let him know about the pup. He would be excited about it because he has been wanting an heir for a long time now. Because she is a miko, I think the pup should be a full blooded demon to shut Inuyasha's mouth and leave her alone. Kagome has been through some rough times and she needs to try to let go, it will be hard but she is Kagome and she will come through this and stop listening to other people'e gossip and rumors.

This has been another good chapter. I always enjoy your writing.




Blommie8 (Chapter 26) - Sat 23 Apr 2016

Glxydragon (Chapter 26) - Fri 22 Apr 2016

Great chapter. I really feel bad for sesshomaru. I know her tricked kagome and everything but he cares for her. I hope she atleast talks to him soon. Thank for the update!

Mona (Chapter 26) - Fri 22 Apr 2016

Perhaps Kagome is Kagome is pregnant (I hope not) or the stress is really getting to her or she had a miscarriage unknowingly.  

I hope to read more soon, my intrigue of this story has returned.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 25) - Wed 06 Apr 2016

Nice, keep it coming.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 25) - Tue 05 Apr 2016

It has been awhile since I have reviewed, actually I think the last time was chapter 15, but I have not stopped reading this story. I cannot believe Inuyasha had felt he had a right to come back barging in on Sess and Kagome's life. He made a life for himself like getting married and having a child. He broke his promise to Kagome first. He expected to have his cake and eat it too. Sess has always been opportunistic and when Kagome came into his life he took advantage of her situation but at least he was or is the process of divorcing his unwanted wife that was forced upon him. Inuyasha chose his wife. So what right did he have mucking up Kagomes and guilting her. This is a Sess/Kags pairing and it should stay that way. Even though Kagome is getting ready to feel the symptoms of her period coming on, I hope she is actually pregnant. I know it would make matters more complicated but in the long run it might bring them closer together because it seems as though Kagome is still in love with Sessho.

All the chapters since my last review have been great. Sorry for not reviewing any of them. I will try not to be so laxed again. You are a very good writer and like I said before I like your writing style and stories. Excellent job!

DivaG (Chapter 25) - Tue 05 Apr 2016

Hello, long time no see! I hope you are well. So, Sesshoumaru is on track to discover the truth about Rin's kidnapping and abuse and consequently his freedom.  I  would not be surprised if she herself would somehow be insolved in all of this only to make Sesshoumaru suffer, for she is very vindictive and spitefull, and has no qualms about using anyone to achieve her goals, given what she did with Kagome. As for Kouga, to hear only Inuyasha's truth is very unwise, for he is selfish and a liar too and to judge someone through another's point of view is foolish, even if you know saíd person. Great work.

Blommie8 (Chapter 25) - Tue 05 Apr 2016

hana sora (Chapter 25) - Tue 05 Apr 2016

I'm frustrated right now. . Damn!! Sesshomaru just please search her. . And for kagome can you see it that sessh is so love her!! Maybe its a lie but still you can deny your feeling and if kagome could forget then forgive him all would be alright. . They will be happy!! :(

Tana_san (Chapter 25) - Tue 05 Apr 2016

Hello my dear friend! You didn't have to post with all the work you have been doing....but it always a pleasure for sure!!!!

So there is some kind of real evidence that Sesshoumaru was set up?!? Wow, after all these years to find out someone is is out there that knoes he was coerced into taking action to protect Rin and that his "wife" knew all this all along. I just hope this person is still alive and able to be found.

Now, Kagome...I can fully understand her need to get away and relieve all the tension and confusion she's been experiencing. Sometimes getting away and seeing new surroundings can help clear the muck and hurt so one can make more sense to their life. I just hope she's not in a place where perhaps Sesshoumaru's past troubles can find her and he's not there to help her. I mean wives and ex-wives can be very bitter and vengeful and she being away from all that may feel safe and let her guard down.

 I know many hope that Sessh and Kagome don't get together but she's got to know from the past that Sesshoumaru never believed in love and he married for an heir only to be left with a hateful, money hungry woman who used his feelings for Rin against him and her. I don't quite understand why Rin wants to hurt Kagome so much. I mean I know it's to do damage to Sesshoumaru but that poor thing has done more damage to Kagome, a woman who has never done anything wrong to her in the past or future. Rin is psycologically screwed up and desprately needs medical help. I wouldn't be too surprised if she herself was a part of getting even with Sesshoumaru along with his so called wife.

I really think Kagome needs to see just Sesshoumaru alone for awhile. I know she kick and scream and act all "I'm in control of me", but he should take her to an island where there no running away, where she has to listen to him and remember how they began and why he didn't just tell her the whole truth right off. She could have been more damaged than when she first got the amnesia in the first place. Many people can't cope with the truth and he was truthful about everything else...his want and desire for her, his liking to see her smile and be happy...all those things that made him learn to LOVE her and then he told practically the whole world when he allowed pictures of them to be publicized in the papers. If that isn't love she's too naiive or stupid to have him.

InuYasha on the other hand lied in every way possible. He even lied with her own family!!! She has to see this.

Well, I'm rambling again, huh? I'm a die hard fan for true love and Sessh/Kags.

Good to hear from you again!!!!

Love you always,   JEN

Lazurite (Chapter 23) - Thu 25 Feb 2016

Wow he said it!

Lazurite (Chapter 19) - Thu 25 Feb 2016

Inuyasha is married too? What! This chapter answers some questions I've had, but now I have all new ones.

Lazurite (Chapter 18) - Thu 25 Feb 2016

I'm kind of confused, were her mothers memories changed when the timeline was altered or is she pretending nothing happened when Kagome went back in time? If she remembers Inuyasha I'd think she'd be suspicious of Sesshoumaru.

Lazurite (Chapter 16) - Wed 24 Feb 2016

She could just purify the wife. No evidence, no witnesses!

Lazurite (Chapter 15) - Wed 24 Feb 2016

Inuyasha has a daughter? Did I read that right?

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