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Akita (Chapter 7) - Sat 13 Feb 2016

The women in this are awesome!

roberta. (Chapter 7) - Fri 05 Feb 2016

Kind of funny how all the women lead kagome around.

roberta. (Chapter 1) - Fri 05 Feb 2016

Well kagome dad and sesshy something really diff. Father and son tag team mmm

mary hunter (Chapter 7) - Fri 05 Feb 2016

nice story  cant to wait to read next chapter

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 7) - Fri 05 Feb 2016

I say. That confrontation with Kagome's mother will be very interesting. I still want to know what happens if and when Izayoi confronts Kagome about the situation, alone and possibly in a locked room with just the two of them. Oooooooo, the possibilities. More please!

AngelMomma101 (Chapter 6) - Sun 05 Jul 2015

I am absolutely dieing to know what happens next!! please update!!

DSS (Chapter 1) - Sat 13 Jun 2015

Please update this story is getting so good I want another toga/shess/Kaget lemon and let her f d out her mom loves her and not have her mother figure betray her as well.

Paperwing (Chapter 6) - Sun 08 Jun 2014

Fun little story, too bad you haven't updated since 2012. I hope you find a reason to finish it again.

Tasha (Chapter 6) - Sat 02 Mar 2013

This story is wonderful. I eagerly await an update and I hope you health and life are well.

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 1) - Tue 18 Dec 2012

Testing to see if the word stalking shows up as a link when anyone else reviews!



PS - I will get around to reading and reviewing this story... no time lately, though!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 6) - Tue 18 Dec 2012

SA-WEET! You're finally back. Back to stalking YOUR fics as well. I want to see what happens with everyone, including that bitch Izayoi. More!

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 6) - Tue 18 Dec 2012

I sincerely hope that Touga and Sessh take down that evil doctor! and Kagomes mother!

I'm so happy Touga and Sesshomaru are getting better at taking care of Kagome. Its so sad that she lost the baby though....


*~*Missy*~* (Chapter 6) - Tue 18 Dec 2012

Oh i loved it!  Please keep it coming!



sugar0o (Chapter 6) - Tue 18 Dec 2012

i lvoe it! i still kinda want some people's faces to be dragged against concret but i LOVES it! welcome back! and more!

dianne (Chapter 5) - Tue 25 Sep 2012

Oh, poor Kagome! I really hope doctor whats his face gets the ass whoopin he deserves!

And the ending of this chapter was so sweet! I really hope they grow to love one another.

Update soon!

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 5) - Tue 25 Sep 2012

I hope Sesshomaru or Toga find out what her mother did with that doctor and the Taisho family stomps them both to hell and back! How could her mother do that to her? Families are supposed to support each other even if someone does something you do not agree with. Kagome should at least get kudos for being brave enough to tell her mother face-to-face AND own up to her mistake. It wasn't like she tried to hide it and her mother just found out by rumors or such.

Although I am a bit confused, her mother asked that doctor to watch over her daughter? or does her mother truly wish to punish Kagome for "betraying" Inuyasha? Why didn't her mother. someone she is supposed to be close too, know that Kagome didn't like and didn't even want to marry Inuyasha?

I hope Kagome heals and gets closer to Sesshomaru. He at least is being understanding and still cares for her.

Pricila (Chapter 5) - Tue 25 Sep 2012

You did a great job with the chapter.  But that darn spider is always up to no good!  Can't wait to see what happens next, keep up the good work!

KEdakumi (Chapter 5) - Tue 25 Sep 2012

Ooo.... Mama Higurashi is so in the wrong.  Someone needs to squish a spider.  Can't wait for more.

sugar0o (Chapter 5) - Tue 25 Sep 2012

well, i EFing hate kagome's mother and wish upon her everything horrible! i hope she gets melted! slowly. -nods- more pelase!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 5) - Tue 25 Sep 2012

Aw, I really feel bad for Kagome. And that bastard Dr. Nakai. He needs to be knocked upside his head. Want more!

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