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Kamiki (Chapter 30) - Wed 06 Apr 2011

I love this story and I'm amazed at how in character you're able to keep Sesshoumaru. I imagine he's not easy to write in character and there doesn't seem to be one hair out of place with his canon personality. I'm truly impressed.
I can't wait to

REDWOLF (Chapter 30) - Tue 05 Apr 2011

I like that past, present and future chapter. Sesshoumaru's grandmother was getting a little put out with his attitude. Great chapter.

Itoe (Chapter 1) - Tue 05 Apr 2011

Hello :-)

Thank you for your Mail at

I was so surprised, that you wrote the next two chapters after a long time.

And, I was and still am very happy about that.

The story really is too good to be abandoned.


LOL yea, Sesshomaru really IS a stubborn dog. :D muahahahahah


I am so curious what will happen next. pls. update soon!!!



Sesshoumarus Girl (Chapter 30) - Tue 05 Apr 2011

Your story is the best, I really hope that you can update soon PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE!!!!

Sesshoumarus Girl (Chapter 29) - Tue 05 Apr 2011

I love your story, can't wait to see what happens next!!

REDWOLF (Chapter 29) - Sun 03 Apr 2011

This is such a fantastic chapter. Sesshoumaru must be thinking how wild his PAST self was. Great job. Hope you update soon.

KEdakumi (Chapter 29) - Sun 03 Apr 2011

OK.... this is a great story, but that was a very mean place to stop. <--- note pout

Please update soon!

joyouki (Chapter 29) - Sun 03 Apr 2011

oh a little cliffy......hurry what happens!!!!lol.. Another great chapter. Love the story

pauly (Chapter 29) - Sat 02 Apr 2011

Can't wait for read his answer. Awesome!!!! chapter as always.  ;)

NightQueen (Chapter 29) - Sat 02 Apr 2011

WOW!! This is one of the best stories I've read in a long time!! I'm completely hooked I adore the storyline and I really loved the way you've portrayed the characters! I really love and Want Sesshoumaru and Kagome together, but I adore Akin and oddly want him with Kagome as well.  He a fabulous original character!  I can't wait for the next chapter!

REDWOLF (Chapter 28) - Sat 02 Apr 2011

Woe, I never expected this. Fantastic.

amy (Chapter 10) - Sat 02 Apr 2011


TheMikoShivae (Chapter 28) - Sat 02 Apr 2011

Yay!  Can't wait for more

pauly (Chapter 22) - Fri 01 Apr 2011
WOW!!! That was super cool, and what happened to kags? Can't wait for the next chapter.

REDWOLF (Chapter 22) - Fri 01 Apr 2011

Oh my! Did kagome die? Or did she change into something much more. Sesshoumaru will freak! I am so worried!

Nilee1 (Chapter 22) - Fri 01 Apr 2011

Wow--that was great! Kagome saves Sesshoumaru at the cost of her own life; what will his response be to that?

REDWOLF (Chapter 21) - Fri 01 Apr 2011

Sesshoumaru is a busy demon, talking to himself. If he could just figure it all out.

TheMikoShivae (Chapter 21) - Fri 01 Apr 2011

EVIL!  You are EVIL!  Xd great update though :)

Nilee1 (Chapter 21) - Fri 01 Apr 2011


TheMikoShivae (Chapter 20) - Thu 31 Mar 2011

*squees*  yay an update!

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