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Love is not blind by zodiak023

Chapter 1

The final battle was close at hand, Sesshomaru had joined the group because he wanted to rip Naraku apart for turning him into a fool, he had left Rin with Shippo at Kaede's hut so they were out of harm's way, Shippo cried because he wanted to help fight and wanted to be with his mama but Rin comforted him with her staying with him.

Now in Kagome's group was Kouga, Sesshomaru, Kouga's brothers and Ayame including Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Kirara, and Kagome. Sesshomaru had warmed up only a tiny bit, he wasn't fighting Inuyasha for his sword anymore, frankly it was a waste of energy and he was saving it for Naraku. The group surprised Sesshomaru though, everyone done their own part, even his half breed half brother. Sesshomaru even tasted Kagome's cooking, he had never ate anything cooked before, but it was good, and he had seen her motherly side as well, it had his beast very intrigued.

"Why does the bastard have to be in our group?" Inuyasha asked,

"Inuyasha, we have been through this, we need all the help we can get, Naraku's got over half the jewel, Lord Sesshomaru is a great ally to have on our side and Kouga's speed as well, it gives us an advantage on Naraku," Kagome strongly. Inuyasha huffed, he was getting restless, everyone was, even Sesshomaru but he even knew that you don't rush an opponent, they could feel it, in a couple of days Naraku would show.

"I'm going to the spring," Kagome sighed, Sango knew she needed relaxation,

"Do you want some company?" Sango asked.

"I just need some time to myself," Kagome explained,

"Okay, I'll keep the boys from peeping," Sango nodding,

"Thanks sis," Kagome walking off forgetting everything, even her weapons. After Kagome was out of sight Sango noticed she had left her bag and weapons,

"She must be feeling more stressed than the rest of us, she forgot her stuff," Sango walking over to the bag and the bow and arrows.

"This Sesshomaru will take it to her, I have some business to discuss with her," Sesshomaru picking the bag up and making his way to the spring before Inuyasha could snap at him. Sesshomaru just needed a break from Inuyasha's mouth as well. Kagome was already stripped down and in the hot spring, she was so dazed that she didn't feel a strong aura around her until it was practically choking her of air, she jerked into action at the last second and went to grab her bow and arrow when she noticed they weren't there, she had forgotten them.

"Kami!" Kagome gasped,

"You realize that if you are this tense when we see battle you will not stand very long," a familiar baritone voice rang out.

"Lord Sesshomaru, thank god its you," Kagome sighed, he raised a brow,

"I believe you left your weapons back at camp, I brought you your bathing supplies," Sesshomaru explained.

"Um, thanks, why didn't you bring my bow and arrow?" Kagome accepting the bag from him, he walked over to a tree and sat down,

"Your arrows and your miko powers alone will not match Naraku's power, it was foolish to come alone, this Sesshomaru will escort you back," Sesshomaru emotionlessly.

"So that baka has you at the end of your rope too?" Kagome rolling her eyes as she soaked up,

"This Sesshomaru has little patience for him," Sesshomaru huffed.

"Yeah, I've noticed," Kagome hummed,

"You realize he will never see you or care for you as who you are," Sesshomaru stated as he closed his eyes and leaned back against a tree.

"Actually, yes, I have finally came to realize I'm not ever going to be loved by him, I mean Kikyo was his first love and they were both tricked and turned them against each other, she died in the process, she still doesn't believe that it was Naraku and not Inuyasha, that's why she is with Naraku, but if I was in Inuyasha's shoes, and my love came back to life I couldn't let her go, no matter even if they blamed me for their own death," Kagome letting a tear slip out. Sesshomaru opened his eyes and stared at Kagome,

"You intrigue my beast, how is it you can have such love and loyalty for him?" Sesshomaru asked.

"He is family, he is my brother, my friend, we've saved each other on many occasions, and yes, I did have a little pity for him in the beginning. I mean he never got to know his father like you did, he cant fit in anywhere, he has a half brother but you hate him and always try to kill him. He didn't ask to be how he is, he didn't beg your father to love his human mother, it just happened, no one can stop loving the person they love, even you Lord Sesshomaru.

You may be the most powerful inuyoukai but if you really have a heart which it seems you do because you care for Rin, you wont be able to stop love, no matter who or what kind of creature it is. Inuyasha isn't a bad person, but he deserves a loving family even if all he has is his brother, yes, you are his half brother but you both have youkai blood in you, the same DNA as your father.

It would not kill you to try to get along, he is strong but he never got the training from your father like you did, he has determination, but as if he were to die in this battle it would be good to talk civil with him or teach him something that might can save his life in this battle. Be a brother to him, family is always there for one another," Kagome strongly. Sesshomaru didn't say a word,

"You are so pure, so innocent, caring and selfless. I have seen you with my ward and with your own kit. You are a very loving human, I have never seen so much from one single human before," Sesshomaru coolly.

"Thank you, I'm guessing that is a compliment and a very high compliment coming from you," Kagome blushing.

"It is, this Sesshomaru has never given out his compliments, only to Rin when she asks him his opinion. You just make my beast very curious with how you can be so innocent and pure when most humans are…" Sesshomaru being interrupted,

"Are more dirty here and don't bath and start wars and take things that aren't theirs? Yeah, I don't know either, I guess I may change when I get older, I'm still young," Kagome shrugged, she went underwater to wash her hair out, he stared at the water, when she didn't come back up he began to grow concerned. Suddenly, she popped up and was spewing water from her hair as she slung it back, getting Sesshomaru wet as well. Kagome glanced at him, he actually had a concerned look on his face,

"What is that look for?" Kagome confused,

"Humans are fragile, they can not hold their breathe underwater for long," Sesshomaru explained as he leaned against the tree again,

"I am on the swim team in school, when I can attend, I'm also a life guard and I know CPR to save someone's life," Kagome explained.

~He was concerned that I may have drown myself, but why?~ Kagome in thought.

"CPR?" Sesshomaru quirking an eyebrow,

"Its when you check for a pulse, if they don't have one you hold their nose and place your mouth over theirs but it has to be open and you give them your breathe, then you pump their chest three times and you repeat the process, its what I did when Rin drown a few months ago," Kagome explained.

"This Sesshomaru wants to thank you for what you have done for Rin," Sesshomaru thanking her,

"Lord Sesshomaru, you know you don't have to thank me for saving her every time you did not know how to respond. I know she loves you like a father, I could not let you lose her. She has given you at least a little happiness in your life, you're a great father to her. Its just hard sometimes for a single parent and its hard for the child too if they don't have both parents, besides I love Rin as if she were my own," Kagome explained.

"You are good with pups, however Rin should be with humans, to learn who she really is," Sesshomaru coldly,

"No, you would break her heart, you saw how shy she was, you cant break her heart like that," Kagome commanded, he raised a brow,

"I didn't mean for it to come out like that but please you cant hurt her like that, I am here to help you, anything you need help with, you can count on me, but you cant just leave her on some human's doorstep, you would turn her so cold, she never had family, and you leaving her would devastate her," Kagome flipping out,

"Calm yourself Kagome, he was just thinking what would be best for her," Sesshomaru coolly.

~She fought for Rin, she is a very intriguing woman. She would make the perfect mother for Rin.~ his beast strongly,

"Good, isn't there a way to change her into a inuyoukai?" Kagome asked,

"Excuse me?" Sesshomaru a little roughly,

"Well, I mean, let her live her life and surprise her on her 16th birthday, give her the option of being able to become a inuyoukai," Kagome strongly.

"There is only one way to make a human a inuyoukai, it is by mating them, I have no intentions of making Rin my mate, however, I have made a blood bond with her. It was before I joined your group, she wanted to be able to live with this Sesshomaru as long as she could. I explained she would die long before I would, she said she didn't want to leave me and I explained to her that there was a way to extend her life however…" Sesshomaru growled a little for being interrupted once again,

"She's a hanyou," Kagome softly.

"Yes Kagome, you are correct. She loved this Sesshomaru enough to become hanyou to live by his side until her dying breathe," Sesshomaru ashamed for what he had done. Kagome reached out and touched his cheek,

"Lord Sesshomaru, you are loved by your daughter, its pure love. She wanted her life extended so she could stay with you, the one man that she has ever known as her father. You shouldn't be ashamed of having turned her, you should be so proud and very grateful that she loves you that much. I could only be lucky enough to meet someone caring and loving to have a child who loves me as much as Rin loves you," Kagome softly.

"Kagome, you already have your kit, he cried for you when you left him with Kaede," Sesshomaru strongly as he flexed his jaw muscles. Slowly she pulled her hand away, she turned away,

"Yeah, but this is not my place," Kagome mumbled, Sesshomaru had heard her,

"You do not have to worry about leaving your kit, he will be in capable hands," Sesshomaru explaining that he would take Shippo in when she returned to her own era.

"Thank you Lord Sesshomaru, I'm going to miss him, I don't want to hurt him like this but his place is here," Kagome's tears dropping into the spring.

"He will understand," Sesshomaru nodded, finally Kagome had stopped her tears and splashed her face off and made sure to wash her face with soap to hide it from her friends.

"They will still worry for you, like you have explained before, they are your family, they will see right through that mask of yours," Sesshomaru closing his eyes.

"I have to try to make the best out of what time I do have with them," Kagome trying to smile,

"Even if it is a battle to the death?" Sesshomaru asked.

"It is my fault that the jewel has been broken into shards, and I am taking responsibility for what I have done. If I lose my life in the process so be it. Everyone who has joined my group has lost someone they have loved or Naraku has had a hand in their life. We are all here to take our revenge out, and we are determined to do to Naraku as he has done to us," Kagome strongly. Sesshomaru nodded,

"Come Kagome, you need sleep as well as I," Sesshomaru pulling her towel out and ready and waiting for her. Kagome blushed,

"Um," Kagome shyly, Sesshomaru closed his eyes, she got out and took the towel from him and dried off.

"Lord Sesshomaru, may I ask one favor?" Kagome asked,

"You may ask, however, I would not count on this Sesshomaru doing it," Sesshomaru strongly.

"Nevermind, it was foolish of me to even think it," Kagome giggling a little, she threw her clothes on and put her stuff back in the bag.

~She wanted a real kiss from a real man, not from a weak, pathetic little boy, she thinks she will die before her time.~ his beast thought.

"Kagome, if you think you will die then you will. You have the determination to get your revenge for Shippo's family, you have to believe in yourself, put the trust in yourself that you put into Inuyasha. He will not protect you if the dead whore is there," Sesshomaru coldly.

"I know, but all I have are my arrows and I still have yet to master them," Kagome softly.

"Then I will teach you when we return, come now, it is late and your family worries," Sesshomaru walking away.

~Kiss her, you need to kiss her, or I will.~ his beast growled,

~No, I will not stoop that low.~ Sesshomaru huffed. A few minutes later Sesshomaru stopped walking, Kagome was confused but then turned to fear of something was wrong,

"Lord Sesshomaru, what is it? Has something happened?" Kagome walking around and seeing his eyes. They were turning slightly red,

"Lord Sesshomaru, please, tell me what is wrong," Kagome's voice full of concern, worry and fear. Finally he blinked his eyes,

"Are you alright?" Kagome asked.

"This Sesshomaru is restless," Sesshomaru responded coldly, he started walking again, they finally made it back to camp.


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