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Faux66 (Chapter 3) - Tue 21 Jan 2014

Can't wait for more it's soo sad I cried

Faux66 (Chapter 2) - Tue 21 Jan 2014

This story is amazing!!!

Faux66 (Chapter 1) - Tue 21 Jan 2014


Master_sword1 (Chapter 3) - Fri 27 Dec 2013

So sad

xDori (Chapter 3) - Fri 27 Dec 2013

Too many feels!!! Thanks for updating. When can we expect Inuyasha and Kikyo to come to?

Prina (Chapter 2) - Sun 03 Nov 2013

Oh my god, you have to update! This is like totally awesome!


LoveAndFaith (Chapter 2) - Wed 23 Oct 2013

Keep it coming.

Akita (Chapter 2) - Wed 23 Oct 2013

Dammit I need more!

Haven (Chapter 2) - Wed 23 Oct 2013

Poor Kagome and Sess.  That's shitty.  The only thing that didn't make sense was the condom.  Why would she ask him to bring it if they both knew that she was pregnant?  Did I misunderstand something?

Bianca (Chapter 2) - Wed 23 Oct 2013


Again great chapter and great drama. I loved how you're setting it up. I liked how you pointe out that Sesshomaru's love with Kikyo was comfortbel and not full out love, yet he still feels betrayed. An then the drama with kikyo being pregnant is awesome. If Kijoy lives there is going to be so much drama, but then does the baby live? Or do both the cheating spouses die and leave Kagome and Sessh to pick up their lives. How are Kikyo'a sisters going to feel about Kagome? Do they hate her (maybe cause she looks like KiKyo? or do they like her more than their deceased sister (Cause of different personalities)? You also have the fact that since Sesshomaru and Inu look a lot a like Kagome's baby could look a lot like Sesshomaru. So maybe when they get together he just takes the baby as his and all is happy. Or maybe she has the baby and then the relationship starts blooming cause Seeshomarus helping cause he feels bad Kagome is doing it by herself,and Sesshomaru realizes that's his family, Kagome and her baby (and Kikyos sisters). If Kikyo dies maybe kinky is sisters flock to kagome and her baby too, an want to help out an kagome helps them grieve. Sooo many possibilities and avenues for this story. I'm really jazzed about it (: yeah, I've ramble enough now.

T (Chapter 1) - Mon 07 Oct 2013

awesome story! i'm excited to see how everythng turns out as there already are some unexpexteds in there especially with sess/kik as a couple 

Bianca (Chapter 1) - Sun 06 Oct 2013

Great so far. Hope to see more! Real emotion jerker, I love how you made me really feel when reading this.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 1) - Sun 06 Oct 2013

This story sounds interesting, keep it coming.

Nicka (Chapter 1) - Sun 06 Oct 2013

Awesome as always, cannot wait for more.

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