TekoloKuautli (Chapter 1) - Sun 19 Nov 2017

I teared up a little, from both Naraku's and Kagome's deaths to her 'new life' and Hojo's unexpected incarnation (it would make more sense, since it would be boring if that ancestor of his was basically the same and nothing changed with him) and Sesshomaru's part in it. I loved it all, I wish I could read more of it :D

NicoRavenPen (Chapter 12) - Mon 08 Apr 2013

~~Oh good God R0o, these chapters were all fantastic, and none so heartbreaking as the last!! T___T But so wonderfully and artfully done in its morbidness... Literally made my heart clench! DX *sigh* Great job!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 12) - Thu 12 Jul 2012

This part two is great, I hope you finished it.

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 12) - Fri 16 Mar 2012

NUUUU!!!! Sesshomaru, you cheater, cheating on your mate with some other youkai whore. Poor Kagome. That's what you get for cheating on her. I need a happy lemon after reading this.

Aimee Simmons (Chapter 11) - Wed 21 Sep 2011

hahahahahaha!!!  bunnies.


Aimee Simmons (Chapter 5) - Wed 21 Sep 2011

hehehe...  this was funny, but I don't understand the the significance of the mokomoko and mating...  

Aimee Simmons (Chapter 3) - Wed 21 Sep 2011

it makes good enough sense...  This is FAN FICTION after all..  I loved it.

Very well done.  XD


cakeiton (Chapter 11) - Tue 20 Sep 2011

roflrofllololhahahahahahahaha They are dressed as prey!

i died.

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 11) - Tue 20 Sep 2011


insomniac_amy (Chapter 11) - Tue 20 Sep 2011

ROFL!! This was so cute. The ending was priceless, I was laughing so hard that my family thought I'd gone crazy :) 


Tessitura (Chapter 3) - Sun 31 Jul 2011

ih this one, is cool!!! ooh please continue this chapter!!! PPLEASEEE!

emerald skye (Chapter 7) - Sat 14 May 2011

A grumpy Sesshoumaru. Absolutely hysterical :) I was grinning through the whole thing. I don't think I've ever read a fic with such a pouty Sess. Your insight into his better-than-the-rest-of-the-world outlook was awesome. Very well written, delivered, and just over all fun! Have to admit, you got me at the end, too! Excellent piece!!!

1CarinoInu (Chapter 6) - Sat 16 Apr 2011

Wow rOo, that was really good.  So sad and angsty.  Great piece of work!

amy (Chapter 2) - Sun 20 Feb 2011


Avadrea (Chapter 2) - Thu 23 Dec 2010

Wow I love naughty mokomoko! This was very kinky and defaintly a fun read.  *blushes* I was so dleighted to see you pimped my story at the end.  Thank you!

Diane (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Nov 2010

Probably shouldn't write while sleepy, it has many more goofs than usual, a bunch of skipped words or letters. Overall it's good though.

ALadysLove (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Nov 2010

Great one-shot! I just thought you should be aware that you, as well as many other great writers, seem to depend on the usage of "as" very much, e.g., "...she watched with hollowed impassive eyes as the hanyou she’d taken a hit for...", "Narrowed eyes watched as the older brother went after the spider hanyou...", etc. You could always use "with", "while", and others, or you could even change it this way: "With hollowed impassible eyes, she watched the hanyou she'd taken a hit for..." See what I mean? I still think you write great, but just thought this might help. ^_^

MoxyMikki (Chapter 1) - Tue 30 Nov 2010

OMG m0o0o0o0o0o0or!!!!! I really loved this - especially the part of Kagome forgiving Naraku/Onigumo and his choice to stand by and protect her/guide her in her new life.

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