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Tana_san (Chapter 146) - Thu 11 Dec 2014

You know, I don't know how long I've been sitting here reading this, but, I've just got to say that I've been entranced by this fic. Is 'entranced' even a word? Captivated, overly curious, and every word that can describe how very much I love this fic!!! I wouldn't have cared how long it took for you to update, with this kind of writing, it's worth the wait. I've got a fic on FFN that's another anime and it was written back in 2005. She updates perhaps once every year or so and I still keep her fic in my favs and check in regularly for possible updates.

I have put this in my favs and I will most surely keep check. Great work!!!   JEN

p.s.  You want to know what I liked? How long do you have? I loved everything!!!!

Vicky (Chapter 146) - Wed 10 Dec 2014

Hahah. Awe that was so cute. Your portrayal of Sesshomaru is perfect. I love the way you make them interact with each other.  'm glad that you have come back to this story. I can't wait to see more soon. 

Saiya (Chapter 146) - Wed 10 Dec 2014

Ignore im Kagome You Can DO IT!!!!

Himura Asami (Chapter 146) - Wed 10 Dec 2014

That was awsome. I love how skilled she is at ignoring him, and his desperation was equally adorable.

Poor Kagome. It's not her fault he's a giant...

Cheryl (Chapter 146) - Wed 10 Dec 2014

hahaha nice story, love the pacing and how their relationship is growing. though i must say kagome's fury mouth and actions getting a tad out of hand to me in the current few chapters. can't wait for the next chapter~! :) 

Christine (Chapter 145) - Tue 09 Dec 2014

Great story!  I  think I have read it a few times now & always like it. can't wait to read more new chapters. 

kaoruhana (Chapter 145) - Tue 09 Dec 2014

I have been waiting so long for this!  I admit I had to read over from the beginning, but it was definitely worth the read!  I can't wait to see what Yuriko and Kagome have planned!  

rosheemary (Chapter 145) - Tue 09 Dec 2014

Love this story so much... I read it in ONE day...


it's so funny and hilarious!! I smiled and laughed while read this story.. my friends kept glancing on me n threw weird look... HAHAHA

Can't wait for next update :D

Saiya (Chapter 145) - Tue 09 Dec 2014


VivWolf (Chapter 145) - Mon 08 Dec 2014

Oh please update!

emma (Chapter 145) - Mon 08 Dec 2014

Another great chapter, I love clueless Sesshomaru. It's true it is always the man's fault!

Himura Asami (Chapter 145) - Mon 08 Dec 2014

Hahah! Brotherly bonding over the silent treatment. Great fun!

Mz Taisho Sama (Chapter 144) - Sun 07 Dec 2014

Oh snap, I just started reading this today and holy cow!! I love how is going so far.  This Sesshy mom-Kagome thing is turning things interesting, and I would love to see where this is going!!!. Please update soon. :-)

Zyren (Chapter 144) - Sun 07 Dec 2014

So good! I love it all so much!! 

Ashley (Chapter 144) - Sun 07 Dec 2014

Glad to see this story back really enjoy it

emma (Chapter 144) - Sun 07 Dec 2014

I have just stumbled onto this and love not only the humor in this but the way that both Kagome and Sesshomaru are portrayed. I hope to see more of this one soon.

InuKami-Sama (Chapter 144) - Sun 07 Dec 2014

Love it!!! just waiting for some rated M stuff :3

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 144) - Sun 07 Dec 2014

Glad you're back! Always thrilled to see a good story has not been abandoned. Hey... at least you left us dangling on a Good note. Last chapter was markedly fun and light. Could have been something downright Cliffy. This was tolerable. ;)

Haha! Sesshomaru has been subjected to Kagome's shoe! :convulses in giggles: How DOES she get them off and thrown so quick? I'm thinking plot device, because otherwise throwing hair acccessories or maybe a loose nearby item would be easier and quicker than bending down to remove footwear.

I love SessMom too. ^_^ Actually... I'm wondering how the cat will react to her presence.

Speaking of cats... just reread the whole thing and realized Kilala (Kirara, whatever) has been pretty much overlooked. I'm sure she's There... it just feels she's been forgotten for the most part.

Thanks so much for writing!

Lumi (Chapter 144) - Sun 07 Dec 2014

So lovely to see an update! I really enjoy the humor and characterization of this story.

KEdakumi (Chapter 144) - Sun 07 Dec 2014

I had to go back a reread a few chapters to refresh my memory. :D

Sesshoumaru really should get use to being in the 'dog house'. Too funny

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