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The One I Love by sesshylovr


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Chapter 1

Kagome stared at the glistening sapphire ring that adorned her pale finger. She watched as it sparkled, each facet perfectly cut, each side as deep and blue as the one before it. She twisted the silver band between two fingers, her heart heavy despite the jewel's beauty. She lifted the hand before her, her eyebrows furrowed as she examined it. It just didn't feel right. "To match your lovely eyes," he had said. Kagome chuckled to herself. The man was sweet, she'd give him that. She blinked when light bounced off the sapphire, shining in her eyes. She quickly lowered her hand and stared out the window.

Outside the manor's walls Spring was alive and taking hold of the land. The rolling hills around Lord Koga's estate were green and vibrant, and all around the grounds were coming alive with color. Kagome longed to be outside, in the garden, in the fresh, clean air-- instead of being trapped in this gloomy study. She sighed heavily, again twisting the ring between her fingers as she watched life go on outside through sad eyes.

"Why the gloom, my dear?"

Kagome jumped at the sound of his voice. She turned her head, looking at the handsomely dressed man in the doorway. She gave him a soft smile, getting to her feet as he approached her, smoothing out her skirts as she did so.

"No gloom, Lord Kouga," she said quietly, letting him take her hands in his. "Just admiring the view."

Lord Kouga was a young ruler. He had only just begun his reign over his father's lands with the old man's passing. And with a new ruler, the land also required a new Lady of the Eastern Lands. Kagome looked into Kouga's calm blue eyes. He was handsome, she had to admit, but being good-looking alone wouldn't win her heart. Kagome reached up to tuck away a lock of his long black hair that had escaped the thong that held his unruly mane back at the nape of his neck. He smiled at her, one fanged tooth appearing with his crooked grin. Ah, yes, the signature grin that had caused many a serving maid to swoon. Not Kagome though. Her heart ached for the smile from another's lips. Another that had long forgotten her by now...

"I know you wish to be out there as well, my darling," Kouga said, pulling Kagome closer to him, sliding his hands up her sleeved arms to her elbows. "But it is too dangerous for you; You know the risks of being my betrothed in these times of battle."

"I know," Kagome said sadly, lowering her eyes in disappointment. "I just--"

"Don't fret, Kagome," Kouga said quickly, silencing her. "Once all this fighting is over, I shall take you out into the gardens, and you can frolic to your heart's content."

Kagome smiled sadly. It wasn't the gardens she wanted to see. It was her home, her farm, her village. Inuyasha... Kagome accepted the kiss Kouga placed on her cheek before he left her alone once again in his study. Kagome blinked back tears as she returned to her seat by the window. How she wished none of this were happening.. How she wished her dreadful cousin had never come to their village.. How she wished she had never laid eyes on Inuyasha..


Kagome laughed as he twirled her around before pulling her close and whisking her around the other dancing couples. The music was loud, the firelight making the village glow with golden light. All around them were other dancers, all as moved by the happy energy as she was. Kagome looked lovingly into his beautiful golden eyes, blushing at the love she saw mirrored there. Her Inuyasha, the love of her life. He tightened the hold he had around her waist, his right arm lifting her own higher as he sped up, weaving through the other couples, spinning them in circles as he did so. Kagome tossed her head back in laughter, loving the way he came alive on nights like this. As the music faded away, he loosened his hold on her and took her hand firmly in his own.

"Come, I have something to show you," he whispered softly in her ear as he led her away from the glow of the village. Kagome smiled up at him, nodding enthusiastically. She grabbed her skirts in one fist and threaded her fingers through his with the other. Together they disappeared into the darkness of the forest that surrounded their village.

They found themselves seated by the river, lanterns hung in the low tree branches around them. He had spread out a blanket by the river bed, and had packed a small basket with  sweet breads and a bottle of wine she knew he had stolen from the headman's wine stores. He winked at her as he lifted two silver goblets from the basket, offering one to her. Kagome giggled and took it, loving the way he excited her.

"This is so beautiful, Inuyasha," she said softly, not wanting to shatter the serene atmosphere. His smile broadened at her praise. He used his clawed hands to remove the cork from the bottle and tossed it across the river before pouring the bottle's contents into their goblets.

"Do you know what tonight is?" he asked her, taking a sip from his own glass. Kagome blushed and lowered her eyes. She nodded and took a sip as well. She never much liked wine, but he had gone through so much trouble, she decided to humor him. Inuyasha leaned forward and took her chin gently in his hand. She raised her deep blue eyes to his and bit her lip at the intensity she saw there. "It has been three years to this day that we have known each other, my love."

"Three years since I found you caught in a fishing net that the headman had left for the trout to swim into," Kagome giggled, reaching out with her own hand to stroke the dog ears that adorned his silver mane. "You were determined to tear the thing to shreds."

"I would have, had you not been there to rescue me from the blasted thing," he laughed, closing his eyes at the contact. "You are even more beautiful now than you were that day."

"You did not find me beautiful at the time, dearest," Kagome said jokingly, sitting back and taking another sip from her goblet. "If I remember correctly, I was a 'foolish human' who was only wasting your time."

"Ah, my pride was wounded before a lovely maiden," Inuyasha said, his eyes smiling at her. He tipped the goblet back and downed its contents. "It was my ego that lashed out at you, not my own self. Had the circumstances been different, I would have no doubt swept you off your feet with my infallible charm and charisma."

Kagome tossed her head back and laughed at that. She reached up to wipe a tear from her eye just as Inuyasha knelt forward and silenced her laughter with his lips. Kagome's body went still, tensing as it always did when he kissed her thus. The rushing in her ears was familiar, as were the butterflies that assaulted her insides. Inuyasha took the goblet from her, his lips only leaving hers long enough to pull back and untie the braid she had her hair twisted in. He smiled at her lazily, his eyes hooded.

"Do you still doubt my charm?" he asked, his voice husky. Kagome opened her mouth to speak but was once again silenced as Inuyasha kissed her, pulling her close as he did. Kagome's heart beat as fast as a hummingbird's wings, but she did not care, for she was with Inuyasha, and she was happy.

*End of Flashback*

Stop it!

Kagome pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head. She couldn't let her mind wander to such places. The past was the past, and she had best let it go if she ever wished to be happy here. Kagome held herself tightly, biting her lip to keep the sobs she so desperately wanted to release from escaping. She got to her feet and left the study, rushing into the hallway with her tear-brimmed eyes still downcast. Which was why she didn't notice there was something just outside the door for her to run into.

Kagome let out a disgruntled "oomph" as she made contact with a very firm surface. She looked up quickly, horrified at what she saw there. Her heart dropped to her stomach as she stared into a pair of familiar golden eyes. She held her breath, her heart almost stopping before her eyes rolled back and she fainted, rather ungracefully onto the floor.


"Just give her some room to breathe!"

Kagome's eyes fluttered open, her vision a bit blurry. Above her stood three figures, one she soon recognized as Kaede, the housekeeper of Lord Kouga's estate. The old woman was fanning her with her apron, her old face firm as she kept Lord Kouga and someone else back. Kagome sat up slowly, looking past Kouga to the man behind him. She heard nothing Kouga said as she met the man's golden eyes. Not him. She frowned, her eyes taking in the silver hair that swept the floor, and the golden eyes that looked so much like his, that she had fainted at the sight of them.

"What happened?" Kagome asked, her voice shaking as she allowed Kouga to lead her into the study and place her in a chair. Kaede followed, putting a hand to Kagome's forehead.

"You fainted," came a deep, silky voice from beside her. Kagome looked up at the man, the one who looked so much like him, yet so different. Able to concentrate on him now, Kagome noticed the strange markings he had on his cheeks and forehead. On either cheek lay two magenta stripes, and on the center of his forehead, an indigo crescent moon. Kagome also noticed that his face, while still handsome, was a lot more delicate than Inuyasha's had been. This man possessed such grace, and elegance-- yet Kagome could sense a darkness in him, the aura of a hunter.

"Kagome, this is Lord Sesshoumaru," Kouga said, noticing the way Kagome couldn't stop staring at the man. "He is the lord of the Western Lands."

"I see," Kagome said, finally able to put a name with the face of this familiar stranger. "You have come for peace negotiations?"

"An alliance," Lord Sesshoumaru corrected. "I don't usually discuss battle affairs with women, so if Lord Kouga would be so kind as to take this discussion somewhere a bit more.. private?"

Kagome frowned at the way the man looked down his nose at her. In front of women? As if women couldn't understand battle strategies, or worse-- couldn't be trusted? Kagome felt her cheeks burning in indignation just when Kaede put a calming hand on her shoulder.

"No need, mi' Lord," Kaede said, bowing her head. "Kagome and I shall take our leave now."

"Do keep an eye on her, Kaede," Kouga said, standing to lead the women out. "I don't need my bride-to-be coming down with a fever so close to our wedding day."

"Of course not, my Lord," Kaede said politely, taking Kagome's arm in her own and walking away. Kagome looked over her shoulder at the Lord of the West, his eyes meeting hers once more before the door to Kouga's study was closed.

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