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Kagome's Birthday Wish by amy

Chapter 1

Kagome’s Birthday Wish

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It was 3 days before her 17th birthday she had gone through the well to celebrate with family and friends.

Her mother Sakura, brother Souta, and grandfather Hank, they had planned a special celebrationat the shrine with catered food , sake, and a 3 layer birthday cake , that said “Happy Birhtday Kagome” one word per layer.

She also invited Eri, Ayume, Edi and Hojo to help her celebrate.

She had been helping with her birthday prep with her mother and was exhausted, so after dinner, she went to bed dog tired.

It was when she began to dream that she knew something was wrong, it felt real….

~Strange sounds filled the air, running footsteps crushing the grass as they ran, green, cat-like eyes surveying the landscape as bright red hair flew in the breeze like a flame. A tall female figure slowed to a stop in a small clearing, forest trees completely covering the midnight sky, hideous creatures came from the shadows, surrounding the woman in hopes of devouring her for her power. In quick, graceful strides, the woman sliced through the creatures in front of her, spinning with what looked like a purple poison whip she cut down several others before grabbing their leader, and with strange powers of purification, purified it turning it into multi-colored dust. Leaving the strange woman alone once more.~

Kagome woke early that morning to the smell of pancakes, opening her eyes she looked around her room, the room seemed different somehow, clearer for some reason, getting up and stretching she looked around the room again, the smell of pancakes continued to reach her nose which she found strange since her door was closed, finally opening the door she walked toward the bathroom.

As she walked past the mirror she gasped,she had begun changing into a full demoness…… with green eyes, cat-like  features, blood red hair,with fangs and claws, and alabaster skin.

So as a result, she asked her mother at breakfast ,

“Why am I, a Full Demon?” being decidedly confused.

Sakura explained,

“Kagome this is your true form and you aren’t done with your transformation…”

“Mom, how do you know this?”

“How? Let me show you something…”

Then she transformed into a full fox demoness with 3 tails, auburn hair with fur to match, and ice blue eyes …..

“This is my true form, I wear a concealing watch to keep it under control and live in the 21st century, you will not have my problem…”

“What problem,mom?”

“In the feudal era you will be accepted for what you are and enjoy a full life”

Kagome didn’t understand why her mother continued to live in such an unforgiving era , when she could live a full life in the feudal era….

Then the idea hit her ,

‘They could all live in the feudal era, if she took them with her , when she left….’

On the second day, invitations had already been sent, food catered , sake prepared, and cake prepared.

Everything was ready , but her new dress, but she looked at herself ,

‘I am not supposed to exist’

Then her mother gave her a concealing watch to wear while she wasn’t in the feudal era.

Then she got dressed, and decided to use the watch and pick out a dress.

Her mother suggested,

“Go to Jacques Formal wear, ask a sales lady to help you find a dress, I already have an account…”

So she went to Jacques, and met a sales lady that reminded her of Rin, Sesshoumaru’s young charge, a half demon called Sashome.

She helped her pick a coral beaded dress, off the shoulder, floor length with her accessories coral diamond earrings and matching necklace.

After she had helped her pick her dress and accessories, she smiled at her like she knew a secret but wasn’t telling , then she accepted her mother’s account number, signed the bill,and left.

This left Kagome with an odd feeling , but she shrugged it off, then she went home, took off  her watch, that was when she felt her new powers.

She had the ability to resurrect life, starting with her dead plant bringing it to full life and her purification was at it’s strongest-all the way down to his/her beast , and finally the ability to heal herself and others.

She had fully transformed  and couldn’t wait until after the party.

Finally it was the day of the party, the house was decorated with roses(red and white) , a long table, china dinner plates,silver ware and crystal goblets.

Brahms water ballet was playing all over the house, as she prepared for the party.

First she took a shower with her favorite body wash, vanilla and roses, then she got dressed in blue jeans , sneakers, and a shirt that said,

‘I love cats!’

Then she put on her watch,ate breakfast, and went to her mother’s salon- le Chic, and her stylist Mimi.

She asked Mimi for a makeover, including a more manageable hairstyle, full manicure and chinese red lipstick – the color of blood as many as she wanted, then she went home , got dressed in her new dress and accessories and went to greet her guest.

The caterers had outdone themselves, serving chicken infused rice with beef tips in gravy, a large green salad with a choice of dressings on the side, miso soup,braised chicken, and for dessert a huge 3 layer chocolate birthday cake with cream cheese icing, with Happy Birthday Kagome one word per layer.

The food was served with three types of sake-Raspberry,strawberry, and original.

As the food and drink flowed , she found out Eri was going to  the local college to be a veternarian, Ayumi was in love with Hojo and would get married in a year or two, And Edi was working  for the local police department as a dispatcher.

Before she knew it, everyone was singing,

“Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you …..”

As the cake was wheeled in, she blew out the candles, and gave her guest and family pieces of cake, cutting her last.

After her friends had their cake, they called a cab to take them home,being a safe option, they exchanged numbers, so they could keep in touch…

Then her whole family cleared up the food, refrigerated the cake, and sake and went to bed.

Then she took off her watch,and smiled

‘She was going home with her family…..’

The next day, she called her family into her bedroom telling them,

“All of you will follow me down to the feudal era to live, there is no need of being alone…”

“But dear we have lives , Souta has school…” her mother said.

“Leave them a note saying’Souta is transferring to another school- a school further away and will be busy…”

Since they wanted to be near Kagome, they all packed the food and sake, and the cake and prepared to depart, leaving the note on the table.

Then each family member was given a shard and jumped into the well, with all the supplies safely packed  away.

When they reached the other side, they all climbed up the vines, as Kagome said,

“Mom you can ditch your watch, here you will be accepted by all, that goes for Souta and Grandpa Hank as well, for I am the Shikon No Tama…..”

Then she took off her watch letting her demon out, so did her family.

It was quite a sight to see a neko/peacock, a fox demoness, a young wolf, and an older peacock enter the village heading for Keade’s hut.

When they reached her hut, Kagome called out,

“Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Inuyasha, Keade come and meet my family…”

Hearing her voice , they went outside to be greeted by a group of unusual demons.

Kagome stepped forward and said,

“Hi guys, come and meet my family, My mother , Sakura, the fox demoness, Souta, my brother, the young wolf, My grandfather, the older peacock, and me the neko/peacock…

Sango spoke to her sister first, asking

“How, when , where?”

Kagome replied to Sango,

“I will tell you when we get to Keade’s hut…in the meantime, we have brought  all the food and drink along with the cake that was at my party, is there a place to keep it cool?”

Keade replied,

“Of course, let one of the villagers show you…”

Then she was shown to a new ice house given to the village by Lord Sesshoumaru.

After storing the supplies, all of her family and friends headed to Keade’s hut.

Once they arrived at the headwoman’s hut, she answered Sango’s question,

“Sango this is my true form, only to be revealed when I was matured to the age of 17, it runs in my family to transform when it is time, finally it was time…”

Then as night fell, her family settled in at Keade’s hut sleeping in their sleeping bags, in their sleeping yukata’s ,  as they discussed who should be invited to the party …….

“We should invite Lord Sesshoumaru, Rin, Jaken , and Ah-Un, we should send a messenger to his castle….”

As both groups went to sleep, Kagome was dreaming  of how nice her party would be, dancing with the guests and mingling with her friends…….

So the next day, Keade sent for Shiori their faster messenger with a scroll saying,

“Lord Sesshoumaru,  You are cordially invited to Demoness Kagome’s birthday in Edo in 3 days time, please bring Rin,  Jaken and Ah-Un with you please.”

Shiori formed her orb and arrived at his castle by night fall, when she arrived at the gate she was received by the guards as a messenger of Keade, saying,

“Messenger , who is the message for?”

“It is for Lord Sesshoumaru, may I enter?” said Shiori

“Yes, you may enter with your message, you may wait in the receiving room, we will show you the way, Our Lord Will be there to meet with you…..”

True to word, their Lord Was there when they led her to the receiving room, asking,

“Who sent me a message?”

The message is from Demoness Kagome and her family, here is your message,

AS he read the message his smile turned into a smirk , as he said,

“Our family will attend in 2 days time with great pleasure and joy, follow me to my office, so I can write up my reply….”

So she followed their Lord, to his office, then walked in behind him, as he said

“Wait right there, I will have your reply in a few minutes…..”

So she patiently waited and was rewarded with a swift, prompt response with his seal of approval.

Then he said,

“Be quick with my response to demoness Kagome and her family, for I am very pleased to be invited!”

So Shiori formed her orb outside the gates and made it to Edo by morning, having camped out and slept in the forest before moving on.

Upon entering the village, she made a beeline to Keade’s hut, everyone was awake preparing for the day…

As she entered the first person she saw was Kagome, dressed in a silk kimono accented with red roses on yellow silk, she was preparing to help with the party preparations along with the villagers.

Shiori was quick to give her the message from their Lord…..

The message read ,

“Dear Demoness Kagome, our family would be delighted to attend your party in 2 days time and one day has already elapsed, we will arrive by sundown, we hope you have lodgings for us. See you soon.”

Kagome couldn’t wait to show her family his answer, and tracked them down in the process of party prep, asking them

“Could all of you come to Keade’s hut for a minute”

Then they laughed, and said

“Of course we will sweetie” Answered Sakura.

So they followed her,and entered the hut with smiles all around.

Then she read out their Lord’s reply,

“Dear Demoness Kagome, our family will be delighted to attend your party in 2 days time, and one has already elapsed, we will arrive by sundown, we hope you have lodgings for us see you soon”

Her mother simply smiled, saying

“We need to get to work on their lodgings and the party!”

“Kagome you are in charge of their lodgings, the rest of us will prepare the party..”

So she found Keade and asked,

“Where can the Lord and his family stay while they visit?”

Keade said,

“We will build an extended hut for them, on the outskirts, it will be ready by this evening”

So Kagome over saw the Lord’s family lodging, including all the amenities- like bowls of water to wash their faces, towels to dry them off, unscented soap, and new kimonos for the lord, his charge, and Jaken, with plenty of shade for Ah-Un.

They arrived in grand style,  arriving on Ah-Un in the middle of the village, as they landed , they were met by Keade, Sakura, Souta, And Hank, all at on time.

After he had dismounted, his daughter had already dismounted Along with Jaken,

“Welcome to our village Lord Sesshoumaru , Rin,Jaken, and Ah-Un, let me introduce you to kagome’s family, Sakura , her mother, a full fox demoness, Souta, her brother, a young wolf, and Hank, her grandfather, an elderly peacock.” Said keade.

Then the Lord asked a simple question,

“Where is the birthday girl?” He asked with a touch of mirth to his voice.

Sakura told him,

“She is at your lodgings, adding the finishing touches , at the out skirts follow me.”

So they walked to the outskirts and met Kagome hard at work, installing all they would need, looking more gorgeous than ever.

So he silently snuck up on her, grabbed her around the waist and said,

“There you are birthday girl!” He said with a growl in his voice, and light mirth.

Kagome almost purified him, then she recognized the voice,

“Sesshoumaru?  long time no see”

Then he turned her around, and was struck by cupid’s arrow, she was absolutely gorgeous from head to toe, especially the kimono she was wearing, it complimented her eyes.

Then he asked,

“Can we see our lodgings and freshen up before the party?”

So she gave him the ten cent tour, including the location of the hot spring, hot towels, and clean kimonos.

Then she excused herself, saying

“I need to get ready for the party , excuse me”

Then she left leaving him shocked.

She covered her hair as she entered the hot spring, naked  as the day she was born, she scrubbed her skin, washed her hair, rinsed off and towel dried off and went back to the village in her kimono.

Then she put on her coral beaded dress with the matching earrings and necklace, and chinese red lipstick.

Her family was waiting for her, dressed in their best, then the party began, with the food set out along with the sake, all served buffet style, as everyone sat down at the long tables and socialized.

Sesshoumaru waited for Kagome to be alone, and asked her,

“Can I dance with you all night long?”

“Yes, but they haven’t set up the dance floor.”

By now everyone had eaten, and were in the process of setting up said floor, basically smooth ground with fairy lights overhead.

So he took he on the dance floor followed by other  couples and would be couples, he took her in his arms and held her close to his heart , waltzing all the way.

When the evening had ended no one could find Sesshoumaru or Kagome, little did they know that all other young men left her alone because he laid claim to her on the dance floor, growling if anyone came near to ask her to dance or cut in!

He had danced her into a clearing to continue their dance in private with only trees as a witness.

She didn’t mind at all! He made her feel safe, loved and happy, she could live with his claim.

Now he on the other hand was thinking,

‘She is as pretty a picture I could ever hope for, a  powerful demoness in her own right, wide hips for healthy children, large breast for our children to drink milk myself included,a thin waist that hides her strength, and healthy mind and body.”

So he began to slowly kiss her while they were dancing, then he began to slowly grind her heat with his phallus- it was getting harder all the time she was dancing with him!

Then he began to stroke her sides in a sensual manner, stoking his fire and hers, as he began to run his tongue along her collar bone, snapping her control…..

She fully transformed and said,

“Catch me if you can big boy!”

Then he transformed and gave chase, she hid very well using the forest against him, but when she tired in a clearing 5 miles from Edo he caught her from behind, bit her maw, clamping down and positioning his blood filled phallus at her entrance, making her submit.

It hurt! But it was thrilling to be claimed in such a wild way, if only for the danger if she didn’t, she was red hot and ready to roll!

So she said, in snarls and growls,

“I Submit to this Sesshoumaru…..”

It was then that he pushed his phallus all the way to her cervix, making sure if she had been a virgin, she wasn’t anymore.

She would be pupped when he was finished, and feel all the glorious happiness that came with it!

They were gone for 3 days, when they returned holding hands, kissing in public, and touching each other like they wouldn’t be parted, everyone gasped!

Of course Miroku and Sango were invited to her party, and it was he who suggested to have their wedding prepared before they returned, saying,

“If they are gone for three days they are mating, and she will be pupped no doubt, we should have their wedding ready when they return.”

Sure enough all the demons including her mother could smell their mating- double mating marks, his and hers as well her pupping 6 to be exact.

As soon as they returned to the village, they were met by her feudal family and 21st century one as well, but it was her mother that stepped forward,

“Congratulations on your mating, I can’t wait until the children are born, but enough chit chat, you two need to get dressed for your wedding, it will happen in a few hours , sunset to be precise!

Then Kagome went with the female and him with the males, they were  both cleaned, hair washed and scented oils combed through each strand, then dressed in their wedding kimonos, her only difference was that she wore lipstick as a last touch to her appearance.

Sesshoumaru was at the top of the flower created aisle waiting for his mate, with Inuyasha and Miroku as his best men, Sango and Sakura were her matron of honor and best woman.

Then she was slowly walking down the aisle with her silken veil being held by a diamond tiara, and her train was a mile long and wide being carried by Rin and Shippou so it wouldn’t get dirty!

Then she was by his side, as Keade asked ,

“Who gives this woman to be married?”

Sakura said,
“I Do” then she laid her hand on top of the Western Lords.

Then they faced each other, saying their vows,

“Do you Sesshoumaru , Lord of the Western Lands take Kagome Higarashi as your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to put her above all others……”

“I Do” then you may place the ring on her finger, and he did, he also lifted the veil to smile at her.

Then it was her turn,

“Do you Kagome Higarashi take Lord Sesshoumaru as your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold…to put him above all others and obey him…”

“I Do” you may now put the ring on his finger, and she did.

Then Keade said,

“With all the power vested in me ,I pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

That he did most assuredly, laying his lips on top of hers, in a passionate, fire filled kiss, that lasted for 10 minutes, many thought they wouldn’t come up for air…

The reception was held in Edo, to be shared with all the villagers, her family,And the Tachi group…

The bride and groom mingled for about an hour, then the groom sat down, and decided to drink a container of demon sake all by himself, this was strange but the bride couldn’t be found , until Sango asked,

“Where is Kagome , I can’t find her anywhere?”

Then Miroku went to sit down next to the groom, only to feel the bride under the table, giving him a very messy blowjob, making him smirk with pleasure…

Them Miroku told Sango,

“She will return shortly, she needed to relieve herself , too much demon sake…” as he led her onto the dance floor smirking at the groom,

‘lucky dog, Sango would never do that for me’

Then they cut their wedding cake, smashing it into each others mouth, rather sloppily,then she lifted her kimono, revealing her gartered leg, as her husband removed it so she could throw it into the crowd….

It was caught by her mother, she would be the next to get married…

Then Sesshoumaru swept his bride off her feet, formed his cloud, and took his bride to the same cave he found her in, as it sat in the Western lands…

They stayed there for a month, enjoying the chase and mating over and over again…

When they left their cave, she was thoroughly pupped, and they still had to get Naraku…

Fortunately, the Tachi group, with the addition of Sakura,  Souta, Hank, and Kouga  had defeated Naraku while they were on their honeymoon, and only needed Kagome to purify it and make a pure wish….

Just as they left the cave the new group approached them , as her mother spoke for the group saying,

“Dear daughter, congratulations on being pupped with eight full inu puppies, we have a present for you, the full jewel …”

Kagome and Sesshoumaru were floored ,they had beaten him without them!

So Kagome purified the jewel, and gave it to Inuyasha to wish on…

“I wish for a loving, caring mate for  Sakura, my second mother, as  loving and as caring as Sesshoumaru has and is to Kagome, This is my wish…”

 Then the jewel was gone, The reigning couple left to celebrate their coupling, and The new group followed , going toward the west, and Sakura’s destiny…

Sakura was about to meet Inutashio , Sesshoumaru’s father come back to life  from hell and very lonely…

The end

A/N This is the end Lovies , let me know if I should have a sequel based on your reading and reviewing.


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