Reviews for Ghost of the Past by Lyra

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 8) - Wed 30 Nov 2011

I can hardly wait to see what happens in later chapters.  With all you have going on, I realize that this one might be slow in updating, but it seems like such a fun story - both to read, and probably to write, yesh? ;)  As always, I love ALL your offerings, even though I may not review each one.  Just keep in mind that you are on my fave authors and I will always eagerly devour ANYTHING you see fit to post!!



Forfirith (Chapter 8) - Wed 30 Nov 2011

uhm~ A new drable serie :3

I'm liking it. The charas are in character, and this could evolve into a nice in depth story, since there aren't many Ghost!Sessho storys. You could go wild :D Bringing in Ghosthunter!Aliens who steal poweful souls to build a Humanoid Bot Army to rule the galaxy!  >D Or not... xD 

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