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Lexi (Chapter 170) - Tue 03 Apr 2018

Thank you for such a great story. I really wish it was continued. I love the dynamics you have worked between Kagome and Sesshomaru. Also, those between Rin and Kohaku. You are an amazing story teller.

Noelle (Chapter 170) - Mon 24 Apr 2017

I forgot how much I missed this story until it's update notification popped up. I still love it and now that I reread the whole story I'm excited for what comes next. Keep up the great work and can't wait for the next update.

Annie (Chapter 170) - Mon 24 Apr 2017

Great update.  I love it when Sesshomaru is loving towards Kagome.  I like to see his soft side come out of him.

Please update soon. 

SonataSongbird (Chapter 169) - Wed 19 Apr 2017

Amazing!!!!!!!! I loooooove it! It's really refreshing to see someone write new personality traits for these familiar characters, while still remaining true to who those characters are. I actually just binge-read all of this in the past few days, so I'm really glad you updated, or else I never would have found this gem. Keep up the good work! I anxiously await your next chapter. <3

M-Angel 05 (Chapter 169) - Tue 18 Apr 2017

*squeals with joy*


Yay! An amazing update! Loved it and thank-you for doing so. I missed reading this story. 

Toni (Chapter 169) - Tue 18 Apr 2017

just finished reading the entire story up your date  really enjoyed it   looking forward to more chapters 

Sesshoumarucrazy (Chapter 169) - Mon 17 Apr 2017

I got so excited seeing this update that I had to go back and reread everything! The story is just as amazing the second time around and I'm excited to see were you take it from here after such an important development. 

Arielle (Chapter 169) - Mon 17 Apr 2017

Thanks so much this recent update was definitely worth the wait! Keep writing because it's wonderful.

Ameakis (Chapter 169) - Mon 17 Apr 2017

I'm so happy to read the new chapter. I had honestly forgotten about this story and that makes me sad. On the upside I reread it to make sure I remembered every thing. This is still a great story and I I'll be anticipating more updates. Thank you so much for coming back to it!!! I have so many stories in my favorites that were never finished and they are all good stories. 

Lady Amalthea (Chapter 169) - Sun 16 Apr 2017

Another great chapter!  You may have been late but you are right on time.  Thanks for the update! 

Treece (Chapter 168) - Fri 05 Aug 2016

I love this story.  It has action, romance, comedy, intrigue and emotion.  Can't wait to see what happens next.  Looking forward to the next update.  Thanks!

Puneeti bhomia (Chapter 168) - Sat 30 Apr 2016

When will the next chapter be written waiting for it so long

Chandra (Chapter 168) - Sun 10 Apr 2016

Are you coming back to this story anytime soon?

Ashatan (Chapter 168) - Wed 27 Jan 2016

I miss this story! Please come back soon and continue! I really wanna know when they will be all Lemony!!!

actrivi (Chapter 168) - Sun 06 Dec 2015

OH MY GOD PLEASE CONTINUE THIS. This story is so good I've loved it so far! Your portrayal of the characters' personalities and relationships is amazing. Thank you for writing!

Stardust (Chapter 168) - Fri 13 Nov 2015

I do love this story.. It shows step for step a relation based on friendship turn to something more. So please keep writing...


M-Angel 05 (Chapter 168) - Wed 11 Nov 2015

Loved the story. Cannot wait for another chapter!

roberta. (Chapter 168) - Wed 11 Nov 2015

Just found your story and read it through. It's great looking forward to reading more. Such great writing.

Fyrelilly (Chapter 168) - Wed 11 Nov 2015

Truly amazing chapter!  I was so happy to see the update after so long.  Many thanks. 

Saiya (Chapter 168) - Tue 10 Nov 2015

wow Go Kagome that was Brillient. Poor Fluffy though.

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