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Challenges, Drabbles, & Oneshots...(part 2) by r0o by sugar0o

Dreams - Angst/Action/Romance

An: hi folks I figured I'd start up my place for Challenges again instead of where i put my DDN's, IDDN's and GMDDN's. This (fic as an over all) is rated for future possibilities, i don't tend to write for YIMS so its not rated for it. All chapters will give you a base idea about what genre it's going to be. Enjoy. and PS this particular one is not Beta'd.- r0o

OH YEAH... I dont own Inuyasha or it's characters. Nor do i make money from the online publication of this fanfic.

For SKYE's Aug 16th Challenge: Dreams.

Kagome chuckled softly but with a dark sound in it as blood slowly leaked from her mouth, she watched with hollowed impassive eyes as the hanyou she’d taken a hit for ran towards the her clay counterpart who was in no real danger. She would sigh if it didn’t hurt to do so. Narrowed eyes watched as the older brother went after the spider hanyou, while the younger finally seemed to realize his mistake if the widening of his eyes was anything to go by, it was almost ironic, and comical that he could just suddenly remember her, when she had taken the hit mean for him not a moment before he’d run off to another.

Her dreams of one day being his wife, having a fat belly filled with his sleeping child were dashed. Oddly she was not as shocked or as hurt as she thought she’d be, but instead filled with a hollow feeling that she could not understand. She looked at him, not noticing the blood slowly pooling around her, as she sat in it, cooling rapidly but almost stinging to the touch at first. He was without a doubt, exotic, and he had been the first male to protect her since her father had died long before. But he was a child’s dream, immature, loud, brash, she could hardly stand him most of the time, and yet her heart had been so set on him.

She wondered if that was Kikyo’s lasting curse on her, to long for Inuyasha and still manage to come back from the dead and fuck it up for the herself, even if herself was her reincarnation. It didn’t matter now though. She turned her dulling eyes away from the hanyou and his walking clay would be bride, and looked towards the fight, watching in awe at Seshomaru’s prowess. He was truly one that live up to his name of a killing perfection. She wondered if his parents knew how well they had named him but forgot the idea just as quickly as she watched his blade sink into Naraku.

The cur was in a bind, and dying, trying his best to taunt those around them with their own failures. Sango with Kohaku, Kagome with her powers or lack there of, Miroku with his wind tunnel devouring him before his time, Inuyasha with his inability to protect those he had sworn to. He was getting to them, she could see that, and she did not like it one bit. Oh she knew perhaps this would be her last stand that in the end, Kikyo would probably get what she wanted back, her soul would leave this empty husk and seek out its remainder, if it stayed there, Kagome would be surprised. It never failed to amuse her in some dark way that the dead thing thought that she could live once again if she had the full soul.

Kagome was no such fool. Kikyo’s dreams would be for not, but Kagome didn’t have the heart to reminds her of the miko ways, of humans and how they were all meant to move forward, not back. It was in all likely hood that when Kagome died, Kikyo would too. The weight of the stronger, older soul that Kagome carried would tug the lesser bit in the clay onna along with her in death. She would not get her wish, some how in a dark way that pleased the live miko.

Without much thought or care of those around her, Kagome used the tree she was against to force her body to stand, on shaky legs she faced the dark hanyou, coughing a bit, and ignoring the red that came up telling her that a lung was punctured. Oh yes, she would die today, so much for her dreams, she thought as she slowly made her way towards the dark figure. Kagome thought to herself that if she was going down, she wasn’t going alone, and Naraku would surely be coming with her. With that in mind, a head full of determination, the miko made her way into battle.

If it was fate, or the divine, or the simple fact that her powers were still there still as strong if not stronger in her determination to get to the hanyou, all were simple shocked that she walked through a wild battle field with slow ease towards her target. None more so then the target himself, who no matter what he threw at her seemed not to be able to touch her now. Holy powers emanated from her being, destroying in a way that left him unable to regenerate, and the closer she got the more the Shikon in his hold burned. The spider hanyou saw his own death in her eyes, and he wanted to flee, to run to fight another day, but the Shikon had felt the shift, and change in its protector, and had locked him in place.

The Shikon’s will would be done. It wanted to be gone from this world and laid to rest, it could do that only with its protector.

Kagome didn’t even seem to mind as she kept her pace towards Naraku, batting his tentacles away with ease as she neared him, Sesshomaru watching in shock and annoyance as his brother’s miko seemed to not care that she was bleeding out. She didn’t care that she was walking towards the enemy, she only seemed to have some disturbing determination on her face and in her eyes, that he himself did not like, and had his own hackles rising. He seemed to watch in mute horror and amazement as she simply walked through the hanyou’s barrier into what would probably be deaths hands.

From there place not close but not far, Inuyasha and Kikyo watched as well, both in shock and horror at what Kagome was doing. Inuyashs seemed to come out of whatever funk he’d been in as he watched his shard detector and friend walk to Naraku himself, as he seemed to call out her name, as if that would stop her. “KAGOME!!!!” sounded over the clang of metal, and the cry of defeat and death across the battle field.

A slayer and a monk took heed and looked around for their friend their companion, and it was only when they saw her, walking into death waiting hands that they shuddered to their souls at the sight of it, Kagome was mere feet from Naraku. Blood coming from the hole in her body, they couldn’t even understand how she could stand let alone walk because of the size of it. It was like when Sesshoamru had put his hand through Inuyasha’s gut, and the blood. Kami-sama neither even knew a human could bleed so much and still function. It ran down her sun kissed skin like a ruby river pooling as she walked, a long trail of it from where she’d been when she got the injury.

Naraku for his part had never expected the miko to be so bold, let along to walk to him and give herself up so easily, if he’d been thinking he would realize that nothing in life was easy, or just given to you. And for that matter that everything one does, eventually comes back upon you. He said something’s to the miko expecting to upset her and found that it was almost as if she didn’t care, or couldn’t hear, he had no idea how much he was correct on the later. Kagome should be dead, she knew this, and yet, by some means either divine intervention, her powers or the Shikon she was still some how alive. Whatever it meant she knew her one goal was to get the rest of the Shikon back, not matter what.

So she went to him, the hanyou that had them. She went without fear, or much aggression, with a calm and peace to her soul knowing that this would be the end, that dreams were not meant to come true. She preyed that in her next life she never met Inuyasha, and that the jewel would be long gone or someone elses burden, that she could have a free wonderful life filled with happiness and love, unlike this one and the last. She’d seen enough darkness and death to last a life time or two, and any dreams she had of making that a reality were lost to her here and now.

Slowly and with gentle hands, Kagome embraced the dark hanyou, he tried like anyone that knew when death had a hold of them, to get away, but he could not move, he did not want to feel the radiance of her light in and upon him. He did not want this end, nor had he ever thought she’d understand that there could not be one or the other, that there much be balance in all things. She was a creature of light, pure and innocent, and it had been his thought that she would always try to kill him, never to accept him as she was doing.

Her love was killing him, her light destroying him too, he was dying, purified by the reincarnation of the woman that had caused his birth, she was indirectly causing his death as well. He laughed bitterly that it would come down to this, being murdered by the soul of the woman that he had originally and still in some way wanted to love him. She was now, and it was killing him. He abandoned the fight around him and thought that if death had finally come to collect, that if he died in her arms like this, by her love, perhaps his dream had come true. He embraced it then and together a bright light engulfed them all.  Agony was all they felt, this was the price they would have to pay, two creatures truly not ment for this world, that were already either meant to be dead, or not supposed to have been born yet.

Around them, the fight abandoned the hold on the lower demons lax and they escaped with their lives while they still had the chance, the shard hunters, and Sesshomaru watching on as the light engulfed all, and only seemed to grow stronger. None could understand, yet all had called out to the miko, save the demon lord. He respected her more at this point then any other human. She had been mortally wounded, and had still walked into the face of death. He wondered at a being that new they were dying and yet still chose to continue to fight, it made him bitterly think of his father and wonder if the miko and his old man had been so much alike.

It seemed like forever when the light died down and all that was left was the old burnt husk that had once been bandit Onigumo, and the miko Kagome. The Shikon floated above them before it sank slowly down to the miko before growing bright, white hot, and barreling into her chest. Sesshomaru watched with muted horror as her back arched, and her blood splayed before pooling more, she was dying before their very eyes, tears welling in her own as a silent scream left her. The bandit, dying as well, could only watch, how beautiful and tragic it was all at once. He decided in his next life he would always help this soul, love her even if she wouldn’t love him.

It was over before anyone knew what to do, and as the miko passed into death, Kikyo followed afterwards. Sesshomaru had watched in amusement, as she realized that death was meant to move forwards never to linger behind, the souls escaped her clay body one by one until there was only the soul that had been their glue left, it flew out of her mouth and as she reached out to it, running for it, her body began to crumble, and Inuyasha fell to his knee’s in despair. Howling out into the world at the world for his lose not even registering that he had not lost one but both.  The soul flew to its original container, the body of the miko, and that was when her body began to fade.

Sesshomaru noted with some amazement, that he could see through her and wondered at that fact. Never noticing that as she finally completed her task, the souls of the Shikon had been put to rest when her own soul passed on. The Tachi had lived, only the bandit Onigumo had lived, Sesshomaru had lived, Kagome and Naraku were dead though. He walked to the man that had started this all in his lust for a woman that would not have had him even if he had not been burnt. He was a bandit, a murderer, and a rapist, and the one he had loved had been a miko, a chaste creature never meant to love, only to protect and serve. Without thought or provocation from the husk he removed the man’s head from his body, and left. The fight was over, the Shikon dealt with, and his little brother was in agony, and would be more when he realized not only was his beloved gone, but Kagome, and the Shikon were too, there would be no wishing anyone back. Inwardly he chuckled.




Kagome awoke from that dream again. She didn’t know the people or the feelings that they inspired but she had it every now and then, since she’d been fifteen and fallen down her families shrine well, they came to her. It was an abandoned lot of earth that had since been filled in with concrete so that no one else could fall and hurt themselves as badly. Her body had grown much in the nine years since that time. She remember waking up in the hospital, confused and scared, only to find out that while she’d been 18 in her mind, how three years had passed in her thought, she’s actually only fallen down the well, gotten beat to snot in the process, and been in a small coma for a week. Her only lasting scar from the ordeal had been the starburst scar on her side, that she was told had been scraping on the well’s inner walls.

She sighed as she got up and ready for the day. Hojo, her friend and editor was taking her to meet a new publisher, since waking from the coma she had been filled with a wrongness about her life, but at the same time it had calmed and soothed over. The ‘dream’ she had about a boy who was not a human pint to a tree, and all those she had seen and fought with had become the subject matter of her book series, and now it was finally done. Though as glad as she was for that, she still at times found it unnerving, as the author, she had made it into a happy ending, where the boy got the girl, but in her heart and soul she knew it was wrong. She knew that the boy had abandoned the girl, and had not looked back. And that the girl, the girl had died tragically beside the villain laying in her own blood.

She frowned at the thought and shook her head wanting to get it all out of her mind, she always thought too much about the ‘dream’ when thinking about her book or all her time since waking from that coma. Her mother had said so many times that the girl that woke up had been so different from the girl that had fallen down the well. She couldn’t explain to her mother that in a coma she’d felt like she’d grown up that she’s seen and done things that one her age she have to do. She fought and killed, but it was all a ‘dream,’ even if to her it had seemed real. She had been told by her friends, or whom she thought were her friends that she’d changed so much since the accident, they hadn’t wanted to spend much time with her after that because she couldn’t be a boy crazy as they were, or as flighty.

It had been so odd to her that Hojo had been the only one to stay by herself, and even thought to her seemed off. She had never noticed it before really, she was after all one of those oblivious type of females, but he reminded her a great deal of the villain in her dream, but only at the end though, when he couldn’t hide who he really was from her. Where he had given in, and allowed her to love him, he was always there for her, even when she’d told him that her love for him was more in a brotherly way. He didn’t hate or resent her for it, yet he’d stayed by herself simply glad to be there in the first place, and she was grateful for it these many years later. She absently made herself up for the day, leaving her apartment and headed off to where they were supposed to meet.

Greeting Hojo with a ‘hello’ and a fresh coffee she asked the usual pleasantries, about his wife and how her pregnancy was going, as they made their way into a large publishing building, heading for a meeting with the president and CEO of the company. Taking the elevator to the top, they had only had to wait for about five minutes before they were shown into an office, where the chair was turned from them. The dark deep voice of the man somehow sending shivers down her spine. She almost gasped in shock when he’d turned around.

Somehow she knew it, but she couldn’t place it, she chewed on her bottom lip, taking in the site of him, his hazel eyes looked almost golden, and his platinum blond hair looked almost silver in the light of the sun that came in from behind him making him seemingly glow. She was caught staring, and very unaware when they had been talking and asked her something. Kagome could only stutter for a moment before she blurted out what was on her mind, “Do I know you from somewhere?” She asked in wonder.

Sesshomaru looked at the onna, he’d watched over her shrine for many years after finding out all about her from the monk and the slayer when she’d vanished, it seemed that this time, things were different for her, she had already done what she had needed to in the past so when the future came around again, for some reason she had not been forced back. She had fallen down the well on her fifteenth birthday, he had known that because he had been there at the hospital that day when she was brought in. Yes, Sesshoamru had been watching her since she was born. He never would have thought that respect for this woman would turn into the obsession it had, nor the dreams of her many years after her death, he’d been determined to find her again.

And here she was. Selling him her book, her life story, to a life she didn’t remember in total, a ‘dream’ that to her never was. He smiled then not a cold smile but one that gave off a bit of his own predatory delight, and watched in attention as she shuddered and her nipples hardened against the fabric of her sweater, his deep voice drawled out to her in aroused amusement, lust, longing, and anticipation, “Perhaps, we have met in another life.” he answered her watching as she watched him, both seemingly unaware of Hojo still in the office with them. Yes, in another life where he’d been the ‘Killing Perfection,’ a demon that would never take a human, when things long passed didn’t seem to matter, and he was only one of a very few left in the world, he would have a chance with her in this life if it killed him, he’d been dreaming of it for too long, and now, he would make it a reality.

The miko who didn’t know she was a miko, was about to come to an understanding that some dreams didn’t need to come true, because they already had. She would be his, even if she didn’t know it, there were no hanyou to get in the way this time, and he would enjoy making her his own. He smirked at her shiver, feeling the slow steady thrum of power just under his skin crawling to dominate the other great power source so near him. It had been a long time since he had a challenge, and he knew the miko with a dream, would be his greatest ever.

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