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Get Bent by cakeiton

Chapter 1

I don’t own anything Inuyasha.

A/N: Old story from years ago I am reposting on Dokuga. I hope you enjoy.

Ugh… wha…?

Whatever the reason why she was awake, it was not a good enough one. The pressure that built at her temples throbbed against her eyes and her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. Then, a noise she recognized as the cause of her rousing squawked again. With all the exasperation she could muster, Kagome shouted.

“Oh my gawd, Jaken, shut up!”

Kagome did not know why Jaken had listened, or why her voice was so deep, but she was grateful that the noise had stopped.

Wait… Why was she around the guy in the first place?

A/N: Okay, a couple things about this story:

1.       Yes, it has been posted before. About a year or two ago I took it down for personal reasons. Regardless of all that, I’m all better and wanted to put this back up. However, some bad news for those who used to read…

2.       I lost a large portion of this story. I thought I had .doc backups, but there is a gap right in the middle. I will try to recreate as much as possible, and who knows!? Maybe more fun will ensue. It is an opportunity in disguise!


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