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The Powers That Be by Lyra

The Powers That Be

The Powers That Be

It was not the first time; it would not be the last. Kagome had gone out in the night away from the camp she had made with her friends – and encountered Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru, being who and what he was, had spent months of these little meetings denying he was running into her on purpose, months more denying why it was that he had done so...

And all the months since ravaging her body with bestial lust.

Tonight was no different. The wind was in the west, and Sesshomaru made sure that they were well away from the senses of the hanyou and Kitsune; he had no intention of listening to the nonsense his half brother was sure to spout if he once found him entangled with the miko. It was the one rule that she had imposed on their liaison – no one could know. It was a rule he had no issues complying with, at the moment; he had yet to decide what to do with this miko he lusted for, this miko who intrigued him in so many ways.

He lost his thoughts in the flavor of her skin; in the hot, wet flesh that opened for him and wrapped tightly around his thrusting cock; in the dark, wide depths of her eyes as she spread her legs wide, and wider, wrapped them around his hips, pulled him close...close...close...

From behind him, there was suddenly a low growl. Sesshomaru felt a shiver crawl from his heels to the top of his head, and then spread outward. He froze, and turned his head very, very slowly.

But not slowly enough. Faster than he could see, faster than he could sense, hands whipped out of the darkness and threw him aside; Kagome shrieked in surprise.

A dark, tall figure had taken his place between her thighs, and was pumping frantically away, moaning and groaning, fondling her breasts and body. He heard her crying out at him, her voice strained at first with fear and then panting arousal.

“Sesshomaru! Aren't you going to help me?! Sesshoma – ma – ma.....oh. Oh...yes – yes, yes, yes there -”

Sesshomaru stayed perfectly still, crouched in the shadows where he had been flung, and waited for the newcomer to finish

Kagome stared off to one side as the male who had so thoroughly pleased her stood without a word, tied his hakama, gnashed his teeth at the darkness, and ran off.

Sesshomaru, aren't you going to – I don't know, go kill him or something?”

A visible shiver of fear crawled across Sesshomaru's skin. His perfect, alabaster skin paled into deathly pallor.

Go after him? Are you mad, woman?”

Kagome blinked at him, utterly confused.

“'re afraid of him? Who...what was that?”

Sesshomaru shuddered.

Honey badger. He just takes what he wants.”


A/N: Okay...I have no excuse. This is 475 words of pure Crack!smut...because Mr. Lyra spawned this ridiculous plunnie and it wouldn't leave me alone until I actually wrote it. And then I figured...why not share the pointlessness with the world? That's what the internet is for! ::cackles::
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