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SilverInu93 (Chapter 4) - Sat 19 Jul 2014

ROFL REALL!!!! you trying to kill me with laughter??

KieraTDG17 (Chapter 7) - Thu 13 Mar 2014

You havw got to finish this :-) Please

ashley jones (Chapter 20) - Thu 28 Mar 2013

Your story is amazing ! I can't wait for the next chapter:)

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 20) - Sun 03 Feb 2013

Keep it coming.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 19) - Sun 27 Jan 2013

All three chapters are great, keep it coming. Happy New Year!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 19) - Sun 27 Jan 2013

Keep it coming.

Eroviaa hunter (Chapter 19) - Sun 27 Jan 2013

Yessssss an update. i'm in love with you story and was wondering if you wanted a beta let me know :) 

elemental_inu_youki (Chapter 18) - Fri 04 Jan 2013

oh man! Cliff-hanger! Oh well cant wait for the next chapter. Although the whole time flux confuses me. Why was he gone for three days in the future and only and few minutes in the past. Its like Narnia all over again!

Zeelian (Chapter 18) - Thu 03 Jan 2013

Just a small note, if naming specific drugs you might want to check what they are/do and not just grab one at random, Ibuprofen is not an antibiotic, its a (mild) painkiller with anti-inflamatory and fever reducing properties.

Nyuka (Chapter 17) - Wed 29 Aug 2012

But How much has already been completed? ^-^  A curous thought just came to mind...maybe I look into it...I know castles aren't really apart of Japanese archetecture but I can't help wander if may be there are some anchent castles thinking about it that is a stupit thought not worth looking up...Beside my random ramboling thankyou for updating I find it funny how they where prettymuch telling Kagome she was crazy in not so many word back at the spring when she was talking to her youkai ^-^ I find crazy people to be a hoot ^-^  hehe



Alii (Chapter 17) - Sun 19 Aug 2012

Im so happy you updated keep up the great work!!

Alii (Chapter 17) - Sat 18 Aug 2012


Kar (Chapter 16) - Wed 08 Aug 2012

kawaii, shippo is sooooo kawaii with his chest puffing up and junk lol


Alii (Chapter 16) - Tue 07 Aug 2012

Love it!! Please update soon!

Ali (Chapter 1) - Sun 05 Aug 2012

love this story  i can jest see kagome as a big puppy. keep theme comeing.

Nyx (Chapter 4) - Sun 05 Aug 2012

Inuyasha is so dense sometimes. lol Yay Sesshy!

Nyx (Chapter 1) - Sun 05 Aug 2012

Dog Kagome is cool.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 16) - Sun 05 Aug 2012

Keep it coming.

Nyuka (Chapter 15) - Mon 30 Jul 2012

And the Journey Begins ^-^....well the Journy to Sesshoumaru's Shiro at least....but the start of a new chapter in the story of Sesshoumaru and Kagome no? ^-^

Tanx for updating



Zero (Chapter 15) - Fri 13 Jul 2012

I like this story very much. I've two bits of advice for you.

You have your 'there' 'their' and 'they're' mixed up.
There- location.  Ex.  Will you move this bag over there for me, please?
Their- possesive.  Ex.  Their bag is the big yellow one.
They're- They-are. Ex.  They're not going to admit it, but they like the leather bag better.

You also have some places where you're lacking comma usage. 
Commas when talking to a person and their name is invovled.  Ex.1 "Kags, can you help me over here?"  Ex.2 "Damn it, Kags!"

These bits of advice will give you better flow.



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