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Daughter of the Northern Star by Shadow

Chapter 1

Hello to everyone! This is my first story about the Inu gang. I do not own the Inuyasha gang as much as want to. I like to write purely for the fun of it. This was just something I thought up and wanted to write it down. Well hope you like it.


Everything was peaceful in the village of Edo. The moon was full and everyone was sleeping peacefully. Well, almost everyone. Kagome was still up.

She had been having dreams about a male. That male told her that he so happened to be her father. The thing that puzzled her was that he was a full fledge demon. Would that make her a half demon? When she asked he told her that she was a full fledged demon. But her mother was human along with Souta and Jii-chan.

Her father told her that what she once thought was her mother is not really. She was born from a very strong Miko. He told her when a strong priestess and demon mate she will bare a full demon that has priestess powers, only if it was a girl. Since it happened only once in a million years people forget that they can.

In total she was one of a kind.

When she asked her "mother" she said that it was true. And when she turned seventeen her demon blood would break free from the spell it was under. It was under a spell to make her look human so she would blend in, in the future.


"Mom, uh I have been having dreams about my father. He told me some stuff…"

"Oh dear the time has come for me to tell you the story of who you are."

"When I was about seventeen almost eighteen I was with Souta's father. We were in the shrine watching a movie. I herd crying from out side. I was curious along with Souta's father and we went to investigate. I saw a man sitting down leaning on the tree of time. He was holding what looked like a ball of cloth in his arms. When we got closer I saw that it was a baby. You."

When Kagome's 'mother' said that she looked at Kagome with adoration.

"He told us that he was from the past and got to the future by the well. He brought you here because someone was trying to hunt you down. So for your safety, he brought you to the future. He asked us if we could take care of you."

Kagome's mother, Sakara, looked down as if sheepish.

"At first I told him I couldn't possibly take you. But then you opened your eyes and me and Kioshi, Souta's father saw the most wonderful blue eyes we had ever seen. Kioshi told the demon that we would take you."

"Your father smiled as if pleased and handed you too me. Then as if he was never there, he was gone. I looked down at you and saw a little card. It said,

"Dear caretakers of my child.

She is 6 months old and is named Kagome.

When Kagome turns seventeen her demon blood will rise from the dormant sleep it was under and she will look demon and be able to use her demon abilities.

But you must tell her before that happens so she doesn't get lost on what is happening.

She will become an Inu youki.

Demon lord of the North, Yoshiru"


Kagome frowned coming out of her thoughts. It has been a year since she had fallen down the well, almost two, which means she was almost seventeen.

She thought about what she would look like as a demon. Would her appearance change? If it did what would change? Would her hair color change? She new since she was a dog demon that she would have claws and fangs, but what else would change? Inuyasha is a dog demon, well half and he has gold eyes. Would she?

Another thing worried her. If her appearance changed would her friends recognize her?

She sure hoped so.

When she did turn demon she would need to go to the North to talk to her father.

'Those thoughts are for another day.' 

 'I need to get some sleep.' With that thought she gently put her head on her pillow and fell in to a light sleep.


Kagome woke up and saw that everyone was still asleep. She looked up and saw that the sun was rising into the sky. 'Might as well get up and start breakfast.' She got up and put Shippo by Kirara and put away her sleeping bag.

She grabbed some dry branches near camp and started a fire then went to the near by river to get some water. She sat near the fire and started to cook some roman. Hopefully when Inuyasha woke up to the smell of roman she wouldn't have to yell at him for being a jerk and she wouldn't have to sit him.

She sighed.

'As if he wouldn't yell at them. He would probably yell at them just because he could.' Another sigh came out of her. Oh well. The birds were chirping and it was a beautiful day so far. She wouldn't let him ruin her mood today.

Kagome herd a yawn and turned her head in time to see Songo open her eyes, blink twice, and then smack Miroku. Apparently in his sleep he moved and put his  hand on her bum. Kagome giggled a little but turned back to poking the fire.

It was an ordinary waking for this misfit group.

After eating and a 'sit' for Inuyasha they were on their way to find the jewel shards. They were walking in a comfortable silence minus a occasional slap from Songo when Miroku got brave enough to get closer to Songo long enough to grab her behind.

Kagome stopped and looked around. She felt a Jewel shard near by. " Inuyasha! "

"Know what wench are you all ready complaining?" That statement stung a little.

"No Inuyasha. I feel a jewel shard near by. It's coming at us from the North!" Everybody turned that direction and got in their battle stances. Kagome grabbed her bow and had it in her hand while she grabbed Shippo to make sure he was protected.

A crash could be herd as a huge youki slammed into trees trying to get to them. Once he was close enough he yelled "Give me the Jewel shards!" "Never you bastard!" With that said Inuyasha ran up to the big scaly lizard demon and whacked at it with his sword. The lizard screamed in pain as his left arm was cut off.

"You will pay for that half-breed!" the lizard charged at Inuyasha. Kagome sighed and notched an arrow onto her bow and pulled the bow string back.

"Please hit" she mumbled as let the arrow loose and it sailed into the air. The arrow hit it in its head and it screamed in pain again as it's dissolved into nothingness.

"I could have killed that thing on my own Kagome!" a fuming half demon yelled as he stared at the place the demon had once been. Kagome ignored him in favor of walking to the fallen shard and adding them together with the others. They had about half now. Kouga has two and Kohaku has one. Naroku must have the rest of the jewel.

The thing that confused Kagome was what did a low-level youki like that have a jewel? It was becoming far and between when they would find a jewel. Was Naroku must be playing at something. But she didn't know what he was planning.

Kagome has gotten stronger since she had fallen into the well when she was fifteen. She had bin training with Kaede and Miroku when ever she had time. And she was a quick learner so it didn't take her long to learn what she could in the little time periods she had when they would actually take a break.

Inuyasha was a SLAVE DRIVER though so there weren't many of those but she made time. But she had less time with her family 500 years into the future. Her family though understood that she needed to train if they wanted her to live and be able to protect her self.

They would rather her be alive and not see her as much then her be dead. Inuyasha couldn't save her EVERYTIME.

"WENCH! Did you hear anything that I just said?"

"Huh. What? Oh no I didn't could you repeat that?" Kagome tried her best to look innocent. It didn't work out very well with the smile that was peeking out onto her face.

"Let's get out of here so you can make me some roman!" She sighed and grabbed her backpack and then looked at Inuyasha.

"Well get to leading boy, please get us somewhere close to a river." With that said Kagome stepped behind him so she could fallow him.

"Feh. Wench." Inuyasha mumbled then turned west.

"Oh I almost forgot something. Sit!"

To day had been a pretty normal day. Kagome put her stuff down once Inuyasha told us that this would be our camp sight. It was a clearing in the woods. It was a cute little site. There were flowers by the trees and dark green grass all around.

They settled right into the middle of the site. She asked if they were by a hot spring. Even better then a river, they were. Even though it was summer the rivers were always cold. She got up and fetched some water from the hot spring for making roman and came back to find a pit for the fire to be made.

She saw Miroku's dirty hands and walked up to him and said a thanks for doing that then quickly got to work on making the fire with the wood that Songo got while she was getting the water. Once it was made they ate and played some gold fish. When the sun was setting the thought it was a good time to go to sleep.

A strong demonic energy came running towards them at an alarming rate and everyone got up with their chosen weapons and slide into their battle stances.

Someone that they didn't expect flew out of the forest.



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