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Miko Sayuri (Chapter 12) - Mon 17 Feb 2014

I love this chapter. Very entertaining, I couldn't stop myself from laughing. I love Kagome's personality in this story. I like how Sesshomaruis enjoying the chase. It's good Kagura was kind of put in her place. The next chapter is going to be good, I know it. Great job on the chapter. I look forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work. :-) 

Akita (Chapter 12) - Mon 17 Feb 2014

AHHHH!!! Driving me crazy! I must have more!

consuelo marquez (Chapter 12) - Mon 17 Feb 2014

*fangirls*  omg this is getting good, violent but good :)     the "love"-hate relationship between them is AMAZING  please please continue

Denise (Chapter 11) - Sun 19 Jan 2014

O my goodness, he kissed her!!! :) Great story 

Denise (Chapter 10) - Sun 19 Jan 2014

I can't wait until they find out who they area :) great story 

Denise (Chapter 9) - Sun 19 Jan 2014

ahhh, and I thought they were making progress with their relationship.. 

Denise (Chapter 8) - Sun 19 Jan 2014

Awww, I like were the story is going. :) Great job

Stella Mira (Chapter 11) - Sun 12 Jan 2014

Ah. what a nice way to end an argument and dissolve a tense situation. Lol Kiss her blind, champ! XD

Cheryl (Chapter 11) - Wed 08 Jan 2014

Love it update soon please

satuross (Chapter 11) - Tue 07 Jan 2014

wait. sesshy still cant connect the two dots yet? he thinks the two hanyou are two different person? i dont get it. lol!

Selena (Chapter 11) - Tue 07 Jan 2014


Selena (Chapter 9) - Tue 07 Jan 2014


Selena (Chapter 8) - Tue 07 Jan 2014 this is amazing.

Selena (Chapter 2) - Tue 07 Jan 2014

I like this too. Good job.

Selena (Chapter 1) - Tue 07 Jan 2014

I like the edit you've done here! It was made even better!

hana sora (Chapter 10) - Fri 03 Jan 2014
wow, please keep it coming soon

consuelo marquez (Chapter 1) - Wed 01 Jan 2014

this is also the review for chapter 10!    i saw the little "tweak" to the story.   i like how their relationship is developing.  like the "look at me hanyoiu and i'll kill you, but i like your smile cuz it makes my knees weak." type of relationship.   there arent any flaws that i immediately saw.  the only thing that i would say would be to try and add more depth to their feelings because everything is great if its left the way it is.  its just that the feeling, while not "2D", seem like they could be more  "passionate" (i couldnt find the other would i was looking for)   and it might make the story more....depth-y  (im a master wordsmith, obviously)      and again i love this story  and happy new years.  its  12:37 PM   and i just woke up  so maybe thats why im not at my most  wordsmith-iest



Mia Jaybird (Chapter 9) - Sun 29 Dec 2013

How does one just hate someone like that. "Hey you're a totally amazing person but I've decided to hate you. So it would be great if you could stop being you. This would go a lot smoother."

That's stupid. Stupid Sesshomaru.

flamehime101 (Chapter 9) - Sat 28 Dec 2013

Great chapter 

guest (Chapter 9) - Thu 26 Dec 2013

dont hate her. . .:o

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