Reviews for Sunlight and Shadow by Lyra

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 7) - Tue 03 Jan 2012

And THIS one... I should have reviewed as soon as I read it, but just couldn't find the words.  So... so... *sigh*  Angsty, beautiful, touching, saddening... soooo, I dunno?  Seriously, I can't quite decide on the right mix of superlatives for this story in its entirety.  Of course, with my love of the fuzzy endings, it left me a little unsettled, but the 'hope' of 'future' was still there - whether that was via reincarnation or what, I have no clue, but I grabbed it anyway.  VERY well done, though, VERY WELL DONE!!!



Opal-Dreams (Chapter 7) - Thu 22 Dec 2011

The ending was very bitter-sweet. Good job!

Lillian (Chapter 6) - Thu 22 Dec 2011

ooh the last two days in his cabin! I bet they were comparing maps. Yep. That's definitely it.

Mae (Chapter 1) - Wed 21 Dec 2011

This is an amazing start to what I'm sure will be an amazing story. I'm excited to continue reading. Thank you for writing and please continue.

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 4) - Wed 21 Dec 2011

I don't usually go for the pirate fics but, since YOU'RE writing this one, I gave it a try... and I'm glad.  It's shaping up to be quite interesting, intriguing and entertaining.  Then again, you're on my fave list cuz EVERYTHING somehow turns out intriguing and entertaining!!  Just wanted to let you know that, as with all your stories, I'm watching this one eagerly for updates.  Hope all is going well for you!



ChaoticReverie (Chapter 3) - Sun 18 Dec 2011

I know it's silly, but I usually only read stories that are rated M or MA. I dunno why... Your stories, however, are too addictively enthralling for me to overlook. I eagerly await more. Also very curious to know if Kagome actually only has one eye, or if it's some kind of dream symbol. :)

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