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LoveAndFaith (Chapter 9) - Wed 23 Apr 2014

Nice, keep it coming. Happy Easter!

NicoRavenPen (Chapter 9) - Wed 23 Apr 2014

~~Yay! I was so happy to see that you'd updated! This fic is so unique, I find myself anxious to see what happens next! :D

Nicole (Chapter 9) - Wed 23 Apr 2014

I did enjoy that. I'm glad to hear that the plot is slowly coming back together. I'll definitely be looking forward to future updates :)

lattie (Chapter 9) - Wed 23 Apr 2014

Inuyasha! Why are you going after Kikyo? Inuyasha is kind of a jerk to Kagome so I don't really mind when Inuyasha is belittled. Great story.

Margarida (Chapter 9) - Wed 23 Apr 2014

Yup, it has been a long time but it was worth the wait :D 

Poor guy. Hope he gets his hight spirits soon :3 

Thank you for the update <3

tina (Chapter 9) - Wed 23 Apr 2014

.'m so glad you managed to overcome writer's block and returned to update.and that great chapter. Separate group with one of Naraku's schemes was brilliant as well as make Kagome and Inuyasha Sesshoumaru follow. Plus they support each other, I think Kagome will finally see who actually is Inuyasha. Not to mention that the way you are portraying Sesshomaru is simply faithful to him. After all as much as he wants to change for him and also portray the eyes of the priestess, he is still, somehow, the love that Sesshomaru. I hope to continue the excellent work with this story ...

Margarida (Chapter 8) - Sat 08 Mar 2014

Well, that went good! *-* 

Poor Sess, he lost his confidence :( 

Loved it! Thank you! <3 

hyugacrest33 (Chapter 8) - Sun 11 Aug 2013

Keep Writing please!!! For the sake of my SesshomaruXKagome heart!!!

I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 8) - Fri 09 Aug 2013

Oops, forgot to add. Thank you for the chapters!

InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 8) - Fri 09 Aug 2013

Awh... -tear- Yup that was a tear jerker. And the top half of the chapter, depending on the sensitiveity that would seriously cause chills.

InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 7) - Fri 09 Aug 2013

Gosh you silly skirt! -shakes fist at it-

How ironic, I actually forgot about the blood on her outfit for a minute there.

InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 6) - Fri 09 Aug 2013

Good start, ne?

mari (Chapter 8) - Fri 09 Aug 2013

i so love this story thanks for the update.

InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 3) - Fri 09 Aug 2013

O_O Holy smokes. Talk about an eye opener. -grins- I like your story and story line. Expecially the way you made it easyer to understand perspectives. Nice.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 8) - Fri 09 Aug 2013

Cool, keep it coming.

snowbird (Chapter 7) - Sun 04 Aug 2013

I love the plot of this story.  But PLEASE get her out of that stupid short skirt!  The anime writers had to have had a brain fart to dress her like that in the past.  She does not blend in and shows more skin than the whores of that time.  She was worried about the wind blowing up her skirt to show her panties.  Well, duh!!  Sorry but I absolutely hate that uniform.


I'm eager to see them slowly grow close and for her to rid herself of her stupid childish feelings for Inuyasha.

mari (Chapter 7) - Sun 04 Aug 2013

loving this story thanks.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 7) - Sat 03 Aug 2013

Keep it coming.

Starfyre (Chapter 6) - Mon 06 May 2013

Great chapter! I love that you don't have him trying to suddenly be all best friends forever with InuYasha.

It always throws me when they are suddenly like nothing ever happened without any real explanation on how they came to be real actual loving brothers.

I like that he's trying to keep some of who he used to be before she ripped his eyelids off and forced him to face reality. The hardest thing to do is change yourself. No matter how much you want to change it's a constant battle not to fall into old habits and behaviors or worse thought patterns. I think you are doing an excellent job with this.

I look forward to more! Hopefully soonerish. (yes I know that's not really a real word)


LoveAndFaith (Chapter 6) - Sun 05 May 2013

Great story, keep it coming.

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