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VS (Chapter 1) - Thu 26 Jul 2018


this is a really emotional story! I love that you don't rush things too much!!! The relationship between Sesshoumaru and Kagome is a realistic one. They are somehow friends, because they found together in a hard time. Somehow they are supporting each other, but at the same time they are far away from falling in love with each other! So again it was a wise decision of you to let things progress slowly!

I was also prepared for Inuyasha's death. After all Kikyo and Inuyasha were progressing from the first moment in opposite directions. So while Kikyo get better and opened her eyes, Inuyasha got worse and died.

You described the hate-love relationship between the couples very well!!! It is only natural that they can't cut themselves so easily off, even if they were betrayed!

You mentioned in your last chapter, that there will be only one more didn't rush things in the story, so why are you going to do it now? I do believe one chapter would be not enough to finish this should honestly think about it...

Anyway I'm looking forward to your next update!


Koree (Chapter 8) - Thu 12 Apr 2018

I knew he was going to die smh anywho great chap

sesskag493 (Chapter 8) - Sat 17 Mar 2018

Please update!!!!!

Kae (Chapter 8) - Sun 04 Mar 2018

"The chapter will be emotionally everywhere" more like the READER will be emotionally everywhere! I am emotionally compromised here!  It's amazing how little I had to go back and reveiw, you story is so striking I remembered right where you had left off!  Thanks for continuing it, hard as it may be!

Mulata (Chapter 8) - Thu 15 Feb 2018

Really deep chapter, loved it! I I can't even imagine how the ending of this story is going to be like. 

Lisa (Chapter 8) - Mon 15 Jan 2018

From the way this chapter ended it looks like your going to let Sesshoumaru and Kikyo stay together. That will not be fair to Kagome, that means she lost all the way around. 

Nilee1 (Chapter 8) - Sun 14 Jan 2018

I just found your story and read it in one sitting. Love it!

sesskag493 (Chapter 8) - Sun 14 Jan 2018

SN: i can't believe it will be over after the 9th chapter :(

sesskag493 (Chapter 8) - Sun 14 Jan 2018

I've been waiting SO long for and update......THANK YOU SO MUCH, the intensity is CRAZY. I wish he made it through to give her some answers THEN died, but if Sess and Kik-ho end back together I cant see him and Kags EVER being friends ever again.

roberta. (Chapter 8) - Fri 12 Jan 2018

Honestly I am reading this the writing is good it's well written I my not like how kagome or shassy are but still well written

Ree-san (Chapter 8) - Fri 12 Jan 2018

I've really enjoyed the story and very curious to see how everything will be wrapped up in one chapter.  I don't think they're wrong in being angry with Inuyasha and Kikyo.  If things were so bad, acknowledge it and don't lie to people.  The lies are more hurtful than the truth.  To know that this person looked you in the eye during those tender moments, all the while feeling the opposite.  I don't believe that crap that you can love two people actively at the same time.  Inuyasha no longer loved Kagome and Kikyo no longer loved Sesshomaru, neither one of them had the courage to do the one thing that would represent caring and respect for the person they used to cherish - letting them find their own happiness instead of making them the victim of a lie because that's easier for you.

Natalia (Chapter 8) - Fri 12 Jan 2018

I am a coward at times and try to avoid the heartache like every other person. To tell the truth I almost don't want to read the next chapter. I hate that he still possibly loves kikyo. And I wonder why? She doesn't deserve it. She doesn't deserve his help and support or another chance. I am sorry it's just I am  child if a cheating dad with a broken family so for me this is very personal. I will still stick up with you till the end just because I love this fic and your writing. I just hope kikyo gets to at least have remorse and remain alone how she deserves! Sorry I am so worked up but it's only a tribute to your talent.

Thx for updating. Cliche but please please update sooner so I would not suffer from not knowing. Thx in advance.


LaDonna (Chapter 7) - Fri 12 Jan 2018

Wow ???? can you please find it in yourself to update this story again. Thank you

Nykitty (Chapter 7) - Thu 11 Jan 2018

Lovely well thought out story. The character development is great the characters are complex and have depth. I am anxious to see what reactions all of the awake characters have to the truths they may receive from Kikyo and/or Inu. If you need someone to bounce ideas off of Id be happy to help

Natalia (Chapter 7) - Thu 11 Jan 2018

Such a dramatic chapter. So beautiful and deep. You don't even know how much I have waited for you to update this. I adore this fic! So I sincerely thank you for updating! 

Thank you!

Will wait for another chapter with bated breath. 


Nicka (Chapter 7) - Thu 11 Jan 2018

I absolutely loved this chapter, and i don't comment on often, but it moved me and i cannot imagine what you feel when you put yourself if their shoes. Great work and i cannot wait to read the last two chapters. 

Natalia (Chapter 6) - Sun 23 Jul 2017

So touching! I felt like crying! Poor kagome! Poor sesshoumaru! I really really hope you will find time and inspiration to update soon! Thx!

Take care!

Tiny paws (Chapter 1) - Thu 05 Jan 2017

I don't know if you're just slumped with this story, or if you have lost interest in it, but I really hope that isn't the case.
I absolutely love this story! I really like the way both Kagome and Sesshoumaru are dealing with their situation, and can't wait to see how this plays out, as Kagome's pregnancy goes on. As things are going, Kikyo is probably going to be the first to wake up, so I'm looking forward to see her being confronted with this whole problem (as well as the fact of Kagome being pregnant, while she lost her own baby). Inuyasha better not die, cause he has a lot coming his way that he has to deal with ahahah!
I hope you don't give up on this, it's a great story, and it's amazingly well written.
Keep up with the good work!

sesskag493 (Chapter 6) - Thu 09 Jun 2016

Please please please please please......don't give up on this story!!! It is amazing the drama, angst, etc.......AND the budding romance between Sesshomaru and Kagome is beautiful. Because what starts as a result of tragedy could (hopefully it will) possibly turn into a true, pure, life full of love.

sesskag493 (Chapter 6) - Sat 23 Apr 2016

I LOVE this story and the development of Sess and Kag's relationship. PLEASE, dont give up on this story, I have to know it ends. Also, I want to see how Sess and Kag gets together 

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