Desiree Nickels (Chapter 3) - Thu 21 Aug 2014


Shariel (Chapter 3) - Wed 05 Jan 2011

Hey, you're doing a good job so far. From chp 1 to chp 2 I could actually see improvements in your language and sentence structure. ^_^ However, there are still spelling mistakes here and there. Don't you have someone to do beta reading for you? I could help of you want. Btw, the name is Sango not Songo. =) And it is spelled pendant not pendent (chp 2). Just to draw your attention to some spelling errors. Just wanna encourage you to do better!!! Also....I thought that in the first chapter and third, Kagome's mother's name was Sakara? How come it changed to Mia in chp 2? Gambatte neh!! Looking forward to the next chappie!

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