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Anonymous (Chapter 32) - Sat 01 Apr 2017

This was a blast to read!

Seluna Maru (Chapter 32) - Sun 21 Aug 2016

I have been reading all your complete tales over again. This is the second or third time I've read this and I am happy that there is a squeal. Hopefully it is a complete tale *crosses fingers*

Seluna Maru (Chapter 22) - Sat 20 Aug 2016

I read the Author Note, Im amazed that some people actually wanted a rape. People seem to fantasize rape but there's nothing wonderful about it. Its painful and humiliating, it is not the same as written in stories like u guys seem to love so much. Just basic sex can hirt evwn when prepped right, for some people, can you imagine violence added it with not prep.. And for the guys who like it so much imagine another man raping you, in your butt hole, no prep just rough and raw. I saw my guy friend hospitalized writhing in pain because he got man handled. Rape is no joke, stop it

NS (Chapter 32) - Fri 27 May 2016

I just powered through this whole story, only stopped reading when I was forced to sleep. I couldn't put it down because it was EXCELLENT! It was so different from anything I had ever read. at first I was expecting the typical "Inugami saves miko and they fall in love despite prejudices" story, but this added so much more to it! Really challenged the characters with dark themes. I thought I would be more put off by the cruelty that played such a large part in the story, but it worked so well. I loved the transformation that each character went through, even though I would've liked to learn more about Sess's past. The scenes you wrote conjured such excellent emotional connection with the characters, and the lemons were done wonderfully. I just loved following the development of the feelings between S&K. I'd love to tell you my favorite moments in particular but I don't want to give any spoilers. But I really enjoyed moments we were able to see inside Sess's head, really understand how he was feeling and his struggle with his own feelings. His moments of self doubt were so powerful. 

I can't wait to read more of your stories, you are a very talented writer! 

hana sora (Chapter 32) - Wed 02 Mar 2016

This is a beautiful story. . :)

candace peaches (Chapter 32) - Sun 18 Oct 2015

i read the beginning of this story in the oneshot collection. i had no idea that this was the continuation of it. this was a very good story. i liked how kagome started off as naive and soft, but then she grew and saw how the world was and how choices make a person. sesshoumaru helped her with her growth and i liked how he helped her open her eyes to see how she was behaving and how the world accutally was. the lemons,oh the lemons, were VERY well written. for one with a good imagination when it comes to lollis, yours were well worth the reading. great story, great writing, great plot. your fanfics are the best. c'ya'

Susi8 (Chapter 32) - Fri 05 Jun 2015
I really liked reading your story. It had depth and it was well written. I hope to read more of your stories. :)

Laura (Chapter 32) - Mon 25 May 2015

Yes please a sequal. I loved it all :-) 

Whitney (Chapter 32) - Sat 25 Apr 2015

I really enjoyed this,  I hope you decide on doing a sequal. 

GoofyGrin (Chapter 32) - Sat 25 Apr 2015

I would totally love a sequel. Just please don't change the character, you are doing such a great image of sesshomaru please don't make him different in the sequel. Awesome ending that would so be his characteristic image. Love it

Whitney (Chapter 22) - Thu 23 Apr 2015

Honestly I'm happy that you didn't do a rape lemon, I don't understand people's thing with rape. I've really enjoyed your fic, a rape lemon would have ruined it for me.

Mizuko Takayama (Chapter 32) - Tue 24 Mar 2015

Totally interested I a sequel! This was awesome!

Niomi (Chapter 1) - Thu 26 Feb 2015

What a beautifully written story! One of the best. I cannot wait to read your other stories. PLEASE do a sequel, I already miss the love and deliciousness between Sesshomaru and Kagome. I rarely leave reviews, but please know your talent is appreciated! Please continue .

SashaMarie (Chapter 32) - Thu 19 Feb 2015

Please do a sequel. I over this story and I can't wait to find out if Kagome and Kikyo ever start talking again. Thank you.

Stella Mira (Chapter 1) - Tue 27 Jan 2015

I finally found time to read the last chapter of this gem. I must say, I’m sad to see this story over, but I’ve enjoyed every word of it. Such a glorious story of growth and understanding and…love.

Your portrayals were amazing! I admit that there were many times that I empathized so deeply with characters that I felt anger, sadness, happiness on their behalf…or against them, if that makes sense. You constructed them with all the flaws you’d expect to see in people like them, only to have them overcome them in such wonderful ways, that I’m left awed by your character progression skills.

Your language skills were sublime, painting images in my mind, and making me travel into their world. I have to commend you for your lush descriptions, but most of all, I adore the way you can flesh out your characters and express their emotional turmoil in ways that make me feel as if I’m living it right there with them. Gorgeous writing!

I can’t even comment on the smuts without cackling. Mmm, I love it, love them, full of passion and rawrness. It should be like this, yes. *cackles* They always left me panting and breathless and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Shameless. I approves!

I loved this fic far too much and now I feel even sadder that it’s over and maybe, hope, beg – bribe? – for a sequel? And you even incorporated all the prompts flawlessly! Woohoo!

Thank you so much for writing this mouthwatering tale of corruption and lust and love. XD



Lola (Chapter 32) - Mon 19 Jan 2015

you absolutely need to make a sequel!! I was so happy with this story. SEQUEL PLEASEEEEE

Jas (Chapter 32) - Mon 19 Jan 2015

This is an amazing story! You had me hooked the entire time!!! I would love a sequal! If you decide to write one I will definitely be there every chapter!! ^-^

Temkin Beck (Chapter 32) - Thu 08 Jan 2015

aaaarrrgghhhh!!!! SEQUEL!!! I NEED A SEQUEL!!!

Anonymous (Chapter 32) - Thu 01 Jan 2015

yes would love another, its one of my favs!!!

Crazykenz (Chapter 32) - Fri 19 Dec 2014

sequel sequel sequel!!! please!! let it continue!! :D

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