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Dragonscloud (Chapter 81) - Fri 21 Jun 2019

I love this story and read it at least twice a year. I really hope you will continue it

Brittany (Chapter 81) - Fri 21 Jun 2019

Hi!! I'm just wondering if you have abandoned this story or not. I absolutely love it and I keep rereading it hoping for an update. Not trying to guilt trip you or anything, just wondering if you do plan to finish it or not. 

SammyJams (Chapter 1) - Sat 18 May 2019

Please keep writing this story! 

FireDragon (Chapter 81) - Fri 27 Jul 2018

Hi Sunset Miko I was wondering if you were ever going to come back to this or if it has been abandonded.  I really hope you continue this  there is so much I want to know about what happened/is going to happen. pretty please come back to it?

mimi (Chapter 81) - Wed 02 May 2018

I once again just reread your story and thought I’d tell you you are an amazing writer! I can’t wait until you start writing again!

333Tenshi (Chapter 80) - Tue 10 Apr 2018

I'm really hoping that this story will be continued because I love reading it. I hope that Kagome can purify the shard Naraku tainted without it effecting her the way Naraku wanted to the panther. I would be devastated if this story went with rape added to it.

333Tenshi (Chapter 60) - Mon 09 Apr 2018

I just realized that none of his sons could even be 2 years old since it was barely 2 years ago that he lost his arm and he didn't have the boys until he lost his arm so between the time he lost it, for them pregnant and the oldest twins were born would be maybe a bit more than a year at most...

333Tenshi (Chapter 51) - Mon 09 Apr 2018

I'm wondering if Rin is related to Kagome through her mom's side of the family. I can't imagine her being another previous reincarnation of Kagome or Kikyo since it already mentioned that Sessh realized that it takes hundreds of years for a soul to be reincarnated and he knows Kagome only appeared 50 years after Kikyo died. 

333Tenshi (Chapter 35) - Mon 09 Apr 2018

I'm very curious about so much. I'm really wondering about her transformation. I can't help thinking that maybe her father is not human or completely human. If he was even a quarter youkai it would explain why her body has the ability to hold Sesshomaru's youkai. I guess it is possible for him to be something other than youkai or human. I really love this story. It has been a long time since I re-read it.

333Tenshi (Chapter 28) - Mon 09 Apr 2018

I really love this story and I'm rereading it as I have several times before. I'm hoping that this story is not being abandoned because I am dying to read more.

Kula (Chapter 81) - Tue 30 Jan 2018

Just read again, still one of my all time favorite stories of all times. So many questions still unanswered.... Just wanted you to know that the story is not forgotten and will continue to hope your able to resume writting some time soon.


FireDragon (Chapter 2) - Sun 21 Jan 2018

this is such a great story I really hope you will come back to this one soon. I would like to find out about her father and the prophecy If you are stuck on it I would be glad to chat about it. you can vent any frusterations or what have you. wishing for more and hoping for more soon.

sis (Chapter 1) - Wed 09 Aug 2017

me and my sister really love this story and where wondering when you might post new chapters it has been almost 2 years scents you posted a new chapter and we would really love to see how the story continues and hopely ends.

Megan Thompson (Chapter 1) - Mon 31 Jul 2017

I adore this story and like how it flows and follows almost everyone please update soon and keep writing

Suka25 (Chapter 81) - Fri 21 Jul 2017

Can't wait for more!!!!!



layla (Chapter 81) - Tue 30 May 2017

That last line was so funny. I fell over from laughing at it. I would really hate to see hime looking for one, (how would he even go aobut it it not like there are well hung men and demons just hanging around in one spot). However if he had to it would be funny a all get out. I love this story and i would love to see where this goes. Im Loving it.



Mizz. Layla

LadyGoshawk (Chapter 81) - Tue 16 May 2017

I've mostly been watching, reading, and lurking among your stories for years, and hope that this note finds you healthy and everyone in your family just as healthy. I'm mostly invested in She Who The Prophecy Foretold and Higher Education, and have noticed you haven't posted anything on either in a very long time. As a writer myself, I absolutely get how Life can happen and totally derail the creative process for any given story or set of stories, but I live in hope that you intend to return to at least these two and complete them when things line up properly again. Just wanted to drop a word to say that there's still interest, hope, and excitement about both, and that I love what you've done with them so far!

BlackDawn (Chapter 81) - Fri 07 Apr 2017

I love this story. I've reread it so many times. Hope you haven't given up on this one! 

Kanda (Chapter 57) - Mon 03 Apr 2017

ah, i think thats it. why i've been reeling. it's because he's suppose to be seen as a 19-year old in the anime. and because im so used to ppl having kids around early to mid-twenties, him having -seven kids- put me into a state of shock. i keep thinking, "DAMN. he's been BUSY. XD"

loved this chapter, too, though i found the three girls to be annoying with all their questions. like damn, y'all, nosey much?

Kanda (Chapter 46) - Sun 02 Apr 2017

jwnebekevrgenag even when there's angst it's always tempered by cuteness!! aaaaaaagh! >_< another chapter well done!

(getting used to seven sons now. ... i think. seven!)

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