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MiHonoKo (Chapter 1) - Sun 25 Jun 2017


FireDragon (Chapter 31) - Wed 04 May 2016

continued from previous message:  You could also have inuyasha meet someone new and fall in love. and Sesshoumaru could find himself not only willing to stay and cuddle after citrus but enjoying it. : ) just a couple more thoughts.

FireDragon (Chapter 31) - Wed 04 May 2016

Oh that was wonderful!  Though I would love to read another sequel. of them dealing with his mom and stuff. maybe Kagome is locked on the fudal side of the well and they mate and he finds some way for her to live as long as he does.  just a few things I would love to see in a sequel.  Shippou learning from the Fox demon. maybe some of their adventures as time moves on and things change. maybe you could address that they never sensed demons on her side of the well. and they could change the future enough that demons live. Just some thoughts. Wishing for more. thanks for sharing this excellent story with us.

Sabrina (Chapter 31) - Sun 17 Apr 2016

I thorouhly enjoyed your story, thanks for sharing it! 

sonja hand (Chapter 31) - Fri 21 Aug 2015

Loved it thanks for such a nice read.. Awesome

Raynell (Chapter 26) - Fri 07 Aug 2015

Sigh ... Soooo romantic. You got me swooning. i love how you've been writing Sesshomaru and developing the romance at just the right pace. Well done!

Wispr (Chapter 31) - Thu 21 Aug 2014

What an amazing and wonderful ride through you mind this story gave me. Fantastic ending, like the scene with Kikyou and especially love the ending scene. Damn cute and romantic.


Curious will there be a sequal?

Wispr (Chapter 30) - Thu 21 Aug 2014

And the end draws near to a wonderful story. Nice how you saved some but not everyone. Very curious to see what Kagome decides to do now.

Wispr (Chapter 29) - Thu 21 Aug 2014

Oh lovely done. You captured Sesshoumaru’s tactical ability in a very believable way. I also like that everyone had a part in the battle, it wasn’t simply Sesshoumaru saving the day, but a group effort.

Wispr (Chapter 28) - Thu 21 Aug 2014

The ongoing battle is really well done and I have to wonder if Sesshoumaru's plan is a distraction within a distraction.

Wispr (Chapter 27) - Thu 21 Aug 2014

Good work in building up the tension for the on coming battle, very nicely done.

Wispr (Chapter 26) - Thu 21 Aug 2014

Now this was a really heartwarming chapter, I really like how you did them confessing.

Wispr (Chapter 25) - Thu 21 Aug 2014

First congratulations on the Gold! Now for this chapter you got me very curious as to what Sesshoumaru is up to. I like seeing his tactician side coming out.

Wispr (Chapter 24) - Wed 20 Aug 2014

I like the new villain of yours and the really cool intro you wrote for him! Also good work on how the characters show through his illusions.

Wispr (Chapter 23) - Wed 20 Aug 2014

Bloody love how you wrote Sesshoumaru's reactions to Naraku's jibes. And the holy power scene between Kagome and Sesshoumaru was very touching.

Wispr (Chapter 22) - Wed 20 Aug 2014

Seeshoumaru's and Kouga's fight was well written, the two of them fought very in character. I like how you have Sesshoumaru softening up to a point but nothing over the top.

Wispr (Chapter 21) - Wed 20 Aug 2014

Nice talk between Kagome and Sango, and I actually laughed out loud over Sesshoumaru's actions while eavesdropping on their conversation.

As for chapter length I never have had a problem with them, though sometimes short they are all choked full of vivid descriptions and actions that make them seem longer, in a good way, then they really are.


Wispr (Chapter 20) - Wed 20 Aug 2014

Now the ending of this chapter was just plain cute! You are really creating a lovable and believable pairing here!

Wispr (Chapter 19) - Wed 20 Aug 2014

Forgot to add that it was a very touching scene with Sesshoumaru and the bento!

Wispr (Chapter 19) - Wed 20 Aug 2014

I like how you wrote Kagome's trip home, though would've love to have seen her telling her mom about needing birthcontrol... ;)


Glad to see Sesshoumaru back to being attentive towards Kagome.

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