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Koree (Chapter 34) - Wed 31 Aug 2016

Geez i don't know how many times i cried reading this ! Your story is simply amazing !

Ulam (Chapter 34) - Tue 02 Jul 2013

OH MAN! This is such a beautiful, intriguing and wonderful story! Please update soon!

Meow (Chapter 34) - Sun 02 Sep 2012

OMFG please tell me your gonna finish this story its like so epic! >.<

VHDN (Chapter 1) - Sat 01 Sep 2012

I found this story a few days ago. It is simply amazing. Thank you for the time you've put into making this available.  

DescendingFrost (Chapter 34) - Wed 08 Aug 2012

Oh please oh please oh PLEASE update this wonderful wonderful story soon! I cannot express in words how marvelous and gripping it is for me.

Jasmaine SessLover (Chapter 34) - Thu 01 Mar 2012
I fucking love this story and I cried multiple times. You need to update......! This is a fucking phenomnous story. I feel really grateful that you wrote this.

Schinell (Chapter 34) - Sun 05 Feb 2012

Hey, this is a great story,


very well written. I do hope you update soon. Your dec 6, deadline kinda far overshot lol. But I cant complain I dont really stivk to my deadlines either.  And I understanf how school can get in the way. please update as soon as you can. Bye!

Loveyaa (Chapter 34) - Thu 29 Dec 2011

Maybe this will help Kagome. They all seem so much older than they really are (well except for the parents that seem so much younger than they should be acting). Sometimes its hard to imagine all that they have gone through but you do a wonderful job of showing their emotions and the consequences of everything that has shaped them. I can't wait to see what happens next when everyone hopefully starts healing :)

theunknownchild (Chapter 33) - Sun 20 Nov 2011

Phew! Intense story you have here. I just read it from beginning to end...only took about seven hours of on and off again reading. I love the realism of this plot. I mean, the whole "rich" families thing it often over done, but you have given it a new twist. A twist that focuses on the struggles of life, and not the fame or money. A story where families crumble and betray each other. A realistic family in this day and age.

I look forward to the rest! Great job so far :)

Nilee1 (Chapter 33) - Fri 18 Nov 2011

 As I sit here teary-eyed, I just needed to say what a wonderful chapter this is. Great writing--thank you.

Phoenix89 (Chapter 33) - Thu 17 Nov 2011

I need more! I can not explain how much your story speaks to me. It is deep, well written and a beautiful work of art. :) By the way when I read your story I listen to Mumford and Sons an english folk band because the songs remind me much of the story :) Update soon!

KAR (Chapter 33) - Thu 17 Nov 2011

touching... thats all i got lol.... i wonder how the next chapter will go, will he stay all night with her there wrapped in his arms? well i guess i will have to wait and see ;) , till then,


0_o (Chapter 33) - Thu 17 Nov 2011

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 33) - Thu 17 Nov 2011

...Everyone needs Someone to whom they can talk. No matter What is breaking them.

Thanks for writing.

Revas (Chapter 32) - Wed 16 Nov 2011

If you ask me, I think Kagome is being childish about everything. She should have stayed where she would get support from her friends. She's only destroying herself by staying away. And distancing yourself from the person you love won't help either. it'll just make things worse because then you don't have anyone to lean on and make you feel better when the nightmares come. 

Anyway... I love your story. Usually I don't read stories when the couple have this long of a separation and there's no progress whatsoever in friendship/love/forgiving. Because really, Kagome could at least send an email or call him. She needs to remember that she wasn't the only one who went through some trauma. Almost losing the one person you love is extreme trauma and can do things to a person's head. 

Getting a little off track there. I'm not meaning to crtiticize your story, and if you think that I'm doing so it is entirely unintentional. I really do like your story and I really hope that you update soon.

Alpine (Chapter 32) - Tue 15 Nov 2011

Superb!! Just wonderful. I read this story yesterday, from start to finish. I was just amazed by the character depth you created. It's very moving and such a little plot twist when she goes to Spain with her brother and leaves her love behind for lying. I suppose, the straw that broke the camels back and hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

I was so pleased to see another chapter up just a day after I read it. I am glad our knight in shining armor has taken his head out of his ass and is deciding to do something instead of running away from the woman he loves.

Very much looking forward to the reunion between our two lovebirds.

Alpine ^_^

KAR (Chapter 32) - Tue 15 Nov 2011

its so adorable how rin can see right through him lol :)

Dria (Chapter 31) - Sun 13 Nov 2011

Woo! Vortex! I go there about once a month when I visit L5P... I like to frequent the bars. :D But seriously, the Elvis burger is the best. It's great for hangovers! :P


Great chapter, as usual! Seeing a new post from you makes my day! Keep up the AMAZING work!

0_o (Chapter 31) - Sat 12 Nov 2011

PhoenixBlade (Chapter 31) - Sat 12 Nov 2011

Holy mother of pearl! It sounds like a heart attack in between buns! lol ...Sounds yummy. ;)

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