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Shiver me Sesshomaru by Walter205

Whew it's cold

She sat there in the freezing cold, snow blanketing her and the little form that she hugged into her body. Inuyasha and the others weren't anywhere to be seen, they were probably off chasing the snow demon that had ambushed them. Kagome would be with them too, but she didn't want to leave this poor girl behind and alone in the snow.

Glancing around at the serene white landscape, she saw a form trundling towards her. The size and way it waddled on the snow conjured into mind the image of a penguin.

'This far south? Maybe it's a demon penguin' thought Kagome.

As the form got close, she could see it was green and carrying a staff with two heads on it.

"Jaken," called Kagome, "Rin is over here,"

"Rin? Rin!," yelled the kappa as he increased his pace and got closer to the two of them.

"She's a little cold, but otherwise I think she's okay," offered Kagome as she began a sneezing fit.

"She's cold as a block of ice. Let me help warm her up," admonished Jaken, planting his staff into the ground, with the mouth of one of the head's pointing in their direction. Seeing how close the little kappa was to the two of them, Kagome held out one of her arms.

"No no no, that's quite all right," said Kagome in a hurry, not wishing to become kentucky fried miko.

"Nonsense, this will only take a few seconds. Staff of two...," was as far as Jaken got before a giant snowball collided into and buried the Kappa.

Kagome looked up to see Sesshomaru standing behind the snowpile. He stepped onto Jaken, burying him completley under the one foot deep snow, before stopping before the miko.

"You helped to protect my ward," he stated in a voice as cold as the snow.

Before Kagome could respond, he leaned over and gathered the nearly frozen and stiff forms of the two girls into his arms. His eyes traveled over Rin's gently snoring form before settling on Kagome's eyes.

She gasped when his eyes softened, before he leaned in. Her mind was too far frozen to calculate what was happening before his lips meet hers in a kiss. The electric shock that traveled through her body from head to toe completley awoke her though, and suddenly it didn't seem so cold anymore.

"Thank you," he whispered, and with that, he carried the two of them off to camp, leaving the kappa to fend for himself in the melting snows.


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