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Saraniya (Chapter 136) - Mon 16 Apr 2012

Lol!!! I love Clifford he so can kick Barney's tush any day!

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 136) - Mon 16 Apr 2012

Awesome chapter! Even my seven year old son loved it ^_^ Of course he got all the references, totally agreeing that Zak and Weezie top Barney any day. Of course I had to pull up an image of Ah-Un to remind him what Sesshomaru's two-headed dragon looked like. 

It was funny though... at the Clifford reference for the Big Dog he tilted his head, blinked, and said in a confused tone "but isn't Sesshomaru WHITE?" Too cute.

Thanks so much for writing!

Midnight Song (Chapter 136) - Mon 16 Apr 2012

Hello! I almost forgot the 'o' there, lol. anyway, could you give me a reference to what chapter Sess is asking about when he asks her why she thought she was doomed in the woods?

Tone (Chapter 136) - Mon 16 Apr 2012

awww good doggie. That was hilarious

Scherherazade (Chapter 136) - Mon 16 Apr 2012

An clever and amusing bit of nonsense.

koneji (Chapter 136) - Mon 16 Apr 2012

I understand the need for the break - I've been writing instead of studying too >.> And yay, it's Sesshmama! I agree with the Zak and Wheezie vs. Barney comment! XD Loved the update!

Nyuka (Chapter 135) - Thu 12 Apr 2012

^-^...if only she knew right...^-^

Saraniya (Chapter 135) - Wed 11 Apr 2012

Figures he still knows how to be prissy despite his soft spot for Kagome :)

Loveyaa (Chapter 135) - Wed 11 Apr 2012

It's nice to have you back. Silly college taking you away from what's really important. I do likewhat we got the way Kagome and Sesshoumaru interact and how different it is from everybody else. I can't wait to see what happens next and how things progress from here :)

Nyuka (Chapter 134) - Tue 10 Apr 2012

O.O  ..... ^-^  mmmhmmm

Saraniya (Chapter 134) - Sat 07 Apr 2012

Interesting new developments :) I like!

Mylifeinwhole (Chapter 134) - Sat 07 Apr 2012

I dont mind if you type MORE than 100 words. In fact i would Love it. but i understand the collage excuse. my sister has issues doing anaything except homework!


henandchicks (Chapter 134) - Sat 07 Apr 2012

Thanks for the update.  College comes first, but when you need a break, we will be waiting here for the next installment fo this engaging story!

Sorrows Amaranth (Chapter 133) - Sat 31 Mar 2012

:) yay trust! 

Saraniya (Chapter 133) - Thu 29 Mar 2012

I don't know how you wanted the scenes to play out but I just found it down right WAFFY which was much enjoyed! :)

mylifeinwhole (Chapter 133) - Thu 29 Mar 2012

i like the way you worded this chapter!


Ashes (Chapter 133) - Thu 29 Mar 2012

I like this chapter a lot. All the trust and wordplay made me happy.

TalaUSA (Chapter 133) - Thu 29 Mar 2012

Oh, how I missed this story. You do such a wonderful job in playing out the characters. Though it's an alternate story line for the real one it seems so possible with the way you present it. I look forward to reading more.

cyin (Chapter 133) - Thu 29 Mar 2012

so glad u finally updated! ;P

henandchicks (Chapter 133) - Thu 29 Mar 2012

He leaned close. “Trust me,” his breath fanned her face, “and let go.”  Wow!  That made me close my eyes and sigh.  Loving your story!

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