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A Night of Sin by BelovedStranger


Word Count: 260

Sesshomaru gazed at the onna who had caught his interest months ago; though, he had as of yet to act upon his lust and take the girl. Relentlessly, he had been battling against the burning desire he couldn't seem to control around her. She was a child compared to him. He had no right to look upon her with a man's passions, but he did. So he watched her enter his father's kitchen and make a beeline for the fridge. At first, she wasn't aware of him standing near the counter, and he took shameful advantage of looking his fill of her from head to toe.

She wore very short, very revealing, dark blue sleeping shorts, showing of her slender legs and round thighs. Thighs he imagined wrapped securely around his hips as he thrust deeply inside her tight, wet heat. He almost groaned at that very vivid thought. Then he noticed how her white tank top revealed more than it concealed. He swallowed the lump in his throat when he caught a glimpse of nipple through the shear fabric.

I will not attack her. I am in complete control— he started to recite in his mind with eyes still devouring her lush form until he saw her bend over, offering him a grand view of her ripe backside.

He saw red as he closed the distance between them, yanking her from the fridge with a steel grip on her arm, slammed the fridge door closed, ignoring her surprised gasp, and crashed his lips down on her soft pink ones.


I dedicated this short drabble series of 100-300 words to the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge by Priestess Sky. Every chapter goes off of the previous chapter in a continuous story flow quality till the end. I hope you all enjoy both my first drabble and challenge tribute!


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