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Dryft (Chapter 5) - Thu 15 Mar 2018

i really enjoyed it!!

333Tenshi (Chapter 5) - Tue 06 Jun 2017

I enjoyed reading this and I could only wish there was more of it

Seluna Maru (Chapter 5) - Tue 14 Feb 2017

I slightly wish I had not read this. It's seems so familiar or it's just quite generic. I think similar to a story called revelations I believe. But that on was far more cheesey. This ine had differences. But the inuyasha and gang bashing seemed like someone was rewriting their life into this tale. Like they had bad friends and they wanted to break away as cool as kagome did. But urggghhh it seemed so forced. Like some fantasy life with some introvert who just wants it to be her and some perfect boyfriend after getting back at some bad ex . Sigh a lass I could mot stop reading I can't leave somethings incomplete and unread. I do not want to be mean at all at all but I kinda wish I got a heads up before reading u know. The writing style ABSOLUTELY LOVELY!! But the story :(

Siera Serenity Star (Chapter 5) - Wed 31 Aug 2016

Great story!

KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Sun 17 Jul 2016

Really nice way to end it all up. Good job! I've read your other fic and I really like that one too.

KShadeslady (Chapter 4) - Sun 17 Jul 2016

Wow! That was quite the chapter! I love her weapons and her special gifts in using them. Those were very cool. The mating was nicely done.  I noticed a few glaring spelling errors...vein instead of vane when Sesshomaru talks to Kagura; bear nor bare (but you used bare correctly during the mating) and one more...writhing not wreath/wreathing  ( a wreath is a circular decoration usually used on a door). I bring this up because I know it's "only Fanfiction", but that doesn't mean it should be poorly written. I see a lot of this kind of error here, mostly words used wrongly. Read a lot and learn the meanings and correct spelling of words. Great stories are made greater with proper word use. Great job!

KShadeslady (Chapter 3) - Sun 17 Jul 2016

Great chapter! Just full of more things going on. I very much like how you  have handled the courting situation. Very nice. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 2) - Sun 17 Jul 2016

This is moving so nicely along with lots happening. Very nice chapter. Cheers!

KShadeslady (Chapter 1) - Sat 16 Jul 2016

Wow! That was a huge, big, stuffed with information chapter ! Nice beginning. Looking forward to reading more of this story.

sarah (Chapter 5) - Mon 25 Apr 2016

great story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 5) - Thu 02 Jul 2015

Awesome this was cute! I emjoyed it immensely!



Dragon (Chapter 1) - Thu 28 May 2015

very well done

MythMagykFae (Chapter 5) - Tue 24 Feb 2015

Really well written and entertaining! 

Dragonscloud (Chapter 5) - Fri 30 Jan 2015

I loved this short story. It always was a bit disturbing that Inuyasha always treated Kagome so badly. A sequel would be great. I would love to see what happens with Inuyasha

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 5) - Thu 22 Jan 2015

I am sad that the story has ended but I loved the way you ended it. I loved how Kagome stood strong on her convictions and decided to break ties with the group.  I love your writing style and I am going to now go and start reading your latest story. Fascinating final chapter. Great job!

gabby (Chapter 5) - Wed 07 Jan 2015

I liked it! Very nice for a short story and it had very satisfying ending! Great Job!

Saiya (Chapter 5) - Fri 02 Jan 2015

That was a Nice Ending.

Saiya (Chapter 4) - Fri 02 Jan 2015


tonya (Chapter 5) - Wed 31 Dec 2014

love this story! great ending!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 5) - Tue 30 Dec 2014

This story was great and I enjoyed it, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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