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bookgirl813 (Chapter 70) - Tue 28 Jul 2020

Awww, now that's just sad!  Sesshomaru hasn't heard his own laugh in a long time...  

He really needs to learn to lighten up, or needs someone to to give him something to laugh about.  Enter Kagome...

susie (Chapter 70) - Mon 27 Jul 2020

aww, that one was sweet.

Mina (Chapter 69) - Sun 26 Jul 2020

Oh my god, I am in love with this story, whenever I see a new chapter posted, it makes my day!

susie (Chapter 69) - Sun 26 Jul 2020

snake, lol!  I remember that one too XD  I admire her restraint.  and just picturing sess's dejected features courtesy of kagome never ceases to amuse me.

bookgirl813 (Chapter 68) - Sat 25 Jul 2020

Oh how torturous!

susie (Chapter 68) - Sat 25 Jul 2020

yeah, cry me a river, Kagome.  LOL

susie (Chapter 67) - Fri 24 Jul 2020

was this a version of one of the chapters in your original post?  cuz im getting a huge sense of deja vu... or maybe you're just reading my mind lol.  either way, loved it!  great chapter.  looking forward to what happens next (and kagome is too, even if she wont admit it lol).

bookgirl813 (Chapter 67) - Fri 24 Jul 2020

Poor Kagome.  Now she can stare at something of Sesshomaru's now, LOL.  Payback's a female dog!  This could be an opportunity!

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 67) - Fri 24 Jul 2020

Muahahaha. You fiend! I'm enjoying all this. Love a good body swap! So much room for all the funny, you are doing this so well!! 

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 66) - Thu 23 Jul 2020

“……eeeeeeeEEEEEWWWWW!” and 

"The blood-soaked demon stared at the honey-coated miko and stated, “You’re a mess.”"

are my favorite parts. I laughed out loud at this. Thank you for the wonderful read! <3 

susie (Chapter 66) - Thu 23 Jul 2020

lolol!!  im dying at how undignified she makes him behave, and how mortified he is at that XD  but its also sweet that sesshoumaru has an excuse to be close to the kids.  and his reaction to kagome's burn, and his reaction to inuyasha's reaction was beautiful.  bet he's loving that sit command at least =)

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 65) - Wed 22 Jul 2020

Hahahaha. As good as ever.

susie (Chapter 65) - Wed 22 Jul 2020

OMG yesss!!!!  you are a happiness machine right now =)  so syked to see one of my favorite stories back in business!  this one is so cute and funny, and im excited for others who get to discover it anew.  and, um, did you say 30?  i'll clear my schedule lol.  im also interested to see if you're going to answer the age old question: what does Sesshoumaru eat?  hopefully kagome will figure out those claws so she doesn't have to starve haha.  you're the best!  can't wait (will wait) for more XD

susie (Chapter 64) - Fri 19 Jul 2019

I love this so much!  I hope you continue it!

susie (Chapter 64) - Wed 02 Sep 2015

Love this story!  Been reading since the first time you posted it, and was so excited to see you put it back up.  Can't wait to see what happens!

frances (Chapter 64) - Thu 06 Aug 2015

this is one of the best stories i've ever read!! can't wait to see how it ends!!! i can honestly say i'm hooked lol

StormieLikeWeather (Chapter 1) - Wed 17 Jun 2015

I love your writing style!!

Lazurite (Chapter 64) - Wed 17 Jun 2015

This story is so funny! I love it!

Lynansidhe (Chapter 64) - Fri 22 May 2015

Gosh, I think I was almost rolling on the floor laughting lol. Thanks for the chapter :D

gildedglass (Chapter 20) - Wed 20 May 2015

It's kind of confusing, keeping track of what 'Kagome' and 'Sesshomaru' and Kagome and Sesshomaru are...

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