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Raynell (Chapter 3) - Wed 02 Sep 2015

This was hilarious! Well done.

The Bard (Chapter 3) - Thu 13 Sep 2012

Oh my god, I about died when I read all of this. Especially the first chapter when Honey Badger was mentioned. I have failed to notice 'humor' being one of the tags and as I read and about choked on my coke that I was sipping, I was pleasantly surprised and more than likely laughing like an idiot and realized that all three of my dogs had awoken from their sleep and were staring at me bewildered and maybe a little pissed off.

But seriously, thank you so much for that laugh. -wipes away some tears-

If you like honey badger then you should seriously watch 'honey badger blood orgy' on youtube, there will be no regrets. 

I'm off to watch the honey badger now, because I don't give a shit. 


It takes what it wants.

Kayelyn (Chapter 3) - Wed 12 Sep 2012



I just....I can't even...What the actual F*ck?! Bahahahhaa! I'm dying. I love you for this, and the addition of Gary the Duck? Priceless. Silly Inuyasha, that's what you get for ignoring the rules of the Honey Badger.

:logs off to die:

AnnikaMerrick (Chapter 1) - Wed 12 Sep 2012
I've re-read this like ten times and it never fails to crack me up! Good stuff!

TruGemini (Chapter 3) - Wed 12 Sep 2012

I can't stop laughing. Damn...Honey Badger is the shit!!

TruGemini (Chapter 1) - Wed 12 Sep 2012

LMFAO!!!! The Honey Badger...He don't give a s**t, he takes that s**t. LOL! I loved that!!!

DescendingFrost (Chapter 3) - Wed 12 Sep 2012

Absolutely nuts. And I liked it. >>;;;

Katlyn (Chapter 3) - Wed 12 Sep 2012

Not sure if I feel mentally disturbedx reading this or highly amused lol

nightmareofcat (Chapter 3) - Wed 12 Sep 2012

Gary would not harm his creator, would you Gary? :gets ducky stink eye:

ooooooook maybe he would. dont make me stuff you back in the tuba!

damned evil quacker, i keel you!

or roast and consume you!!

lyra.....girl......i love you!!

honey badger will forever live in infamy as on bad ass mofo.



loved it girl.

Rion Black (Chapter 2) - Tue 11 Sep 2012

One has to wonder what honey badger is doing in Japan when he is native to Africa before remembering honey badger dosen't give a shit about anything especially what his native habbitat is and where he is supposed to be he goes where he wants.

Ceysna (Chapter 2) - Sun 25 Mar 2012

This is where Honey Badger has been hiding! I love it!! InuYasha meets Honey Badger... hmm.. Do Honey Badgers like puppy ears? Do Puppy ears make good chew toys?

Donno, but I can't wait to find out!!

mikaelalucine (Chapter 1) - Thu 22 Mar 2012


FayeMegan (Chapter 1) - Thu 22 Mar 2012

AHAHAHA! Oh my god! Honey badger don't care, he just takes what he wants. Honey badger don't give a shit!

I love it.

Ravijnem36 (Chapter 1) - Wed 21 Mar 2012

ok i can't lie, that was funny. If i could i would give a high right now.


RubyJeweler (Chapter 2) - Wed 21 Mar 2012

The mighty Sesshomaru scared of a honey badger? This calls for some popcorn! Lol. Looking forward to more.

amy (Chapter 2) - Wed 21 Mar 2012

Wonderful story, please finish it, my dear!

Hoshi Phoenix (Chapter 2) - Wed 21 Mar 2012

Bwahaha!! I'm still loving this. The honey badger... It was bound to be written about one day.  :)

Saraniya (Chapter 2) - Wed 21 Mar 2012

Lol I have no idea how I feel about Honey Badger except that I don't like him because he upped Fluffy... :)

inuyashaloverr (Chapter 1) - Wed 21 Mar 2012

*ROFL* This just keeps gettin better and better, lol.

Kayelyn (Chapter 2) - Wed 21 Mar 2012

YES!! The Honey Badger does not give a shit...about anything! Go, Lyra, GO! Part Three! 

Making my day!

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