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LoveAndFaith (Chapter 31) - Sat 10 Jan 2015

Nice chapter, keep it coming.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 30) - Sat 10 Jan 2015

Good chapters, keep it coming. Happy New Year!

KShadeslady (Chapter 27) - Tue 23 Dec 2014

This is really amazing. I love it and I like how the story is progressing. Can't wait to read more. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 18) - Tue 23 Dec 2014

Since I am, sadly, not up on Japanese history, I would not have noticed. I am really enjoying the care you are putting into this story. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 13) - Tue 23 Dec 2014

I really love how carefully this is written. I like that it is placed on Kyoto ( hope I get there someday) and I really love the history lessons that you have added. Thank you so much. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 27) - Sat 20 Dec 2014

Both chapters are great, keep it coming Happy Belated Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas

Tasha A. (Chapter 27) - Sat 20 Dec 2014

I love historical fiction, and I'm really liking the story. Can't wait to see what's next. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 25) - Wed 12 Nov 2014

Nice chapters, keep it coming.

dancingfingers (Chapter 23) - Mon 10 Nov 2014

Hmm... what a proposal, Sesshomaru. Somehow, this amused me. Sorry, Kagome... but it's just I  trust you to be someone who'll change his heart, so yes I guarantee there will be love in this union. :)

dancingfingers (Chapter 19) - Sun 26 Oct 2014

Ahahahaha. Well, Kaede has seen a lot in life, ne? She should have noticed it right away, that old woman :))))

dancingfingers (Chapter 18) - Sun 26 Oct 2014

I have the feeling that somehow the Captain is not fooled.

dancingfingers (Chapter 16) - Sun 26 Oct 2014

... *speechless*

hana sora (Chapter 19) - Sun 26 Oct 2014
You can't trick the older people XD

Nicole (Chapter 19) - Sat 25 Oct 2014

... Or not so complicated ;)

Nicole (Chapter 17) - Sat 25 Oct 2014

Interesting. This brings up a chain questions for me:

 • Did Kagome actually kill the Lt. because of the attack on her brother and rape of the village?

 • If not, did that attack actually happen and why did she really kill the Lt.?

 • If so, was she there when the attack took place? And was she also, therefore, one of the women who was raped?

 • If so, is she actually pregnant as a result? and would she commit jigai if she were? (or would she have been expected to if she had been raped?)

 • If so, then this situation is going to get much more complicated for them very quickly... 

That is my train of thought right now. I hope some of them will be answered later in the story :)

Nicole (Chapter 8) - Sat 25 Oct 2014

Well, I'm very glad I decided to re-read this part then. Before I read the AN, I was scratching my head wondering, "Weren't they on their way to Aizu?" ????

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 17) - Sat 25 Oct 2014

Great story, keep it coming.

dancingfingers (Chapter 14) - Sun 12 Oct 2014

*gives Kagome a virtual and fictional hug*

dancingfingers (Chapter 12) - Sun 12 Oct 2014

Poor Kagome. War is not a simple thing like a tug-of-war, you know. It's much, much worse than that.


dancingfingers (Chapter 10) - Sun 12 Oct 2014

I know he's going to say that.


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