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AngelMomma101 (Chapter 55) - Fri 06 Jan 2017

loved reading this ^_^ please update! i'm anxious to know what happens next!

Deana (Chapter 55) - Sun 29 Nov 2015

This is a good story! Are you goining to finish it?


Saiya (Chapter 55) - Mon 19 Oct 2015

That was Intersting.

genesis (Chapter 54) - Sun 11 Oct 2015

I need more!! Even though Sessy is a JERK, a hot jerk non-the-less, you are right in saying that he would be quite boring if he was a prancing silly male that no girl would really fall for, more like point at him or bow their in shame at such a sight! I looooooooove thia story and cannot wait for the next update! Best wishes!?∇?

Thank for such an awesome story!^.^

Rhonda (Chapter 1) - Mon 07 Sep 2015



   Just can't get enough of your story. And so very happy that Sesshoumaru didn't trust Kikyo one bit.

Saiya (Chapter 54) - Thu 03 Sep 2015

Anti clamiactic much

Jennie Duong (Chapter 54) - Wed 02 Sep 2015

Omg! Is kagome going to wake up next chapter? How will sesshou react? What is going to happen to kikiyo!? 

Marie (Chapter 53) - Wed 02 Sep 2015

Oh this is so good but im so lost. Is she help kagome or hurt sesshomaru.

Saiya (Chapter 53) - Wed 02 Sep 2015


Didie (Chapter 53) - Tue 01 Sep 2015

Hoping Kikyo turned into dust for forcefully takes Kagome's reiki.... 

Jennie Duong (Chapter 53) - Tue 01 Sep 2015

Loving sessho is the last few chapters, can't what to see what happens to kagome

roberta. (Chapter 52) - Sun 23 Aug 2015

Kinky ho really?

Saiya (Chapter 52) - Sun 23 Aug 2015


roberta. (Chapter 3) - Sun 23 Aug 2015

How does she get in these mess?

Marie (Chapter 52) - Sat 22 Aug 2015

Awe. So you know sesshy poo. Is an ass.  Great well I look forward to the next 5 chapters then. Lets find he cleans up his mess. And kikyo really.  What character will you give the corpse. Trully curious. Do press.on.

sonja hand (Chapter 52) - Sat 22 Aug 2015

Plot bunny hops in and waves an ear.... I see trouble like a March hare at a rave party.... Awesome

REI-Angel (Chapter 51) - Tue 11 Aug 2015

oh. my. god. Kagome? *nudges character* h-hey. you okay?

what will happen to Kagome? is she dying? will she age due to draining her life force to make reiki? Will Koga take her to inuyasha or will Sesshoumaru get to her first? What the heck is going on with Sesshoumaru? PSYCHO?!

Saiya (Chapter 51) - Tue 11 Aug 2015

Nice Title. Go Kagome Savein Lives.

sonja hand (Chapter 51) - Mon 10 Aug 2015

Whoa fantastic cliffy yeah loved it

Marie (Chapter 51) - Mon 10 Aug 2015

Ooohhhg. What's going to happen next the drama.  I love it. Take that sesshomaru. Don't get me wrong I love the hell out ass but an ass it what he making out of his self right now and so you shall be treated as such.  Clean the floor with him kagome

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