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Puppy Troubles 1 Cursed by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch. 1 The Inu Curse

Summary: What happens when Kagome wakes up, in the middle of one of their shard hunting expeditions, in the form of a dog? Only to find out she is cursed!

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha's characters ect. I just like to write random things or create my own.

AN: Mind you. I grew up with two dogs and later four, then two, and a few others… it’s a long explanation. LoL I’m only 20 ^-^ Anyway, for those that know about dogs. I will say I mixed a few mannerisms and meanings in this… or was it the other chapter on purpose. Well hope you like. This is my 2012 story. Started on January 13, at 4pm.


Ch. 1 The Inu Curse

‘Something still didn’t quite feel right…’ Kagome looked over her shoulder again. Somewhere towards the south. Unconsciously her body just stopped walking as she mulled over her thoughts. The monk, Miroku walked up to her in question. “Is something wrong, Lady Kagome?”

Unaware of the ‘Lady’ slip that Miroku usually used, only when they were on edge, or to get her mind off of things. She shook her head. Smiling a small smile. Hoping to dispel any unease at the rest of the group that had stopped when she had. Their heads turned toward her in curious, yet anxious looks, almost seeming disappointed. Inuyasha’s left ear twitched to show his annoyance. They all were a bit on edge. Not a single demon had attacked in five days. In fact right when Inuyasha, Kirara, or the fox kit Shippo smelt anything. It just disappeared as if afraid. Kagome clapped her hands in front of her. A mischievous glint in her eye had Sango almost laughing. “Nope! So, Inuyasha. How about we stop for lunch?” The small twin tailed cat Kirara jumped onto her shoulder and purred. Rubbing her face against her cheek; liking the idea.

Shippo gave her a pleading glance. His emerald eyes wider than normal with his tail flicking left and right in abundance. “Do you have any candy!?”

“Lets find a place to stop first. How about it?”

“Yay!” He jumped into the air happily and ran to the hanyou at the front. Going onto his shoulder and landing on top of his head. Shippo looked around with his higher advantage. Inuyasha grumbled about messing with his ears.

Slyly Miroku got closer to Sango and couldn’t resist. His right hand and fingers moved toward her back side as he asked Kagome. “Got any soda left?”

Not even thoroughly buying his play Sango took a step away from him and gave him a glare. “Watch it monk.” She warned with a sharp stance. He laughed and with the very hand he had tried to use rubbed the back of his neck. “Aww but my dear Sango what ever do you mean?” Kagome stifled a laugh at the pair.

It didn’t take long… Inuyasha even turned around to grin. “Hey I found a place. Come on.” Running to his right toward what he new the group would like a lot he didn’t bother to slow down, knowing that they were right behind him. Shippo clung to his outer haori till he skidded to a halt. The kit peeked around Inuyasha‘s silver hair to find a refreshing sight.

The last of the suns rays lit the lake sized pool of water that graciously banked away from a running stream. While Shippo bounded toward the strand something shimmered with movement and a fish splashed near by. Kirara joined him at one point to watched the fish. Her larger paw ready to swipe one out of the water. Kagome got out a few water toys and began to blow them up. Sango changed into a black swim suit that Kagome had gotten her a while back. The guys just took off their shirts, Miroku wading in and splashing Shippo who kicked some back.

Several hours later when the anti twilight appeared rather quickly the tachi got the fish Kirara and Inuyasha caught to cook on a warm fire. The tension from the past few days finally gone. Miroku though broke the comfortable silence. “What do you think would cause all those demons to run away?”

Sango shrugged, untying her blue furoshiki (the bandana thing around her neck). “It could be a scent or something a lot stronger that might be following us. Their can‘t be many reasons.”

Shifting his inheritance in a nervous gesture Inuyasha‘s ears swiveled around their camp. “I haven’t smelled anyone besides the demons that ran.”

“Not a single shard either.” Kagome piqued up suddenly having a strange feeling to do something. “If you really want to Miroku you could put a few sutras on the trees around us. Just tonight and I‘ll add some of my ki (energy) to them.”

Frowning in thought Sango nodded her head in agreement. “Just don’t over kill it.”

Shippo looked at Kirara to whisper. “Why are they so paranoid?” She just mewled and went to Sango’s side to sleep. He in turn went to the sleeping bag not having to wait long till Kagome laid down, content with her work. Holding Shippo closer to her as her eye lids lowered and breathing evened out, falling asleep instantly.

Inuyasha looked down at them from in the tree above before staring into the night. Relaxing his body and staying alert as the time wore on. Oddly when the group was about to wake up in the morning a deep heavy scent caused him to black out. Guessing it to be a few hours later he woke with a start to the sound of Sango and Miroku groaning. They were holding their heads and looking around in confusion. Kirara’s form still fast asleep. The sun was high in the sky almost noon. Inuyasha stepped out of the tree he was in to check on them.

“What happened?“ Sango asked in surprise.

He ground out in anger griping Tessaiga. “Some one drugged us.” Turning quickly to Kagome‘s sleeping bag he found it farther away near the sutras. The smell of burnt wood surrounded them from outside their circle. “Kagome” He whispered.

Once her head stopped pounding Sango ran to the other side of the dead fire to the black sleeping bag that looked full to the brim. “Kagome… Shippo?” Shaking what she thought was her shoulder to wake them up. As the black head of hair moved she jumped back startled. Sleepy silver eyes blinked back at her in question and Sango blinked back in surprise. The huge black form moved again to stretch out slightly cramped limbs. The sleeping bag tore at the seams to lay sprawled at the clawed feet. The dog gave a long yawn, its pearly white teeth and two long fangs glimmered in the suns light and it blinked at her again tilting its head. Simultaneously Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha said Kagome’s name startling the dog to sit back with widened eyes.

As Miroku and Inuyasha stared at her behind Sango’s crouched form. Backside on the ground and hands holding her body up on either side with her legs sprawled in front. Kagome looked at them confused and surprised. “Hey what about me?” Shippo complained as he just began to wake up and yawned also. When his hands didn’t touch Kagome’s arm but silky fur he looked up.

*What’s wrong? Sango? Miroku… Shippo Why are you staring at me like that?* Kagome growled out. Now worried she pulled Shippo closer to her and rubbed her cheek against his face. Nervously glancing around. *WHAT!?* She tried to yell but it came out as a bark. Her eyes widened and she looked down at her hands only to find claws and four paws with a blue stripe wrapped around each one. She looked to her left to see a long black tail and more fur. Looking to her right she saw the same thing and her tail wagged back at her the blue tip at the end waved almost mockingly. When she moved back she felt the dirt and rocks on the ground. Her nose working a mile a minute over flooding her senses momentarily till her mind was able to find out the basics. Kagome’s heart beat sped up and she screamed backing up against the nearest tree to hear it creek from the accidental blow. The scream turned into an eerie howl that filled the small bank as she soon was growling and shaking her head left and right. *What happened!? What’s wrong with me… Shippo, Sango, Miroku? Inuyasha?* She ran toward him and whined helplessly but he jumped back taking out the transformed Tessaiga. “What did you do to Kagome?” He growled at her. *I’m right here Inuyasha.* She whined again trying to get closer to him.

When he raised his sword Shippo yelled. “Inuyasha DON’T. That is Kagome.” Standing in front of the beautiful dog, one small hand touching her snout the other clenched at his side.

“How do you know that Shippo?” Miroku asked.

“Because I can understand her!” He huffed and glared at Inuyasha. Daring him to rebuff his words. ‘Besides,’ He thought. ‘she also smells like her and she felt familiar.’ Kirara mewed and sniffed Kagome both their noses nearly touching and Kagome waged her tail. The cat mimicking her. With a sudden urge Kagome licked Kirara’s face guessing that it must have been her instincts and then looked at her friends again. Miroku still looked stunned and Sango sat up to stare into her eyes. When Kagome nodded her head at her, relieved tears fell down Sango’s face and she hugged her for all she was worth. Glad that she didn’t lose another family member but now she needed to find out how to help her get back to normal.

Kagome’s nose twitched at the scent of salt. The shock from waking up like that left her instead for trying to comfort her friend. Glad for the distraction she curled her body around Sango. Rubbed her face against her neck and licking her cheek till the tears stopped. *Don’t cry Sango…* She whined. Sango pushed Kagome’s face away from hers and laughed, then sighed, Sitting there and running her hands threw the long coat. The soft strands soothing her nerves. “I’m so sorry Kagome. We’ll find out who did this.”

The repetitive movement of hands running threw her coat had Kagome relaxing in content and lying down even though she only half understood what she was doing. Miroku even came over to scratch behind her ears a slight lift of the corner of his mouth showing that he accepted her. ‘What am I going to do…’ Kagome mentally frowned, ‘her mannerisms were all ready changing but staying the same.’ her eyes sought out gold ones that stared at her. He seemed hesitant, with a bit of awe replacing his remorse from taking out Tessaiga against her. And dare say, Kagome could have sworn she might have seen jealousy when Sango and Miroku kept petting her when a few minutes passed. She gave him her best doggy smile she could give and he blushed looking away. *Might as well Inuyasha.* Kagome woofed at him.

“She said you might as well.“ Shippo mumbled so everyone could hear. Inuyasha grinned at her tentatively before going to her. Inclining her head as an invite he petted the fur in between her ears. In turn she licked his hand and he stepped back to give her space.

Standing up, her companions did also, and she realized looking up that she was now just a little taller then Inuyasha‘s hip where her shoulders were. When her eyes locked on the sutras her stomach tightened in warning. She growled at it. Causing Sango to jump at the sound. *We need to leave this place. Shippo can you help me tell them what I‘m saying?* His green eyes seemed to sparkle and his chest puffing out with the responsibility before answering. “She said we need to leave!” He stated out loud.

“Oi Shippo!” Inuyasha asked grabbing the back of the kits shirt and bringing him to eye level. “Are you going to do that the entire time?” At Shippo’s affirmative nod Inuyasha let go of him. They had roughly five and a half hours of daylight left.

“HEY!” In indignation Shippo yanked a piece of Inuyasha’s hair and ran behind Kagome who turned to looked at the two. Knowing what had transpired and that he had gotten his revenge for being dropped she just went back to gathering her things. Carefully holding them in her jaw before putting it in her yellow pack. Her head nearly too big for the opening. The last thing left laid on the ground in abandonment. Going to it she looked at the torn sides of the sleeping bag. *Mom’s guna have a fit when she see’s what I did.* Her mutterings began to fill the quiet in slight growls or rumbles as she tried to fold the bag. Pulling one end to the other, then the same on the opposite side. With Shippo helping she got it to her pack.

Sango glanced at her occasionally to see if she might need help but Miroku shook his head. Kagome needed something to do or she would shut them out. “Kaede might know what happened.” Clearing his area rather quickly Miroku looked at the sutras. Their were still pristine white but the edges and the bark around them were blackened. “Sango…” he motioned for her to look.

“What does it mean?”

Miroku went to take one off only to get shocked. His brows furrowed. “She’s been cursed. If it weren’t for Kagome’s purifying energies added…and all of us drugged.” He left the rest unsaid.

“She’s right we need to get moving.” Sango hefted the yellow pack right as Kagome finished pulling the top closed. Silently tossing it to Inuyasha who caught it with ease. “Let’s go.”

When Sango took her pack Kagome sulked. *I could have gotten it.*

“Sorry.” Sango smiled down at her having a hunch to her whine of complaint. “You're not going to win this argument.”

She looked at her paws momentarily before her ears so familiar to Inuyasha’s but a bit bigger perk up. Walking next to him he kept watching her out of the corner of his eyes. They set out. Kagome’s head turning in that direction or another listening to the tandem beat of their feet and the sounds of birds and all sorts of animals within the woods heading southward. This was only one of three forests in the North. Normally they stayed near the mountains or what they could find of hot springs and streams. 'It was notorious for hot springs!' She thought in reminiscence. Which was the very reason why she let go of their ‘argument’ over her yellow pack. They were sure to find at least one on the way back. The traitorous thoughts popped into her musings later on. Causing her to speed up. *Come on!*

“Kagome.” Inuyasha yelled catching up to her. “What’s gotten into you?”

Shippo’s laugh could be heard as he talked to her. “She wants us to get a move on. Remember the hot springs?” Being to far behind as Kagome went to greater speeds Sango and Miroku got on Kirara, following their trail.

Inuyasha and surprisingly Shippo were nearly at a full out run when she lifted her snout into the air. Loving the way the wind brushed over her. New scents on top of old ones almost blurring by. She howled to the sky in joy. Reveling in the feel of her paws ghosting over the land. Two hours later she heard Shippo begin to pant behind her from the exertion he wasn’t used to doing and made her self slow down. Checking on Kirara up above she called her. Steadying to a normal walk and waiting at the edge of trees not ten feet away. Praising Shippo and waging her tail at Inuyasha who smiled at her random out burst in understanding of her elation.

Flaming orange paws and Kirara’s cream colored body landed in seconds. The two humans automatically jumping off to stretch their legs. Waiting for her to shrink back Miroku chuckled behind a hand when Kagome began to tease the cat. Kirara swatted at her playfully while Kagome dodged, barking with a wagging tail. “I can’t believe it…” Sango took her hiraikotsu off her back nearly letting it slip between her fingers. They did that for a while till Kagome stood up straighter and licked the bigger cat on the nose. Kirara purred and rubbed her body against her black one shrinking back to the smaller form that mewed. The two tails waved appreciatively. The black dog turned toward them asking. *Anyone hungry?* They stared at her awkwardly not sure what she said. Barking it again her ears flattened against her head, tail lowered, bitterly remembering that they couldn’t understand her. Pacing she growled, trying to come up with something they would know. Nosing the yellow backpack on the ground she asked if Shippo could explain.

“Are you hungry for ramen or meat?” He stuttered out rather fast.

Inuyasha pushed off from a tree. “Meat sounds good. I’ll get some.”

“How about rabbit?” Miroku asked hopefully his stomach grumbling. Sango‘s added its complaint right after his. Eating so many birds lately just didn’t sound very appetizing. “What’d I’d give for deer…” Sango sighed looking down at her stomach.

Before Inuyasha could run off Kagome got an idea and tugged on his sleeve. Stopping him from getting away. Shippo stated curiously. “She wants to try catching something first.” She barked and inclined her head. “And she’ll howl if she needs help."

*Come on Shippo.* She called for him heading toward the woods.

Inuyasha stood in her way. “Like hell you ain’t. It hasn’t even been one day since you’ve been cursed and we don’t know what it will cause you to do. Besides you can‘t leave on your own with the jewel‘s or you‘ll be attacked.”

Kagome’s hackles raised and she bared her fangs at him. *For you to say that to me when you don’t even know what YOU would do if Kikyo showed up is none of your business. I can feel the magic on me to tell you I’m fully aware of what I choose! Get out of my way pup.* She calmed down some in confusion. Sitting on her haunches to stare at her long time crush. ‘Do I really feel that way about him? To call him a pup… What does that mean.’ She contemplated his actions toward her since she changed and the times before she didn’t. ‘He’s not as attentive. Like he‘s unconsciously avoiding her because of being a dog. Only as a friend worried to harm her or be harmed…’ Kagome stood back up in a detached way and began to walk around the tensed hanyou. Realizing that what her feelings she had for him weren’t as strong as she thought. ‘Definitely a friend, almost brother, and cherished comrade.’

“Kagome.” Sango called after her. Running to their miko she placed a hand on her shoulder. “You all right?” Kagome whined and pushed her head into the demon slayer's stomach finding arms wrapped around her front. Sango cradled as much of Kagome to her as she could, petting the shaking dog.

She so wanted to cry for her lost love, all the times being ignored and how Inuyasha and Kikyo’s time came to such a tragic end to where she was brought against her will to become the walking dead, feeding off the souls of other women. Her new realization hit her like a ton of bricks. But, being cursed in this form didn’t allow her to cry. All she could do was whine and whine she did. Sango’s heart clenched at the sound and she held her friend tighter.

Shippo snuck around Inuyasha who flinched at what he heard coming from behind him. Miroku pulled Inuyasha away from the women to sit on the ground where he had been. “I think it’s time we give them some space.” Five minutes turned to twenty and thirty till the sound finally stopped. Miroku gave a wary sigh, just hearing it wore him out.

When Shippo finally had the guts to get closer, touching the black fur, her whining stopped at the contact. Her head moving so quickly she nearly missed Sango who leaned back. *Shippo.* She called. He held onto her neck desperately. *Oh Ship, don‘t worry. I just needed a moment.*

Face firmly pressed against her, he asked. “You better now?”

*Yes* She rumbled. *You still up for hunting?* Kagome got off of Sango and soothed her with a gentle hum. Licking her cheek one last time. *Thank you Sango*

Puzzled at the emotional turn Sango looked at Shippo. “What did she say?”

He let go of Kagome‘s neck. “She said thank you and that she was still planning on hunting.” Sango smiled and decided to go back to Miroku to let her escape for a much needed break. Inuyasha stood up at her appearance voicing both males concerns. “Is she ok?”

“She‘ll be back in a bit. Shippo’s with her.”

With Kagome:

Kagome ran for a bit with Shippo on her back. When she got to a higher vantage point she lifted her nose in the air. *Lets try for deer shall we. Hmm.*

“Over there!” Shippo pointed to her right and she bolted toward it. Half a mile off she slowed to a walk down wind of the herd where they couldn’t be scented. Glad that she had watched some of those national geographic movies.

*Shippo can you transform to your real body and circle around on the opposite. All you have to do is scare them toward me.* He got off her back and did as asked. When he jumped over a log his body glowed a light green as a small red fox landed on the other side of the log. Continuing to run around the herd. Kagome watched him carefully. Only getting to her feet when Shippo got into position. The attempted growl startled the herd to scattering toward her. ‘wait for it…’ She thought, body ready to spring into action, and her muscles quivering with holding back. Their hoofs beating almost sounding like thunder to her ears. ‘just a little bit more.’ Claws out stretched she jumped from her hiding place.

Startling the herd again as they tried to out run her Kagome just languidly followed. Closing in on a healthy looking doe to snapped at its haunches. Guiding it away from the herd towards a different out cropping the scent of its meat and fear blinded her vision. A gripping thrill of the hunt and a snap to its neck. Kagome blinked, coming back to her own mind to find her body was crouched half way on its torso, while her fangs stayed in its neck. Smooth and warm blood filled her mouth and nose. She let go of it, sniffing. A little disgusted that she had liked killing it so much. Tossing the thought away to replace it with what she dubbed better. ‘Her pack was hungry and that’s that.’

Unlike the herd, the red fox ran toward her, shifting back to the small body of the kit she saw so often. “You got it!” He admired.

Head tilted to the side she asked him. *They seemed so slow. Is that normal?*

He grinned. “That’s because you're fast.”

*You know I think you need to work on your growl a bit.* She teased him. He made a very Inuyasha like ‘humph’ crossing his arms over his chest trying to ignoring her. Kagome licked his face. Picking up the doe after watching his reaction she held it in her mouth. A bit muffled with it in her mouth she lightly growled. *Lets go.* Carrying it back to camp. Her emotions started to get the better of her. It was a lot more troublesome than she thought. Having to jump with it over logs or going around so many trees. They got about half way till her annoyance made it apparent. She abruptly let go of the body and howled to the sky. Deciding to sit while waiting.

“Why’d you do that?”

*It’s taking too long.* She complained. *Besides don’t you want to show Inuyasha our catch?*

“But you did most of the work.”

Looking toward the sound of Inuyasha‘s running she kept talking to the kit. *Actually, if you hadn’t scared them toward me, it would have taken more time to catch one. It is your’s and mine all the same. Well done Shippo.* He smiled at the praise. Inuyasha joined them, “What is it?” surveying his surroundings. Kagome barked at him to look down and he stared at her feet. A fully grown doe with its neck snapped laid there. “We got dinner!” Shippo piped up, his tail moving cutely next to Kagome.

“Nice going. It looks good.” Inuyasha smiled at them. Finally noticing Kagome‘s expectant look even in dog form, he rolled his eyes, picking up the dead doe. Grunting at the weight when it settled. “Ok… ok I got it.” Happy with their catch and help. Kagome, with Shippo on her back, followed Inuyasha. Being greeted by Sango and Miroku when they came out of the trees. She spotted Kirara curled up in Sango’s lap as the cat yawned. The sun getting lower with violates, reds, yellow, white’s and blue hews strewn about on the horizon.

Wood and kindling were also alight to a heart felt crackling fire. Inuyasha disappeared for a few minutes to clean the doe in a stream farther back. “Where did you find it?” Sango asked excitedly. Kagome growled and yipped the story rather quickly.

When they stayed silent Shippo added. “North West of here.” Inuyasha returned later with the pelt in one hand and the skinned and gutted doe hanging a foot away from him. A happy Sango helped tie it onto a rough routinary(home) made spit from the branches they found or broke.

Kagome thought of her spices in her bag and grabbed Miroku’s hand. Pulling the startled monk to it and asking Shippo to explain. Agreeing to it Kagome also told Shippo to go ahead and take her cards out too. While they waited Sango, Miroku, Inuyasha and Shippo played rummy. The aroma of seasoned dear meat wafting to the group by the time they were finished on their third game. Kagome’s mouth started to water. Her silver eyes glued to the drops of fat melting off of her catch as if hypnotized. Seeing the dog watch it with animalistic hunger Sango stroked the black head. “It’s not quite done yet Kagome.”

She blinked out of her trance and looked at her. *I know. But, what am I supposed to eat it in?* Shippo heard her and went to her pack for the biggest ‘camping pot’ she had called it. Placing the oversized dubbed ‘bowl’ next to her in hopes she might like it. Kagome hummed deeply lifting her paw to the top of his head. Either side of her lips curling in amusement as she snorted a laugh. His face lighting up like a tomato as Sango teased them. Miroku interjected. “I think we should put more sutras up tonight. Kagome, could you do the honors of adding to them again?” She nodded her head and followed him in a circle around camp. When she went to touch them her energy flared a little less brightly every time. ‘That’s odd…’ She thought, returning to her staring. Her complete attention back to the mouth watering dinner. The smell was divine!

Deciding to cut pieces of the meat for her when it finished cooking, Sango grabbed the bowl. The food practically falling off the bone. Later getting some for her self with Miroku. Inuyasha had taken a leg and sat back to eat his piece like the BBQ wings Kagome brought one time.

Tummies full Kagome looked at what was left of the doe. *Sango I have some bags or cases if you want to save the last of the meat? It‘s in my bag.* Shippo relayed the suggestion. Taking a few blue containers out, Sango filled them to the brim, then closing the lids with an easy click. Going back to the bag. She croutched in front of it to put the full containers in.

When no one was looking Miroku watched Sango’s rear as she kneeled. Bending over to put the extra meat into the yellow pack. Not really organized she moved a few things over to the bottom of it. Her end going slightly higher Miroku’s cursed hand twitched. “Hentai!” She reflexively smacked him seconds later.

Miroku fell back to the ground with a smile on his face. Rubbing the red hand print she gave him. “It was worth it.” He muttered, eye’s glazed in his own world. Inuyasha rolled his eyes at the monk.

“He’ll never learn.” Shippo stated. Sango wordlessly turned her angry energy into constructive. Taking out Kagome’s sleeping bag and unfolding it. Setting it out for her friend with a quick motion.

Kagome thanked her by licking her hand. Settling down on the cushioned material; Shippo sat on one end. Seeing him over there didn’t sit well with her. So, she guided him closer with her tail before indicating him toward her stomach to keep the chill away. Once settled he sighed in content. His hands fisted in her fur and body snuggled into her side between her thigh and underside. Her body and warmth seemed to wash over him and he fell asleep. She touched her nose to his forehead gently. *Sweet dreams Shippo.*


Aww! I couldn’t help it. I had to spoil Shippo. I all ready know this answer but… Before anyone leaves me a message. I’m curious. How do you think a dog would act toward their pack? Especially an alpha female! Now I‘m going to the second chapter that I‘m almost finished with. Enjoy.


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