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Dani (Chapter 18) - Tue 28 Jul 2015

Love the story, was a little surprised how quick sessh was to open up to her and then her sight came back after kiss. 

Saiya (Chapter 18) - Tue 28 Jul 2015

Awww that was so Sweet and Mushy

Mona (Chapter 6) - Thu 23 Jul 2015

This is a great fanfic but there is one thing annoying me a lil bit, the lack of the word 'said'.  For example you wrote Kagome excitedly instead of Kagome said excitedly.  Other than that I enjoy, thanks.

Saiya (Chapter 16) - Wed 22 Jul 2015


Saiya (Chapter 15) - Mon 20 Jul 2015

Aaawwww Why Doen't he Just Tell her.

No Uta (Chapter 15) - Mon 20 Jul 2015

Yay!!!! I'm so glad to see this update! How sad for Kagome. She caught a glimpse of Sesshomaru as well as wiff of his aura. If only he would be honest with her. She's already told him she'd be thrilled if he were alive - if he showed himself to her. Come on big guy. You can do this!

Saiya (Chapter 14) - Mon 13 Jul 2015

I Like her Dog!

No Uta (Chapter 14) - Sun 12 Jul 2015

OMG YEAYUS YOU'VE UPDATED!!!!! It has been quite some time and I have missed this story so very much!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!! 

Kimiko-chan (Chapter 13) - Thu 09 Jul 2015

Pleasee continuee????! I love this story soo much ^^ you are an awesome writer!

Saiya (Chapter 13) - Thu 09 Jul 2015

Aaawww they are so Sweet.

Saiya (Chapter 12) - Thu 09 Jul 2015

I like her Dog.

Mizuki (Chapter 13) - Thu 09 Jul 2015

I was sooo excited to see you have posted more chapters and they are amazing by the way. Love the story!

cassandra (Chapter 13) - Thu 09 Jul 2015

Can't wait to see what happens next!  I wonder if it's sesshomaru who's going to be watching over her? That would be awesome if his was the first face she sees. 

Saiya (Chapter 11) - Wed 08 Jul 2015


No Uta (Chapter 10) - Mon 27 Oct 2014

AAAAAAAAAAAH! What a way to end this chapter! FAWK! I'm almost bouncing off the walls lol. Well Sesshomaru didn't pitch as big a tantrum as I thought he would ha ha. He was a jackass about it all to Shippo. Of course he would be though. He is Sesshomaru,  he isn't one to completely reveal his true feelings when it comes to Kagome. I enjoyed how you had him go back to the Feudal era and the spirits of both Inuyasha and his father pay him a visit. Even in spirit form, Inuyasha still calls his brother a bastard hahahaha!  Loved it! Now Sesshomaru is knocking on Kagome's door! SQUEAAAAAK! I cannot WAIT to read what happens!!!!

No Uta (Chapter 9) - Mon 27 Oct 2014

Oooooooh this is a fantastic chapter!  ! apologies for being gone for a while. Been bogged down with work and some personal matters. I'm so thrilled that Shippo has revealed himself to Kagome's mum. Now she knows all and can assist. Hmmm...I wonder if Sesshomaru is going to be pissed off that Shippo has volunteered his services. Of course he'll help, but I bet he'll throw a tantrum as soon as he finds out lololololol. I really like this story. This is one of my favorites of yours. I have some catching up to do! On this one and your Heavy Winter fic. Great work!


rose (Chapter 10) - Tue 21 Oct 2014

next chapter please

cassandra (Chapter 10) - Sat 18 Oct 2014

Oh I can't wait to see what happens next!  I wonder if he'll reveal himself?  Keep up the good work. 

SilverInu93 (Chapter 10) - Fri 17 Oct 2014
My heart felt like it ust broke reading that, but i also have a feeling kags will some what confess to the ice prick.

SilverInu93 (Chapter 9) - Mon 13 Oct 2014

oh this does keeps getting better and better

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