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Ghost of the Past by Lyra





It started almost immediately after Kagome returned from the past, and could not get back through. In a way, it was probably a good thing; it distracted her. When the well had first refused her – over and over again, so many times that her knees were still bruised and bloody, two weeks later, she had spent three days in bed, crying her eyes out. She had been afraid of this, when the well had spat her out on this side; she had been afraid of this ever since she had fallen for Inuyasha, knowing that there were centuries between them, a rift that love could pass, but not mend...nor bridge forever.

It was at first distracting, irritating – and then began to be terrifying.

In the darkness of her house - at night, or when she was alone – things were happening. At first it was so slight she could ignore it; creaking of the upstairs when no one else was home, the sound of a foot on the stair when no one was there – a staple, unassuming on her desk, suddenly moving as if a magnet were hovering over it.

Sounds she might have imagined; sounds a house with an ancient foundation might make. But the staple -

She *could not* explain the *movement* of that staple.

After the first few days, things began to get out of hand. She heard footsteps running down the steps, but when she went to look, no one was there. For a while, she suspected her brother; but these pranks were too elaborate, if they were pranks – and some of it...

Doors opened and closed on their own; footsteps began to follow her across the various rooms of the house, and though there was no one behind her she could feel a presence. Someone – something – was watching her.

Stalking her.


A/N: Caused by RANDOMNESS!  It's probably as close as I will ever get to a crack!fic, and honestly?  That is...not really very close :P 

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