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gildedglass (Chapter 17) - Sun 23 Jul 2017

AWWWWW...... this story is so sweet!!! This is so underrated, and I'm glad I looked into it. I find myself shipping Kagome with Kouga, however... But I'm sure training will turn steamy. I'm not sure why she wanted Sesshomaru to train her instead of Kouga, though,  because in her dialogue she clearly didn't know that Sess was more skilled of a warrior, she just thought "any lord can be strong with an army," or something like that.


Anyways, congrats for this great story. I will be eagerly awaiting more!



Lizard (Chapter 8) - Sat 22 Jul 2017

Great story so far!!! Can't wait until the next update!!!! 


Blommie8 (Chapter 17) - Sat 15 Jul 2017

Sessygurl (Chapter 17) - Sat 15 Jul 2017

For now, what about Ayame? Her grandfather is of higher status and if she wants Kouga and he hasn't consummated with Kagome or marked her as intended then they will no longer be. Just saying.

Natalia (Chapter 3) - Sat 15 Jul 2017

I must admit It was Interesting and interest catching,  but for me it got ruined when she spent the night with koga. First of all they aren't married and second she is a miko that has to keep herself pure, being raised in feudal time she has to know about the importance of that,  do what if demons spend nights before wedding? She is human and I understand that she has to get used to their style of life but not in this.  Sorry I am just disappointed.  I sincerely wish you good luck and wish you good readers. Take care!

LadyFugue (Chapter 15) - Tue 10 Nov 2015

Next chapter please :) 

RedDestiny92 (Chapter 1) - Tue 10 Nov 2015

great work...thought I would say that before running to read the rest :)

Mona (Chapter 15) - Mon 09 Nov 2015

After all that Souta died.

sam (Chapter 12) - Wed 28 Jan 2015

Hey its 2015 please update I read this and liked it and very few fics impress me try getting someone else to help you write if ideas are a problem

nia (Chapter 12) - Fri 02 Jan 2015

na na na na~

Good job author!!!

what will happen then??? can't wait for the next chapter~

rosheemary (Chapter 12) - Fri 02 Jan 2015

Wow... i LOVE this story...

but not at first (honestly :p) ... cz meek kagome appeared to much on previous chapter, but i kinda understand when ur heart got hurt like hers... Anyway, the most important thing's kagome stood up and made decision to get stronger.. yea, that's the important thing, for not giving up and stay struggle and that's the real power...

can't wait for next chapter.. KUDOS for this story... you grasped Sesshoumaru n Kagome's emotion well... for not making them OOC :)

keep your hardwork sesshylovr-chan!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 12) - Thu 01 Jan 2015

Good, keep it coming Happy New Year

REI-Angel (Chapter 10) - Thu 08 May 2014

Sh*t. just. got. real.

rose (Chapter 10) - Sat 03 May 2014

next chapter please

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 10) - Sat 03 May 2014

Nice, keep it coming. Happy Belated Easter!

Tasha A. (Chapter 10) - Sat 03 May 2014

It is so rare that I feel anything for Kouga in a story, but I definitely like him in yours. Can't wait to see what's next!

Akita (Chapter 10) - Sat 03 May 2014

Seriously...I would love if she would cuss out Sesshomaru

Kae (Chapter 8) - Fri 02 May 2014

I'm enjoying this story!  I can't wait to see what happens next!


your fan <3 (Chapter 8) - Thu 03 Apr 2014


asdfjkl (Chapter 8) - Mon 31 Mar 2014

omgomgomgomgomg please update as soon as possible!!! i just love Kouga here and i feel bad for him cause we all know who she will be with in the end. lol. I hope to read more soon!!!

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