No Uta (Chapter 7) - Thu 08 Jan 2015

Yuuuuus!!!!! This was so much fun to read. Not too menation hora as all hell. Whew!

Mikazuki (Chapter 7) - Sun 01 Dec 2013

That was ... fantastic!  I love it!

kalaadaephon (Chapter 6) - Mon 04 Nov 2013

Seriously, how do people write lemons... I can read hundreds of them, but when it comes to writing them, I freeze like a prude Victorian maiden..Che...!!! You have no idea how much I admire those can write such good ones....:)


kalaadaephon (Chapter 1) - Mon 04 Nov 2013

Wow... That is LUST...

MissKatt (Chapter 7) - Sun 20 Jan 2013


that was so awe. Beautifully done!!

Stella Mira (Chapter 7) - Wed 26 Dec 2012

Hmm, pure bliss...just what a girl wants to read after a hellish day spent on the road trying desperately to get home. You naughty, dirty girl *winks*. You certainly know how to write a hot, steamy scene while you manage to put some feelings in it as well! That's a gift, I'm telling you ^^


I loved it soooo much! This was one of the best challenges ever, right?

TKE (Chapter 7) - Tue 25 Dec 2012


LoveAndFaith (Chapter 7) - Tue 25 Dec 2012

This story was awesome, amazing, very possessive and sexy. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tana_san (Chapter 7) - Tue 25 Dec 2012

Surely this deserves more reviews than just mine...It must be that people are overly busy with the holiday and their gifts. No matter, I just would like you to know you did a fine job. Very possessive and sexy. Very risky place to do the deed though, in a house full of youkai (if there are any others around). The banging up against the fridge alone would be enough to bring any normal being down to check things out. It looks like Sessh gets off on the thrill of maybe getting caught. Hmmm, Kagome didn't seem to object to hard either, ne?  JEN

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