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Rachael (Chapter 11) - Sat 14 Jul 2012

Oh ho ho ho. .......Yes. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 11) - Sat 14 Jul 2012

Keep it coming.

Mary (Chapter 11) - Sat 14 Jul 2012

I have had a wonderful time reading this fic. If you ever meted some one to proof your story, please let me know. I look forward to reading the next chapter. 

Szira (Chapter 1) - Sat 14 Jul 2012

Stop Stopping! You're making me cry here!

I love the story you have going so far! 

Also. In Chapter 11 in your quote you spelled beet like the tuber when you meant beat like beat the drum

Michaela (Chapter 11) - Sat 14 Jul 2012

*omq omq omq...!!!!! What just happened!?!?!?!? O.O I KnOW I'm missinq somethinq!!!! Urqqqh

Nextchappieplease!:) thanks!*

Jenna (Chapter 10) - Wed 11 Jul 2012

Poor Sesshy, he's so conflicted that I can feel a headache just wondering how all his thoughts aren't driving him crazy.

Ivy (Chapter 10) - Tue 10 Jul 2012

This is definately one of my favourite stories. I cannot wait for your next update. Update soon please (:

Eryn (Chapter 10) - Tue 10 Jul 2012

:D  I can't wait to read more!  Kagome is such a sweet person.  Poor Sesshoumaru!  He will find happiness!!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 10) - Mon 09 Jul 2012

Keep it coming.

Zoku (Chapter 9) - Mon 09 Jul 2012

Hi!! first, great story! I am really enjoying it.

However as you stated in your opening you do seem to have troubles with a few words.

I'd like to give you some little bits of advice that may be of help.


their  -  used when talking about people

there - places  about 90%of the time you are using their not there.


wear - wearing clothes etc...95% of the time you should be using this one not the next one.

ware - things that are being sold.


cloth(s)  - material, bolts of fabric etc...

clothes - things you wear to cover up! ;)


Good luck with the rest of the story, I'm looking forward to it!



Emma (Chapter 9) - Sun 08 Jul 2012

love <3

Michaela (Chapter 9) - Sun 08 Jul 2012

*simply wowwww.o.O keep doinq what your doinq... Im sure you've made your qrandmother proud.:)*

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 9) - Sun 08 Jul 2012

This story is interesting, keep it coming.

Jenna (Chapter 8) - Sun 17 Jun 2012

I hate it when I catch up cause then there is nothing left to read!

I really love this story. I'm sorry for not reviewing for every chapter but all I wanted to do was keep reading >.<

Maracuya-Chan (Chapter 8) - Thu 05 Apr 2012

Such a good chapter! I want more! I really hope you updates soon, I wanna know what happens next, you have me at the edge of my seat!

Ceferadel (Chapter 7) - Tue 03 Apr 2012

I really love this story. I can't wait to see what the next chapter will contain. Please keep up the wonderful work :)

j (Chapter 7) - Wed 28 Mar 2012

i looooveeee the story!!!

Kira (Chapter 7) - Wed 28 Mar 2012

Wow...I'm not to sure what else I can say.


This story really got my blood going. I rarely fine many fics anymore that actually have the level of creativeness/writting that yours does.


I am very happy with this fic so far and cannot wait to read more that you come up with. 


Its great that you have Kagome as cunning and bright, it makes the fic seem more real that she stands up to what she believes is right and not just letting things happen around her. I highly dislike all the fics to where she is pretty much a blundering idiot that only screams and wines all the time. I love when she has more of a realistic personality.


I know the whole "youkai slave" theme has been used before but I am greatful that you have twisted it to put your own take on it. 


I truly look forward to your next update, keep up the excelent work.



Maracuya-Chan (Chapter 7) - Wed 28 Mar 2012

I really love this story, I can't wait for the next chapter and can't wait for some Kagome-Sesshomaru interaction!

Hanatsuki (Chapter 6) - Mon 19 Mar 2012

Beautiful, a nice take on the youkai enslaved plot. I adore the characters, and the addition of more members to Sesshomaru's family! I look forward to the next chapter!

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