Yuna Nara (Chapter 2) - Sun 07 Dec 2014


swift death (Chapter 1) - Fri 23 Jul 2010

nice story though i would think jaken had more common sence than that :)

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 2) - Sun 28 Sep 2008
Nice writing...would love to see where you take this cute story.

Akumi (Chapter 1) - Mon 22 Sep 2008
Haha. LOVED IT! Omg..awesome job. You know...I read the watermelon challenge before this one..and the entire time I was waiting for it to load I was chanting.."Please don't kill her, please don't kill her" Hahaha. Very well done. :D Makes the morbid thoughts go away. lol. -Akumi

K,T,M (Chapter 1) - Sun 21 Sep 2008
i completely agree with possessed, u can't just leave it dere

Possessed (Chapter 1) - Sat 20 Sep 2008
Very nice! What happens then? You can't just leave it there! Does he warm her further? Tell me!

Inulovely383 (Chapter 1) - Sat 20 Sep 2008
This is very should continue. If you don't like writing a story with a mature can still write a wonderful story full of fluff and romance...this is a beautiful beginning...just go with what you have here. Great job.

serasvictoria666 (Chapter 1) - Sat 20 Sep 2008
Very cute. Me like!

miss_darkness (Chapter 1) - Sat 20 Sep 2008
awwwwwwwww its sooooo cute you have to keep going pleeeeeeaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love how you started it please continue....

Fluffy Lady (Chapter 1) - Sat 20 Sep 2008
good job. a bit short but nice all the same. what's going to happen and why did sesshomaru kiss her in the first chapter? hmm... lol

Inkasha Taisho (Chapter 1) - Sat 20 Sep 2008
OOHNESS. You can't just leave it there, plz continue

helikesitheymikey! (Chapter 1) - Sat 20 Sep 2008
well...that's one way to warm a gal up.....ya gonna continue? like with us seeing Kaggy pregnant and thinking about what happened next in the story? ^.-

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