AJmusic (Chapter 2) - Wed 24 Aug 2011

It was alright but I must agree that it was extremely confusing.

I'Janae Bell (Chapter 2) - Sat 16 Jul 2011

Paradise_Kiss (Chapter 2) - Wed 13 Jul 2011

yeah I agree the story is confusing. You don't explain anything, it's just a constant flow of words.

Rose Haven (Chapter 1) - Sun 03 Jul 2011

definatly a seque;!!!!! It was really cute!

lara (Chapter 1) - Sun 15 May 2011

I thought this story was nice.It was very different & I'm surprised someone thought of a neko/peacock demoness for Kagome.I can only imagine what her true form looked like,it must have been bizarre & colorful (a cat/bird)? I don't know what kind of neko(cat) because it didn't say,but a peacock is colorful (but I don't think they can really fly?). I am also curious as to why everyone in Kags family is a different type of a demon. Her mom is a 3 tailed fox ,her brother is a wolf & her gramps is a full peacock??  How did they all end up mixed up?? & I'm confused.After Kags B-day party she was claimed by Sessh & became pregnant with 6 & the next day when she was married & then left to become 'Mated',it said a double mating? Then they left for a month,when her family came to where she was,she congratulated her on being pupped with 8 pups ? & how did Sessh & Inu's dad come back to life ?

This story was quite confusing?

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