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Caged Miko by Philosophy Blue


Just a warning, guys...But the next chapters will be kinda rough. I've improved a lot since I started this story, so the beginning chapters are, let's be honest here, crappy. Sorry about that. Anyhoo, gotta go and start uploading chapters. I'm trying to catch up to my FFNet account, which has about 50 chapters. I promise, the chapters get a LOT longer, and a LOT better! So just stick it out with me!

The man shoved her roughly down onto the platform, and Kagome bit back a cry. She wouldn't let these pigs hear her make a single sound. She wouldn't let them have the satisfaction. The coarse ropes were biting into her wrists and ankles, the gag in her mouth, and the overall gloom of the situation made her want to break down and have a good cry, but no, never would she shed a single tear in front of these monsters. These beasts had kidnapped her and decided to sell her off as a slave. It was so 1800s America. Hello, news flash, no one had the right to own another being, human or youkai. Try telling that to these people.

The men who had kidnapped her were ringing a bell, and apparently the people of this large town were used to this kind of thing, because within minutes the commons area was flooded with people, standing on their tippy toes to get a glimpse of the fresh blood.

Kagome glared out into the crowd, trying to mentally convey to these people that this was wrong. But of course, they simply stared boldly back at her as if she was little more than a goldfish and pointed at her short skirt, shaking their heads.

She wanted to slap the lot of them.

If she wanted to wear a skirt, she would! She didn't care what they thought. She had gotten all sorts of reactions from the people of the Feudal Era for her outfit. Stares, pointing fingers, whispers, even the occasional overly affectionate man that a certain hanyou had chased off aggressively.

Speaking of Inuyasha, where was he? He should have been here by now. Why wasn't he looking for her? Or maybe he was, and couldn't find her? Maybe it was the rain that had come pouring down the day of her capture, confusing his inu senses. But he would still be searching for her high and low, if she knew him even a little. Well, he'd find her in the end and save her from these savages. He always did in the end. All she had to do was stick it out till then.

Kagome stuck her chin out, determined not to let them cow her. The first chance she got, she would run away and get back to Edo. And then she'd bring back Inuyasha and the group and tear this slavery group down and set every slave free.

There were many people dressed well in the town square. Maybe it was because those kind of filthy rich people were the ones who owned slaves. The very thought made her want to punch someone's lights out. You couldn't own anyone.

"Greetings, people of this fair town!" the man was saying, smiling winningly. "I bring to you some of the finest specimens ever brought in!"


Kagome wanted to smack him. She was a human being, just like him! How was he raised, if he thought like this?

"Now," continued the man. "We have a real, live miko! Companion of a half-demon, monk, demon slayer, fox demon, and two-tailed cat, she's a traveler, used to hard work! Long legs and a rather lovely outfit, if I do say so myself! She could work her keep, and keep the demons at bay with her powers! Best part of it? She can't use her powers against you, since you are human! A pretty sweet deal, neh?"

Kagome glared daggers at the man and struggled against her bonds, but it only served to earn laughter from the crowd. The monster grinned. "Pretty feisty too, hmm? Starting price is two silvers! Now, any bets?"

Her heart sank when the town square exploded with yells.

"Two silvers!"

"Three silvers!"

"Three silvers and two bronzes!"

She was all trussed up, and pretty much hopeless. Was there any way out of this situation?


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