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Sunlight and Shadow by Lyra

The Pirate King

- Seven Treasures Challenge -


The Pirate King

He sat on an elaborate throne in an elaborate room. Dark paneled walls shimmered with gilding; piles of discarded treasures lay strewn about among tarnished chests of silver and sea-stained chests of heavy wood. All of them overflowed with tribute, piles of gold and jewels enough to be the ransom for many warlords and kings.

He was Sesshomaru, the Pirate King, ruler of many islands, rich beyond imagining. He was powerful, and deadly...and bored.

He dangled his golden crown idly on the tip of one clawed finger; stared dispassionately out the window toward the sea.

Something....I do something...


Word Count: 100

Prompt: Gold

A/N: Lilli inspired me with her attack on this challenge, and then inspired me again with this random plunnie...anyway, this happened. Sesshomaru, Kaizoku no Ou! Each chapter will have 100 more words, so: Chapter 2 will have two hundred, chapter 3 three hundred...and so on.  Onward!

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