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Ankita (Chapter 25) - Wed 23 Sep 2015

@_@ u know what i want to sayyyyy XD but i kinda feel deja vu i have read something same a life for life i mean similar kind of situation  @_@ don't remember the name though 

Saiya (Chapter 25) - Wed 23 Sep 2015

? So confused.

Didie (Chapter 25) - Tue 22 Sep 2015

Kyaaaaaa!!! That's it! I did have plot similiar to this chapter, wondering why this kind of plot haven't been written... And you did it!! Yaaay!! Hope this chapter will have sequel, even better, a multi-chapter story!

kyoandyuya (Chapter 25) - Tue 22 Sep 2015

Please make a sequel for this one and the previous chapter. I love them all but I really like these two.

Inuaddict (Chapter 24) - Wed 26 Aug 2015


Kameko (Chapter 24) - Tue 18 Aug 2015

OH MY GOD! Please, please, please turn 'stranger then fiction' into a complete story! I really want to read something like that! Honestly I would write it myself if I had any talent for fanfiction! Please! I'm begging here! Keep up the good work! ( I am sorry for using so many exclamation points.)

No Uta (Chapter 24) - Tue 18 Aug 2015

OH...MY...GOOOOOODNESS!!! Another brilliant plot line!!!!!! I was fond of the psych ward one, still am of course. I can so see you expanding on this. Even if you don't - this is frickin' got me all excited! You've made my morning! 

Ankita (Chapter 24) - Mon 17 Aug 2015

T_T i found you but i lost you again coz the author is evil and not continuing  T_T

Saiya (Chapter 24) - Mon 17 Aug 2015

That was almost a sinister ifoundyou. that was Sweet. I loved Kagomes one sentence response!

Literary Fan (Chapter 24) - Mon 17 Aug 2015

All the oneshots are awesome but this last one I was ,"Nooo!" I wanted to read about them actually meeting. >_< Still a very cute story.  P.S. Could someone explain Ch.22 Vagary. Who was Kaede's husband? Or is that not relevant to the story?

Kae (Chapter 24) - Mon 17 Aug 2015

Oooooooh, but I want MORE of this story! This was great! I always look forward to your drabbles!

Nicole (Chapter 24) - Mon 17 Aug 2015

- Noooo!

- Bad ending?

- No, cliffhanger.

That was fun :)

Haven Himori (Chapter 24) - Mon 17 Aug 2015

There should be a sequel to this one!!! -giggles-

Saiya (Chapter 23) - Mon 10 Aug 2015

That was Beautiful

Ankita (Chapter 23) - Mon 10 Aug 2015

Yup i had fun reading all the oneshots <3

Nicole (Chapter 23) - Sun 09 Aug 2015

I definitely enjoyed reading all of your stories this week! Very nicely done :)

Ankita (Chapter 22) - Sat 08 Aug 2015

Ooooo at first i was like whats with this story this can't be what chie could write hehe *sheepish laugh* i felt disinterested but i read on and i m so glad i did :P please don't be offended i jumped to conclusion in the beginning 

No Uta (Chapter 22) - Sat 08 Aug 2015

Very niiiiiice! Both Kagome and her father are delusional and in the same ward. I enjoyed your usage of the actual Inuyasha plot line as Kagome's psychosis as well as her ailment being a genetic deposition. Love what you did with Sesshomaru as her therapist /Doctor as well as how you've incorporated Kaede as one of Kagome's visitors in her room apparently. This was very good. 

Nicole (Chapter 22) - Sat 08 Aug 2015

Oh, that's just heartbreaking.

Zyren (Chapter 3) - Sat 08 Aug 2015

OMG! Please make this chapter a full length fic! it would be so good! Please!

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